Scarlett Nov 2017

If time was never right
For both of us,
Why do we need to wait
For the right time?

If time was our enemy,
Why did we gave it the power
To decide and control our hearts?

Time might not seem to be in place,
"Us" might always seem to be wrong
But why does holding you always seems to be right?

I don't have to wait no more,
Time was never our ally
And I will never be its slave.

Perfect timing isn't real but a perfect person is
Scarlett Nov 2017

And here I am pleading

I want you to love me
The way you loved your coffee

I want you to accept me
Despite of my bitter taste
Or my cold face

I want you to be comfortable
With my heat

I want you to need me
Every morning when you wake up

I want you to love me
Until my last drop

Ugghh I'm addicted to coffee
Scarlett Oct 2017

Kaya pala...

Kaya pala hindi nagkakatotoo ang mga hiling ko
sa tuwing sasapit ang 11:11,
hindi pala tama ang oras nitong orasan ko
Nahuhuli pala ito ng ilang minuto.

Ganon naman tayo diba?

Lagi nalang wala sa timing.

So ayun nga. I discovered na late pala ng 3mins ang orasan ko sa phone. Akala ko naka automatic, hindi palaXD
Scarlett Oct 2017

Like a white crayon
in a white paper

You have no idea
how worthless you made me feel

Scarlett Sep 2017

Cold and silent night
The wind is touching my skin tonight

Starry and lovely sky
Watching as she tilt her head uphigh

Moon shining bright
But she shines better than the moon at night

A sky full of stars
And I was staring at her glamarous scars

Someone will come and love all of you, even your flaws and scars.
Scarlett Jul 2017

If her smiles didn't made you crazy all day,
You're not in love with her

If it only hurts you when you see her cry,
You're not in love with her

If her tears didn't made you feel like you want to kill yourself,
You're not in love with her

If her eyes doesn't made you stutter and forget what you'll say next,
You're not in love with her

If her laugh doesn't sent butterflies in your stomach,
You're not in love with her

If in your eyes she's only pretty when she's naked,
You're not in love with her

So if she asks you if you love her,
Never say you do

You're in love with the idea of loving her
Not with her

I'm not questioning the feelings of a person.  Love her and not her body
Scarlett Jul 2017

I may be running out of ink
But I will never run out of words

My brain keeps on reminding me to write poems every lol
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