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Damaged beyond control. Turning to the blade and the bottle. Torn and withered he falls to his knees. Looking to God and asking why, while begging please. Asking for forgiveness and a saving grace. Lost in the world and in love looking for his place. Then one day a girl caught his eye, and seemed to stop his breath. Just one glance took away the sorrow until none was left. Was this the angel he so desperately needed, the one God sent after he pleaded. A miracle to his life, someone he envisioned as a wife. She looked at him like no other and filled the dark created by his mother. With every kiss, and every touch he couldn't say I love you enough. Stroking her face, rubbing her head and holding her tight, hazing at her eyes for hours every night. His soul has been found and his heart filled with joy, a girl named Miracle reached in the dark and found a boy. They grew and grew, loved, cried, made love. The stars shined bright for these two from the heavens above. A miracle occurred in an unlikely place all by a girl named Miracle and one look at her beautiful face.
Rough but IDC. Enjoy.
A rose for a boy, and a spark in his world.
Vivid and beautiful, no thorns at all.
To make him complete with something so small.
A rose for a boy, and a moment in time.
Hand in hand, would you be mine?
A rose for him, and to him the world.
A rose that depicts his love for that girl.
Will she say yes or will this rose die with the leaves?Or will they walk hand in hand on this heart shaped beach?
A rose for a boy, and a girl for his heart. No force on Earth could tear this love apart.
It wasn't our hate that tore us apart, it wasn't the pain we felt endlessly in our hearts.
We knew this love was unbearable but yet we suffered, out of greed, out of misery, what for?
I knew i had to let go, so did you. I knew i was wrong so were you. Look at the mess, love has put us through.
I sometimes smile thinking of how we were, but when the tears start rolling memories tend to blur. She loved me and I loved her.
Then there are nights when i tend to rage, i cant seem to open up anymore, i'm confined to this cage.
Love is forever, and mine will never end, So until the day when My Mermaid Princess and I meet again.
off the top off my head need some refining.

— The End —