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noelle Apr 14
silence is an answer, too
noelle Apr 14
there isn't anyone
i can tell these things to
so i come here,
this is my safe place
noelle Apr 14
i don't even notice,
but almost immediately
the pain stops.

i stop crying,
my anger cools down,
i feel better.

i'm not sure when it will stop
i'm so sorry my love
i wish i was better for you.
noelle Apr 12
before i die,
i want to
feel infinite
noelle Mar 30
they're fading
you're faking it
do it again
it wasn't deep enough
noelle Mar 26
it stops the pain
it makes me feel numb
it helps calm my anger

that's why i do it
noelle Mar 25
there is a strong flame
burning inside of me

every second
of every day

i want to punch a wall
or stab into my skin

but i keep it all inside
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