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If we were childhood friends

I would have taken you to that garden near your house
and we would have played on the see-saw instead of walking round and round
saving us from taking a reverse to beat the slow walkers

How can I miss drawing you with my crayons
that once only served Lord Ganesha

And the hide & seek that we play now
would have been funnier then
you would hide and I would peekabo
and you would find me no matter where I hide
all credit to my height, right?

I would also play badminton every evening,
keeping in mind that points don’t matter,
but you do
Only this way,
you would not fall after every meeting
and not be afraid to be very happy

May be, we already did all of this and that in some life
and that’s why we were not childhood friends
this time.
What were we? (line deleted)
The way our story ended
paved way for imagining 99 other ways
our story could have ended

We could have aged together until 80
and then one day our angels would have guided us on to our next journey
hinting at the seven lives that we wrote.

We could have ended it with a cup of chai
in a desi tea kadai,
with the traffic jam playing out a perfect background score

Or at a 'women only' metro platform, with a hug lasting for many decades

We could have written a book together and parted following the launch
and then could have met again for the sequel and then gone different ways for differences in the plot

Or read a book together and taken sides and be stubborn with a specific perspective
and be okay with our respective choices
and then bid goodbye
with a laugh over all the sweating over small stuff and the distances that brought us together

We could have dressed well for one last picture in a hall that's decorated with orchids,
just to make sure that some dreams are real and that we must dream despite everything

Or at a panda lecture, after moments of clapping over a memorable speech, spelling end in different ways
Leaving space for a potential sequel, like the mindful directors in the Hollywood, bollywood and the other woods.

We could have also stayed and waited for his end to embrace us
Or we could have just slammed doors on each other so that it would hurt less,
But, we choose sweet messages
for God knows why!

After all this time, we know that life doesn't run on coulds, but floats on is.
Like the clouds that pass,
Ever changing into different forms
From being one in the now, to being two in the next.

Reminding me of the cloud story we left behind unfinished
Reminding me of the panda tale that's still sitting idle, waiting for its writers to serve some food
We could have served the hungry panda, and then ended the story
The panda story,
The cloud story
And our story
But, we ended because we had to!
For this world needs us
to do what we need to
before everything else.
raindrop on
my cheek
on the flight -
   i collect candies
   for the ghat journey
on the wall
a bill that says
stick no bills
chessplayer a.k.a chameleon
white today
black tomorrow
They may be sad
It's not necessary that you should be the same.
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