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Nina Campos Jul 2018
You need to be, to be beautiful
But I can’t
My tears in the dark make me ugly
My insides are rotting
My heart is icing
Like on a cake
But I ate too much
You tell me how I shake the world
And it hurts me
My bones break
My back bends
My muscles hurt
I still keep up with your requests
You want me to be beautiful
But I can’t change how you make me feel
Nina Campos Jul 2018
Beautiful cardinal
I have summoned you here
The passion in your fathers
That draw to my remember
Fly to heaven
Bring home the pain
Beautiful cardinal
I wish you could stay
Nina Campos May 2018
I get high to forget why I lay next to him and sob quietly
I get high so my heart doesn’t feel like it’s falling
I get high to stop the thoughts keeping me up
I get high to forgive myself
I get high to forget myself
Nina Campos May 2018
I smile for you
For the times you held me close
When you whisper sweet nothings to me
I smile for you
Knowing so many loved you
Knowing who loves you
I smile for you
When I eat my favorite meal
When you tried to re create it
I smile for you
Knowing your heart was full
Knowing you aren’t in pain
I smile for you
When I see that picture
When I hear that song
I cry for you, knowing you’re gone.
  Apr 2017 Nina Campos
S Olson
I will retaliate with his mouth,
and you will become what you have made
-- you leave me to stagnate;
talking myself in and out of love, I
forget the curvature, and allure of your body,
and the parts of me that fit in it

-- call it neutrality, abandonment,
or an "inability to live within" yourself -
call it your serotonin's-seppuku, or
the fact you are inconsiderate;

call it out, like you did in your sleep: "I love
I do not.
  Oct 2016 Nina Campos
You have been told
that you love  too  much,
too  many  times
and it should have taught you
that the way people  receive  love
is their problem  not  yours.
It is not that you need to love in moderation.
It is that they  need to learn
how to receive  love  more  graciously.
Remember, your love is a gift and those who accept it graciously will know how to love you in return - there are people out there who appreciate your intensity. Save your passion for them.
Nina Campos Jun 2016
Is the suffering adequate?
Cauterize the wound you left
So it doesn't infect my stability
Is the suffering adequate?
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