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noah price Jun 2014
This one goes out for all the hip-hop heads, men with dreads, the guys on the street pumping lead.

The guys who need rhyme to be fed, or those who just show off their bread.

Those who listen for beats, either instrumental or the echo from ones chest.

For those who listen to fly, get up and lift up their frowns to those who listen just so they will not drown and

those who dance in ballrooms wearing evening gowns.

Those who blare it past 11, or hum it beneath soft breaths, we all have the same heart beating in our chests.

Music does not define you, but it can guide you, keep your mind and heart satisfied too and i am obliged to,

teach you the ways of this Thunder and being for if you can look deep into the core meanings, you can sense true

art in their thesis.
noah price Dec 2013
I feel so hollow because I've had so long to wallow

So they say sing for the moment and sing for the years, even though all I'm  left with is a bunch of salty tears

That pool on my cheek and seem to grow with each passing week

I'm trying so hard to get out of this hell

it's like falling down some deep ugly well

And it's so hard to stop feeling this way
when every single person I try to talk to about it says

"Well, maybe it will improve the next day."

So maybe I'll just lay down until I have no movement and wait until the day comes that I see some ******* improvement.
noah price Dec 2013
They tell me to wipe the dirt off my shoulders,

I put there myself with the shovel in my hands,

Stuck digging a hole, deeper every passing day,

Because I can't get around these boulders.
noah price Dec 2013
High school heartbreak,

Won't be nothin' but a dull ache,

Once you find the one that's worth the wait:

For Andrea
noah price Dec 2013
Just an outlet? I think not.
More like a window to my soul,
if you would care for a peek.
Stay for awhile, its cold outside
and I could use the company.
Snowflakes dance around,

I open the door and welcome you inside,
"Take your shoes off and make sure you get the snow off, I don't like to track that in here."
Though there are no tracks, no rails or paths.
But please, come inside.
It gets so lonely in the winter.
The windows become cold to the touch
and the hearth's embers flicker.
Throw on another log, and watch the sparks

Just be careful not to scratch the paint.
noah price Dec 2013
Black stains,
a broken pen.
I guess I will shread another page,
instead of shedding blood.

noah price Dec 2013
Love, a funny thing.
Not so funny when it
is spit back in your face.
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