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 Jun 2016 Nik Krutilla
Bo Burnham
"Well, man, you know what they say."
No, I don't. I don't know what they say.
I don't even know who they are.
Who is this they?
They seem pretty smug.
They seem to think they know ****.
**** them.
 Jun 2016 Nik Krutilla
Bo Burnham
When I was little,
I killed ants with a magnifying glass.

And now I'm big.
And I worry I'm doing the same thing with you.
 Feb 2016 Nik Krutilla
Melissa S
Even though it has been ages
since we've talked
I know I got to you
I seeped under your skin
And I still reside there
Quietly waiting...
For you to feel that itch again
If you would just scratch
You could still feel me
Wow such a surprise~ Thanks HP for the daily selection honor and Thank you fellow poets for all the nice comments. I truly appreciate them all!!
I want to be loved for my thorns
For even the sharpest of them all
And no matter how ugly they may seem
I want to be loved while my shriveled leaves fall

I want someone to see past my weeds
To leave them beneath my feet
Because no flower or plant is perfect
I just want to be loved for being me

And even when things might seem ugly
For having rips and tears in my leaves
I want to be loved unconditionally
I want to be loved for being me
A manifestation methodically erasing our brief moments together.
A force we abandoned to prolong our brief moments together,
and exist eternally outside of the manifested confines of time.
We are given but one life. Live yours.
Your luscious lips fervently seek mine and the time freezes,
the cosmic hum, the primordial love anthem is heard within us,

Your signature scent, perilously plays fiddle with my olfactory nerves,
a garden of love within me blooms, hear the sonorous drone of bees !

A web of silver threads from your eyes, makes me your captive,
stitches the insignia of our love in my heart with the touch of a feather.

On the back of my neck, your broken breath permeates ****** heat,
the hold around my waist,tells what your words couldn't spell out.
a wee golden doggie
came to me its tail all waggie
and bit me there and then
that blasted teenie meanie
Dogs normally love me, but this little cocker spaniel seemed very friendly till it got close enough to strike! Only time I have ever been bitten by a dog.
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