President Jo Sep 18
"Why are you back?" She asked

"I found my way back to you. This time, I'll stay. I promise" he pleaded

"Have you forgotten how broken I am when you left?
You took away the universe from me.
You walk away easily that night
for me to believe that you couldn't
swim deep into my waters and chaos.
You leave easily for me to
believe if it is really love we've shared.
And what would I tell myself
if I took you back after the struggles I've been to?
You found your way back to me
But I already found my way away from you.
This time, I'll save myself from breaking"
She said.
Nobody will save you but yourself.
President Jo Jun 8
L a s t  n i g h t ,
I n  a  c r o w d e d  p l a c e ,
H i s  s o u l  m e t  m i n e
B u t  h i s  h e a r t  d i d n ' t .
Soulmates doesn't mean love. It's all about the heart and not the soul. Ciao
President Jo Apr 30
Because I still love you,
from the remains of our firing love ,
those ashes still beats for you,
I still love you
But you don't care right?
President Jo Apr 30
She is water

She dance like the waves
Swaying as the wind blows
Soft enough when she's calm
And tough enough when she's mad

She is not a real water
But deep enough to make me drown
Well basically, 60 percent of the human's body is made up of water. Lol
President Jo Apr 27
And as she catch raindrops in her hands
"Do you love me?" She asked

He smiled
Making all her butterflies go mad

"I like you" He replied
And from that moment,
She knew that it was not
Raindrops that made her eyes wet.
"Like" is always never enough.
President Jo Apr 26
Kamusta ka na?

Malaya na mula sa'yó
Suddenly, I realized that I'm okay this way
President Jo Mar 12
I was blinded by your sparkling hand
Amused in every trick that you've done
Whispering spells as you wave your wand
Oh honey I think I'm in love with a magician

But just like magic, everything we had was not true
It was all lies and illusions
A product of my crazy imagination
Just like a magic trick, you disappeared leaving me without any clue
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