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Noelle Jan 2014
Last smoke before the snowstorm
winter is tearing down time
As we go,
Let me tell you stories of mine
We'll be burning in time
staring at the stars
twinkling in a silvery night
watching rockets passing by
The old will be lost in the new
Darling who am I to you
What is in your heart
Now please call me baby
And please call me by my name
Oh, I'm in love
Noelle Jan 2014
I miss the feeling of being young and innocent with you
We get lost from each other only to be found in each other
A constant sway of confusion and temptation
But it will always linger on
I'd love to feel your touch again,
but I simply can not
Still, I treasure these scenes in my head
Still, I look forward to you coming home
Trying to forgive, forget, and move on
But the only love I know is yours
And it's your love that I crave so dearly
And neither of us want to be alone.

— The End —