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nina 1d
being a *** worker is only fun if you're good at it.

and even then, men are mean.

someone be the jennifer lopez to my constance wu
nina Jan 8
if it feels like a high when they finally text you back,
end it.

if you feel like an addict going through withdrawal when they ignore you,
end it.

if you've stopped telling your friends about it because they tell you to end it,
end it.

if you've stopped talking to your friends altogether,
end it.

if you feel like you want to write a poem about how they make you feel,
dear god end it.
this is more just for anyone who needs to hear this its not even a poem ****
nina Jan 6
remember when he called you the moon?

the moon has no light of its own.
nina Dec 2019
feeling the heat from the fire on our faces, our fingertips thaw and we can finally feel our toes again.

we sit on the floor, huddled in blankets.

water is boiling.
a candle labelled "christmas cookie" is burning, and, wow, it's accurately named.
i just got out of the shower.
you just washed your face.
we're doing face masks as we wait for our bread to finish baking.
we're watching a stand-up show on our tv, but occasionally we pause it to have a conversation.
the room is lit solely by candles and string lights.

the world is still.
the air outside bites.
but inside, everything is soft and warm and okay.

everything is okay.
can you see it?
nina Nov 2019
my host father raises his fist
i breathe.
i go forward

a boy forces himself onto me
i close my eyes.
i go forward

my grades slip.
i go forward

my friends leave home.
i go forward.

i look back
there's nothing left to salvage.
i go forward
bridges don't have to be burned to be crossed over.
nina Nov 2019
bridges keep burning.

i stand there, lighter in one hand, gasoline in the other. i have time.

i watch the flame grow slowly. i have time. the heat hurts my face. the smoke makes it hard to breathe. i still have time.

i watch the fire eat the wood. i have time before everything is red and hot. i have time.

but i just keep watching.
nina Nov 2019
a newborn rests her head on her mother's chest.
doubting herself, the mother's breath hitches.
her heart beats too loudly.
the newborn cries.

the world is colder than she imagined.
and now she has gone deaf.
we learn to be better with each generation. is that efficient enough?
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