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noel sauga Mar 2017
you remind me of a winter storm in the spring

-- what does that say about you

what does that say about me
noel sauga Mar 2017
every day I woke
with only you on my mind
desperate for your love
more desperate for you to die
noel sauga Mar 2017
Stay with me
and we shall love
far beyond any borders
chasing moonbeams
and stardust wishes
until eternity whispers
and we ignore it
beyond forever
noel sauga Dec 2016
why am I trying so hard

-- cause you remind me of me

of what I am trying to be
noel sauga Nov 2016
I asked myself about myself and the response left me breathless -- it looked like a sunflower and felt like heaven
noel sauga Feb 2016
this word love
burdens me with confusion
I am wondering if it is a mere illusion
a sort of delusional aspect of life
something that makes everything right or has you up all night wondering whats on that significant others mind ​at that exact time ​
oh this world love
burdens me with confusion
noel sauga Feb 2016
​you were my wildfire
you never being ideal is what I thought I would need
as I inhale the vapors from the skyline
and out of every selection I found heaven and perfection in the visual such as yourself
making me feel all of these emotions I never even know could be felt
your were my wildfire
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