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Day comes on fast
so i bury my head in the leaves
I put black paint on the railing
cuz it looks good
and they’re gonna pay me
A morning of love
whatever that may mean to you
will keep you full
as the world stretches you thin
They’re gonna have to stop me themselves
I’m done
stopping myself
Give me the whole **** mountain
and wrap me in the great blanket of stars

This world is mine too, you know
This is a poem for the Blackwater
       of your being
where death lives
       beyond your seeing
and the white swan floats
       above your keeping
This is a poem for the Blackwater
       which keeps you breathing
Nolan Morris Nov 17
For what it's worth
      it could be otherwise

A gray day colored green
      beneath a cold blue sky
Nolan Morris Nov 15
is enough

Twelve vultures
seven black and five turkey
Like honey in hot tea
I’m gone in early morning

In Subotica, it was doves
night and day
from the library, the town park
and above the ice rink
clouds glowing pink

“Let there be birds in the poem”
she says

Let there be humans
let there be a body
tucked against
another body
let there be hands
moving slow,
here and there
let there be blood

a mountain dove
is cooing
in the late Winter sun
Nolan Morris Nov 7
Hey Jesus,

     I am wondering:

           Is it time we forget all that "sin" business?

     Let people die as they might die?

            And live,

      As they might live?

           What do you say?
Nolan Morris Oct 23
What is a ****, really?
         And which seed, next, shall I sew?

Not just questions of the garden,
         They live everywhere we go.

No answers here to be had
         But by asking we may grow

See the creatures, how they're milling?
         Some for song and some for show

It can all be a little scary
          Left, right, above and below

From the far field
          One truth the body always knows

Live faith and sing a song
          Any which way it goes

Live faith and sing a song
           Any which way it goes
Nolan Morris Oct 8

       be it already

                                           a word is a word

                                 amidst many words

Watch this:

        Breath in

        Breath out

                                          And just like that

                              the surface world is digested

Do it fully

                                    and for goodness' sake

             Do it wholly
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