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I see the stealth Web
that covers us,
hiding us from the eclipse

I know I'm not the only one here
We are all part of its crisscross framework

The Web is our blind mother,
it bred us sensibly...

We drunk to the last drip
that it could give
and now the breastfeeding
seems to be over

Dear setting Sun
before you vanish
from today's glance
Would you mind
absorbing me and
my city utterly?
Never to be found
in the history's skin
Grab us from our
mind's eye and
lead us to unseen

Whether you go
into evil's virtues
or good's desolation
We shall eagerly follow

Hide us inside Ra's chariot
to be part of his perpetual task
To see with our very eyes
Seth's wrath failing once more

We are eagerly following you
Only when the sand
would have reached
the bottom of the glass
and you'll be free from
your earthly bounds
Only then
you may be given the choice
to become what always knew you are

The two dragons are dancing in a circle tonight
Launching ruby and sapphire flames throughout the frozen sky
Stars and clouds as humble servants
conveying you the whispers that we dare to say beneath your shining shrine
Unceasing is the beauty of the one that wears the rainbow for attire
Spirit of the Sea and heir to the throne of night
The Penultimate lyric is true, I did see a rainbow wrapping the full moon tonight, perhaps because it was raining vaguely all day
Leave the dooryard open
for it may return one day

Dressed as an old man
who seeks shelter
for the nighttime

Accept the lavender and
scarlet blossoms that
he offers you

For it may your
missing passion
Α black orb inside
the observer's mouth

The skyscrapers
are ready to devour
the silver clouds
A procession of pink lilies
upon a blackened road with
white dots on its surface
For what do they protest?
Dusk and twilight approaching
Everyone is holding a
black candle in its hands
The trees turned down
their blank stare and
lapsed into silence
Someone's playing Chopin's
funeral march on a piano
covered with ivy
It is a requiem mass about
the death of pure beauty
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