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Nikki Danilov Aug 21
you slip love notes in your bag
because you miss him.

and on those empty nights you grip each one on your heavy heart,
wishing you could just see him.
Nikki Danilov Mar 30
your aching gums would only want that.
I bet your girl would adore them.
breathe...because I know you are dying to again.
Nikki Danilov Mar 18
who gave you the right to give me life when I never asked for it??
and who gave you the right to cry when I stopped wanting it..
Nikki Danilov Nov 2018
I want to dig you open.
Ill muscled, you'll mend with me.
See the holes in my back?
They never close.
Would you want to know why?
Because every person I tell, their screaming reactions become "no".
I feel how every eye stares down desperately at the shovel in my grasped hand.
They beg me that If I forget then I'll forgive.
But it doesn't always have to be so that way.
We live in every seasons.
And exchange air into our mouths as they were words.
Nikki Danilov Apr 2017
They ask me, why the teeth?
I smile and just stare back at them with amused eyes
Golden ambers, raging like fire that aren't so weak

Their legs shift awkwardly side to side
Questioning glances pin at my little open box
Little bits of white fossils shine with rusted blood that has long dried

Sharp ridges of the alabasters ends have worn out completely
So much denial, error and mistakes
So many years of biting, proving and screaming

I'm no silly child leaving my precious treasures behind
Under soft white feathered pillows
These sharp tips were made to cut anything under great pressure and pride

And without teeth I wouldn't be me
The older I have gotten, the more tremendous the wear
I still stare at all of you cackling from underneath the sheets

— The End —