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I enjoy distance
Long drives with no destination
Music blaring,  miles growing

I enjoy distance
Long walks to nowhere
The peace calms my restless soul

I enjoy distance
Little steps each day
Away from difficult situations

I enjoy distance
Between people and places
And me

I enjoy distance
It gives perspective

I enjoy distance
I also enjoy coming home
When distance has run its course
I stand in the center of a balance beam,
Between what you want and think I need.
I am lost, still in search of me.
How can I save you?
Your honeyed words in my mind.
Sticky with the memory of your sickly, sweet lies.
You claim love but how can I find,
The truth behind these words, I have tried.
Do you know who I am?
Do you know that I'm lost, still in search of me?
How can I save you?
You smile your broken smile at me still as bright as the sun.
While your eyes tell a story of the hurt that's been done.
And I want to hug you until your smile becomes one,
And kiss your eyes until they see nothing but love.
But you don't know.
You don't know that I'm lost.
Still in search of me.
You don't know that I can't save you.
Death by ******, death by chance,
Death by secret night romance,
Death by number, paint the liner,
Death in colour or black and white,
Accidental, planned prolonged,
Death by always doing wrong,
Death by self, a timeless art,
Death by one last broken heart.
We are burning
We are burning
Oh god the pain
My kingdom
Your kingdom
No light, just flame
Ashes around us
Cinders within
Embers are burning
And I, with him
We are burning
We are burning
Oh god the flames
We are burning
We are burning
**No love, just pain.
It's not you
    I promise
What I say is true
      He never deserved

     It's not your fault
           I know for a fact
      Trust me
             You are better
          Than a boy like that

It's for the best
    Believe me
          He'll do it to the next girl
       And the next
            And next
      You'll find your one
          In this world

        It's time to breathe
             Have faith in what
          I'm saying to you
      This might just be
          But I was cheated on too

It's time to believe
      You're worth more than
   You can see
           No more tears, please
      He's not worth your pain
             You're gorgeous
       And you're NOT to blame

     It's for the best,
              It's not you
    Just Breathe.
          Believe me,
  Cause I've made it through.
         I know,
      What I say is true.
         **I was cheated on too.
I'm here for you.
In a dark elder forest from long ago;
sat maiden Isabella with ***** aglow.
Her nightly visitor would soon appear;
with his musky fur and pointed ears

She ate some shrooms to open her head;
and wildly danced naked with the living dead
The moon peered on with a ***** gaze;
as she chased rainbows in her psychedelic craze.

Her lover approached with a rabbit in tow;
with a sudden move blood soaked the snow.
They drank the offering with an ethereal bliss;
then his lips covered hers with an urgent kiss.

Her chest heaved deeply and her ***** shook;
her sounds were guttural as he explored every nook.
She pulled him to the ground to consummate their love;
he obliged with a growl but used a velvet glove.

The animals in the forest felt the instinctual need;
as he howled shrilly when he planted the seed.
Maiden Isabella fell into an exhausted sleep;
as her lover made an escape without a peep.

The sun caught her eye and she awoke with a moan;
she was alone in her bed and chilled to the bone.
What a crazy dream I had she said with a sigh;
but then she saw the claw marks on her thighs.
Here I am and there you are,
And a counter between us.
Standing across it,
You ask me,
"What can I get you, Sir?"
And I tell you,
"A Caramel Latte."
But deep in the depths of my heart,
I wish I could say,
'All I ask for is your heart!'

I look at your Raven eyes!
The way they flicker
When you try to spell my name on the cup.
Shiny like a star, that a sailor follows
In a dark night,
They brighten my thoughts.

It read,
The tag on your breast.
So beautiful your name is,
But far beautiful you are!
Envied by a thousand blood roses
In the fields of elves.

Now I think to myself,
'How stupid I am,
to lose my heart over you?'

So beautiful you are,
That a million warriors
Would lay down their lives,
just to get a glance.
And The gods would create thunder when you weep,
And storm the galaxies when you're angry!

I savor the Coffee,
Knowing that it is made by your dusk hands.
They have now scribbled your name,
Like a tattoo,
on the pink walls of my heart,
they shall stay there till the end of time.

Now that I leave,
I feel bleak, and blue, and grey.
and happy!
Knowing that I will see you again,
Perhaps tomorrow,
or day after.

And perhaps someday,
You shall wear me the ring of love
With the same glow in your soul,
And the same scent on your skin
You shall let my lips meet yours.
This is my first post, so be easy on me.
Suggestions are welcome.
I hope you guys like it. :)
 Nov 2014 Nikki Whittaker
Gary L
seeing how self centered i am
means i'm more self centered than I thought
i find myself buying my words
then i give away the words i bought

that's just me
a day in the life of misery
born to be
a life in the days of tragedy

poking the monster that lives inside
then loving the monster i fought
i find myself catching a beast
then releasing the beast that i caught

that's just me
a day in the life of misery
born to be
a life in the days of tragedy

i guess that's just the way i am
i try to learn what can't be taught
i just bring my heart and my words
and i give away the words i brought
 Oct 2014 Nikki Whittaker
I'm not the kind of girl
who writes love poems
and I'm far from romantic
my two moods fall between
depressed and manic
I'm not charismatic
I'm far too sarcastic
and just from one ****
I can snap like elastic.

But no one has ever
been strong enough to
pull apart the barriers
that cover my heart
quite like you do,
and I know you
hate your smile
but my god
I have never seen
a face light up so much
with just the movement
of a muscle.
Tousled hair
of black and blonde
I am so fond of the way
you say my name
like it isn't something to
be ashamed of.
Like somehow,
I'm more than the sum
of my parts.
Like somehow,
I'm not just a canvas
but art.

I'm not the kind of girl
who writes love poems
but there's something about
your eyes of blue
and the way you flew
into my life
like a falling star,
then crashing
all at once
finding its way into the
dark crevice of my heart
that was nearly torn apart
but you picked up the pieces
and bandaged me together again.

And this might sound zany
but even just one night alone
makes me miss you like crazy
because when I'm with you
my mind goes all hazy
and I'm convinced
in that moment
that everything will be okay
because you are not just
a boy to me
you lessen my depression
you calm my anxiety
I'd throw away my variety
of pills just to be in your
arms forever
Elavil, Cipralex, Zoloft
are just names
and they hold nothing to you
because you are my
perfect dose of serotonin.

You said,
"I like you more than poetry"
but my words are broken vocal chords
that never should be spoken
yet when I'm with you,
the poet is awoken.
Ballads and rhymes
will fill my mind
but no matter how hard I try,
nothing I write
is worthy of you.
The most beautiful
man I know,
the most beautiful
man I ever knew.

And I say,
cut off the strings,
you marionette.
Free yourself from the
binding chains
that control your every move,
fly. Sing me a song,
you gorgeous violin.
Tear away the
thoughts from your mind
that are constantly
telling you that
you are not good enough
because my darling,
you will always be
good enough for me.

You said,
"I like you more than poetry"
and I'm not the kind of girl
who writes love poems
but I will say that poetry
is nothing without the poet.
And my god,
I ******* love the poet.
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