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Jul 2018 · 242
Silently Requited
nnylhsa Jul 2018
I’m in love with someone who loves me back. I see right into them, and that is how I know we have the same heart. A heart that is struggling to beat, because the pain is always constant, but the fear is even stronger. I know how they feel and how they love, but I also know that as much as we love one another, our combined fear will always hold us back from being one. Our fear is stronger than our love. ab
Jun 2018 · 151
nnylhsa Jun 2018
One year ago today, I was in a much darker place. I didn’t know happiness and I didn’t care to. I was content with being miserable. Today, although I may not stand any taller, I stand. I find the light in the darkest of places and have learned to adapt to the darkness that is around every corner. I know glimpses of happiness and I miss when it’s not in my palms. I am content with nothing but my dreams today. One year ago today, I didn’t see a tomorrow, but today I see everything. (a.b)
Jun 2018 · 136
nnylhsa Jun 2018
I crave the weight of your heavy heart in my hands. (a.b)
Jul 2017 · 212
a continuation conclusion
nnylhsa Jul 2017
i threw away his toothbrush today.
Jul 2017 · 824
toothbrush and socks
nnylhsa Jul 2017
a ratty, mangled tooth brush and
two years of lost socks scattered throughout my house,
is what i am left with.

i go to bed alone.
i wake up alone.
i brush my teeth,
and there lies the toothbrush.
i can't get myself to toss it to the curb,
much like you did me.
i feel that the moment i do that
all hope is gone
and you'll never come back.
chances are,
you aren't coming back,
but i know the day i toss it is the day i not only lose you,
but i lose myself too.

your sock habits always made me giggle.
from holy socks to your moms floral, fuzzy socks,
you always left them everywhere.
we could be mid supper
and you would bend down to take them off.
i used to find it annoying,
constantly picking up smelly socks
in the weirdest of places,
but now when i find those socks
that i hadn't found before,
it brings me happiness.

i don't know if i will ever be able
to get rid of your toothbrush
or if i will ever find the last of your socks,
but i hope that i don't
because the day that happens
is the day i'm forced to say goodbye.
May 2017 · 171
abandoned and depressed
nnylhsa May 2017
i told you i felt abandoned and depressed
you told me i was too tiring
i needed you
you didn't want to be there
i was abandoned and depressed
Feb 2015 · 743
bloody reminder
nnylhsa Feb 2015
I've woken up every morning
with bruised knees, swollen lips, and a picture of you burned into my skull. But never a memory explaining. I guess it's irony, because you left me, on the floor with bruised knees, swollen lips, and an unforgettable scene, without explaining.

Feb 2015 · 787
inner behaviors
nnylhsa Feb 2015
someone once told me
"high school turns you into a monster"
but I don't believe that.
I believe high school is the time when the inner monsters living deep inside are finally pushed over the edge and forced to breath, see, and feel through the body it's been hibernating in.

Sep 2014 · 655
nnylhsa Sep 2014
I can still feel the goose bumps lingering beneath my skin,
as well as the heat radiating from every place on my body you touched.

your voice is still clearly heard in my eardrums,
it's as if the sound never left.

a fragrance such as yours, so delightful and natural, still smothers my pillows and blankets,
I close my eyes late at night and feel as if you're there.

your lips, oh how i miss them, the taste of your lips entwined with my own was unforgettable,
yet I have somehow forgotten, it's been too long.

all of your features were a treat to any ones sight, but more so mine,
I saw your every detail as if it were a gift from god himself.

i love you, all of you.

Aug 2014 · 607
nnylhsa Aug 2014
we all base the way we mature on self improvement.
i just wish that some people would realize that they were perfect the way they were.
because they honestly were perfect.

Aug 2014 · 551
nnylhsa Aug 2014
I don't know,
I guess people move on.
and they forget about you
and the memories.
but the aches and pains of
the longing you hold for them never moves on.
and it *****.
it honest to god *****.

Aug 2014 · 487
nnylhsa Aug 2014
we all forget whats important
and whats simply not
but we all find our way,
you are my way
and you are whats important
if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be here
thank you for that,
but i now realize
that the damage has already been done
and so am i
so thank you but i'm sorry

Aug 2014 · 489
nnylhsa Aug 2014
We expect too much, or maybe too little. In any case of the indecisive mind we should never have to expect someone to be there in a time of need for we all are in a constant time of need.

Aug 2014 · 426
nnylhsa Aug 2014
                      ­                          world
                                 ­                           of                                    ­        troubles                                                      
w­ithout you

Aug 2014 · 694
nnylhsa Aug 2014
A shooting star is actually pronounced dead way before you see the shooting star
the shooting star is just the reminisce of the dead star
you see, a star will die but it's light will still shine for up to thousands of years due to the fact that light travels at a certain rate and it's so far away from our viewable perceptive
it's quite funny because it was the same way for me
I was dead but it took that final closure to realize it;

it took my physical death to realize my mental death.

Jul 2014 · 502
nnylhsa Jul 2014
It just feels like the world is against me
As if my back is arched in the opposite direction of the wind
The suns rays are draining me of my color
My foot steps are all backwards
I can't seem to take a breath with out gasping for air
With every word I say comes a sigh of disgust
My life is full of disappointment and the world isn't making it any easier

Jul 2014 · 575
nnylhsa Jul 2014
You can only say
hes different around me
So many times
Before you realize you're actually trying to persuade yourself.

Jul 2014 · 452
nnylhsa Jul 2014
Time after time
She threw herself into that well
Knowing, hoping
Someone would save her
But as time went on and she continued to do so,
They got sick and tired of saving her from her own self
So there she sat in that well,
And there she died in that well.

Jul 2014 · 449
nnylhsa Jul 2014
he's a ******* devil in my mind
but passion in my eyes.

Jul 2014 · 430
nnylhsa Jul 2014
It got to the point where
I thought I was even more depressed than I was,
the person who was supposed to be helping was making it worse,
I had given up on everything that had once given me joy.
All of this happened because I thought I was depressed.

Jul 2014 · 486
nnylhsa Jul 2014
chalk on the sidewalk,
children at play,
another moment a memory,
another day put away.

Jul 2014 · 459
nnylhsa Jul 2014
trees in fast motion are like spirits disappearing off to where ever they're meant to be.

Jul 2014 · 451
nnylhsa Jul 2014
it's kind of strange
when the news of a loved one passing
is less painful than the news of a loved one moving on

Jun 2014 · 492
nnylhsa Jun 2014
is it wrong that when you hugged me good night i got butterflies and they haven't gone away since, is that wrong?
is it weird that i haven't seen you in a year and haven't thought about you more than three times since, but now i can't stop, is that weird?
is it unusual that i'm very very thrilled that i get to see you every morning and every night and everywhere in between for the next few weeks, is that unusual?
is it strange to say that i think i may love you, is that strange?

Jun 2014 · 507
nnylhsa Jun 2014
as i sit,
sit and wait
sit and think
sit and deprive myself of humanity,
which doesn't exist any longer,
i start to question why
why did all of this happen
why now
why me
but then i remembered,
i'm a **** up and thats why

May 2014 · 469
nnylhsa May 2014
you looked me in the eyes
you apologized
you call me beautiful
you called me baby
you told me you missed me
you told me you were sorry
you held me tight
you wouldn't let me go
just like my feelings for you
which have started to grow

May 2014 · 714
nnylhsa May 2014
i will never forget,
always regret,
and wish we never met.
you were nothing but trouble,
and left nothing besides ruble.
you were always so mean,
and never wanted to be seen,
with me.
why didn't i see,
then, that you weren't any good?
i guess i never fully understood,
how much trouble you were, until now,
but i will no longer let you bring me down.

May 2014 · 721
nnylhsa May 2014
one cut
two cut
three cut
cut until i am no more

five cut
six cut
seven cut
starve until it looks like i never ate

nine cut
ten cut
eleven cut
grab the gun and turn to helve

thirteen cut
fourteen cut
fifteen cut
i'm starting to forget all that i've seen

seventeen cut
eighteen cut
nineteen cut
i believe i have lived plenty

twenty-one cut
twenty-two cut
twenty-three cut
i am no more

May 2014 · 592
nnylhsa May 2014
10:58 p.m.
i found out you had moved on

11:12 p.m.
i realized i hadn't

12:37 a.m.
she told me how you moved on and up her skirt

12:38 a.m.
the urges came

12:42 a.m.
i got sick to my stomach and threw up

12:50 a.m.
i called you

12:51 a.m.
you didn't answer

12:52 a.m.
i realized i had no one, no one at all

1:02 a.m.
the tears started

2:07 a.m.**
the urges took over

May 2014 · 597
night of heartbreak
nnylhsa May 2014
tonight, like every other night,
is filled with heartbreak,
of every variety.
the couple outside the bar is yelling and screaming over the music.
the love bugs, that have been together for months, are finally separating.
my heart has heard the note of an opera singer and has shattered that the way glass would.
the ocean currents have torn the school of fish apart.
another star has died and the moon sits quitly in a frown of a glow.
everything, that didn't break yesterday and that is supposed to break tomorrow, has broken tonight.

May 2014 · 568
love you the most
nnylhsa May 2014
i obviously love you more than toast,
because i love you the most.

i definitely love you more than a roast,
because i love you the most.

i surely love you more than the island coast,
because i love you the most.

id hate to boast,
but i love you the most.

this is literally a joke poem but yanno
May 2014 · 3.0k
on my mind
nnylhsa May 2014
camera around my neck
tears in my eyes
a lump in my throat
a pen in my hand
notebook in my lap
glasses on face
ponytail in my hair
headphones around my head
and yet, you are still on my mind.

May 2014 · 1.3k
I love you
nnylhsa May 2014
sometimes the sun shines
and others it glows,
it's hard to tell the difference
i guess nobody really knows.
we all love sunsets
and sunrises too,
but which we love more, we do not know
but i for sure know, that i do love you.

May 2014 · 7.9k
needed and wanted
nnylhsa May 2014
you're everything i ever needed


i'm nothing you ever wanted

May 2014 · 614
a final goodbye
nnylhsa May 2014
earlier, i tried handing you a note, you rejected it.
this afternoon, i attempted a hug, but you pushed me away.
minutes ago, i said "goodbye" rather than my usual "goodnight, i love you.".
tomorrow, you'll realize, that was my suicide note, i wanted you to try one last time, and that was my final goodbye.

May 2014 · 945
Mentally gone
nnylhsa May 2014
minutes before the bell was to ring,
i sat down in the seat that i sat in every other morning.
the one that was partially by the window and near you at the same time,
and the way the light reflected of your skin and into my eyes set the mood and made my day better just like that.
but, as the bell rang you were not to be found and so i sat and wondered where you were and when you'd come back.
and moments after those thoughts occured,
i remembered that you'll never mentally come back, because you called us quits.

Apr 2014 · 449
words youre speaking
nnylhsa Apr 2014
i heard not a sound escape from your lips in the past few weeks
but the moment i did
i heard every word you had wished to of said
and i'm not sure if i missed the sound of your voice more so, or the words you spoke
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
never ending pain
nnylhsa Apr 2014
is what i think about
when im alone
in the dark
maybe its the darkness getting to my eyes, leading to my head that you have altered
or maybe its the way i can see your glowing smile in the light of the moon
fact over fiction tells me its the pain trapped in my heart
in every scenario, you are the cause of my never ending pain

Mar 2014 · 511
nnylhsa Mar 2014
i've been driving
for quite some time
or miles, now

i'm not positive
if i'm metaforically speaking
or if it's reality i'm living

I could very possible
be driving to find happiness;
on the road to happily ever after
finding somewhere new and improved

or maybe i'm driving myself
in that i am pushing myself
to be the best i can be

but i am not all too sure
fore the fact that i am numb
and i can no longer feel emotion
except for the feeling of being lost

either way
i'm driving
i've been driving
and some things take time
but i'm still going and i won't stop
until i find what i am unsure of as of now

Mar 2014 · 611
nnylhsa Mar 2014
love is nothing but a word
in this world of pain
that we're loving together
hopefully forever

pain is nothing but an obstacle
in this world of hate
that we're living together
hopefully forever

hate is just another spiteful action
in this world of death
that we're living together
hopefully forever

death is just a must
in this world of truth
we're living together
hopefully forever

truth is just another voice we choose to ignore
in this work of lies
that we're living together
hopefully forever

and in the end you realize
there was no forever
but only hope and love

Mar 2014 · 440
nnylhsa Mar 2014
to have it all start as a child was a world of pain
dad in the hospital and no one to blame
therapist after therapist
i don't know how well i'll actually be missed
better he got
but i'd still been through a lot
the depression would come and go
i didn't dare to show
it was as though i was sad for nothing at all
made me weak and i began to stall
the worse i got
the more blood i had to blot
older i became
and it all stayed the same
i wish to leave this darkened place
while i still can without leaving a trace
running away was all that was left to be done
and that's exactly as i did fore the depression had won

Mar 2014 · 486
nnylhsa Mar 2014
tears stain my face,
a smile is placed on yours.

i'm beyond repair,
you don't even care.

i text you a message to tell you i still love you,
my contact is erased from your phone.

i'm lying in my bed, dying,
you're out with your friends not even crying

i need you so bad, more than ever before,
you just want me to go away.

i grab the medicine bottles,
you grab your phone.

i take all the pills left in the container,
you try your hardest not to call me.

i call you to tell you goodbye,
you forward the message, too afraid to answer.

i'm finally gone,
and you listened to the message too late.

Mar 2014 · 523
nnylhsa Mar 2014
as I watched you, drift away,
further and further away.
I realized that, one day
everything will be okay.

Mar 2014 · 491
nnylhsa Mar 2014
your mind is elsewhere
that i can detect.
your eyes are fluttering
and your voice is utterly low.
as well as your hands- visibly shaking.
on your mind
i do not know.
but as for me
i wish it to be.

Mar 2014 · 511
nnylhsa Mar 2014
rarely ever will you meet someone
who doesn't lack originality
or isn't a theif of personality,
fore even the moon takes over the suns light.

Mar 2014 · 610
nnylhsa Mar 2014
we're all


so hard
to become
we'll never be


Mar 2014 · 742
nnylhsa Mar 2014
you are two different people
whereas i am the stars.
you're always going back and forth between being the sun and the moon.
but whenever you are the sun i seem to fade away.
im still there, but its as if im invisible.  

Mar 2014 · 2.0k
short story
nnylhsa Mar 2014
tonight i will replace
draining my blood
and the sight of the dark, intriguing, red liquid,
being wrenched from my body with the familiar of wine.
I've never been one to like the taste,
so **** and untastful,
but it's as if my taste buds have changed and the recipe was switched fore I've never tasted anything sweeter.

Mar 2014 · 1.3k
nnylhsa Mar 2014
this is to my best of friends
the only one i could trust
and the only one a goodbye is a must.

i finally decided to do the deed
and i surely hope to succeed
im sorry to have to tell you this but a goodbye was of need.

ive been all too sad you see
and to me
i couldnt deal and im sure you are to disagree.

i hope you understand
and i know this isn't so very grand
but im sorry that i will no longer be able hold your hand
and tell you youll be okay to stand.


Mar 2014 · 990
nnylhsa Mar 2014
as i sat and pondered about my future
our future
i became lost in the alternative outcomes
too busy daydreaming to realize what was really occurring

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