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Noah Sholler Jan 2018
I can’t stop
The pain and I
Just want to be on top
But no reply

All that happens is a hug
And meaningless actions
Might as well be a shrug
I guess there was no taction

Why won’t the thought of you
Just get out of my head
Please you need to
Leave and go somewhere else instead
Noah Sholler Jan 2018
Who thinks I should post more?
Noah Sholler Dec 2017
Please help me
Those bad thoughts have come back
Those I can't unsee
Mentally I feel attacked

T'm drowning in depression
Try reaching for my hand
I'm sick of this exhaustion
I thought you might understand

I am gasping for just one breath
Regardless I still have no help
I guess I will confess
I am going to ****
Just to put it this way no matter what is said everything will be okay. This is my way of releasing anger or stress or whatever it may
Noah Sholler Nov 2017
Lots of thoughts
And even more shots
Just to drown the pain
Or just to sustain

A calm face
In a public place
Where I got some space
At my own pace

I may recover
From this but I
May not have a lover
The trust wasn’t applied
Noah Sholler Nov 2017
In honor of
Those we've lost
We look above
They were the cost

When we think about it
We're lucky to be alive
Alive for a bit
All we can do is survive

Life is hard
I know
The hardest part
Is letting go

Always joyful
Stay positive
Life's enjoyable
It is all so relative
Noah Sholler Nov 2017
Why did it hit so hard
You never cared
My heart fell apart
This left me scarred

To love again
Who can I trust
Definitely not a friend
There is no list

I am lost
Love was the cost
Noah Sholler May 2017
I know I have been gone
For a while
But I figured it's been long
Enough to bring back the style

The biggest reason
Is because I have my spark back
Maybe it's the season
But now I'm on the right track

It feels good to be back
Also I know that I was missed a little
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