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  Apr 19 Neli
Erin Riley
Our bodies
run around all day
while our minds
try to catch up all night.
  Apr 19 Neli
Loud Falls
Think of nothing but this night.
The blooded stars, blue leaves and red trees...
Think of nothing...
Nothing but tonightt.

Close your eyes,
Relax your mind...
Unfold my lies
And everything'll be fine

My **** begins to rise
As my moist lips drag along your neck
My hand slides up your sides...
Contemplating left, right or back down to your thighs

Bite me
Force on the aggression
Grab me
****, just simple persuasion.

The night just confides
As I pull your legs apart.
Squeezing your sides
Lifting you up on my hard ****

Biting your neck
As you moan aloud
Squeezing your *******
As you gasp, with each insertion

Aggression but pure passion,
I throw you down.
And force my **** in your tight, warm *****
Hearing you scream aloud, I ******* deeply.

Open your grey eyes...
Realize it's just a poem.
Unfold my demise
And know this night will come.
The moon lies where the night lies.
Neli Apr 16
i could have sworn i was done
i could have sworn i was tired
i could have sworn i was okay
i could have sworn i was finally over it
but here I am
not okay
wondering what could have been
wondering if you still want me
but only if you want me as much as i want you...
  Apr 13 Neli
And over time,
My pen stopped bleeding
But my heart didn't
Neli Apr 13
I wrote you a letter to get you off my chest
Now I think about you even more and I have no space left on that paper, and you won’t leave my head.
  Apr 13 Neli
Why do you hate me?
Oh wait, yes, I remember.
You couldn’t control me.
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