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 Dec 2015 Noah Sholler

*Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Waking this morning
you were there
lying next to me,
your smile starting my day,
when I was the only one there.

My first cup of coffee
I shared with you,
on the patio as
bird song filled the air,
and I was alone.

The sunrise, beautiful
pastel ribbons painting
the northern horizon
I pointed out to you,
but you were a thousand
miles away.

And even now as
I write this poem,
I do so because like
every other moment
of my life, you are with me
even though you are not.

Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Because I love you
No matter what
 Dec 2015 Noah Sholler
You are
 Dec 2015 Noah Sholler

*You are the glow as I crawl through the darkness,
lighting my way so these eyes they can see
A soft woolen blanket when winter is reaching,
wrapping the warmth of your arms around me

You are the shelter when storms fill the heavens,
keeping me dry as the raindrops now fall
A calming voice that I hear in the distance,
when every sorrow about me does call

You are the strength as my knees slowly weaken,
lifting me up when I’ve nothing to give
The precious life as I feel I am dying,
giving me hope when I don’t want to live

You are my world, every day I am facing,
showing me love is a beautiful view
All that I wish is whenever you need me,
I will be all of these same things for you
 Nov 2015 Noah Sholler

You told me that
each night you read
the poetry
I pen

You said it is
the perfect way
to bring your smile

That life is tough
and troubles deep
the weight just brings
you down

And teardrops fall
upon your face
now painted with
a frown

But when you see
the words I write
your sadness

Your read each verse
and look beyond
forgetting all
your fears

For even in
the darkest hour
you know my love
is real

My poetry
wraps you so tight
in happiness
you feel

So here we are
again tonight
I send my love
so true

And hope you know
like all before
this poem is
for you

at the
just to
you to

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Freedom from yourself,
To free yourself,
Away from all you know,
Your past is at your heels,
Memories, a poison that takes control,
Back into yourself,
From life itself,
You can't escape, yourself
Hey there old friend,
So we meet again,
From start, to the end,
Is this life real? Or just pretend?
I can't explain life, nor do I have words to explain myself,
Hey there old friend, I'm glad we met again.
Some nights,
I just feel so small...
And I don't know
what to do
with myself.

I don't know whether or not
I should laugh
         or have a really good cry.

I feel like a gray area
trapped in such
a beautifully colored world.
Stuck in the middle of my emotions.
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