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Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
To be a person
Who boasts
Of your own accomplishments,
Is to be
Someone who is living
For others attention.
To be a person
Who others
Bring attention to
Your accomplishments,
Is to be
Someone who lives for themself.

Nik Krutilla Aug 2017
If this feeling is rope
And we are the knot,
I don't want to know, where I start and you stop.

Tied to an anchor
Tied to a dock,
Or hung on a wall for a ticking clock.

I know who's before me,
I know who's behind,
I know He made your hand to fit with mine.

If we are beaten by storms
Or steady still like rocks,
He shows us together what is
By growing from what's not.

Some call it a blessing,
Some call it the worst.
I just call it love, and give thanks to Him first.

Nik Krutilla Dec 2016
I see something true.
You kissed the girls and made them cry.
It was a nightmare before Christmas with blind intentions, of kith and kin.
Please, we both pray, let your mercy fall on me with snapshots of our brothers and sisters.

That this might have been instead of soon to be, is our fear.
If we ever meet again we shall be shown truth.
You're not sorry, and you shouldn't be.
You have become you because of it and we do have one more chance.
It's your footprints in the snow that will be exposed.
We'll understand that it must have been Love pushing and pulling us to each other.

The one that never was ,like a book, one was fiction because we always were.
There is no fault.
It's just the consequence of miracles in our lives making it seem complicated.
We are ready now and say bring on the wonder, we're both up to speed.
The desire and hope to be loved.

I have filtered everything that's ever been in life and come to the conclusion that all there is only God and Love...
And then there's you.

Nik Krutilla Sep 2016
If we were only
Made of hearts
Seen by the way we beat and sway,

I fear that I will be found out,
The moment
That you
Look my way.
I have known
A heart or two
Who have tried to move in sync,

But rhythms never measured up,
And still
My heart
Would seek.
If we were only
Made of hearts
Searching for a love sublime,

I can't deny mine starts and stops,
And falls
With yours
In time.
If you never
Get the chance
To see my light that shines,

A sunrise hue my heart's adorned
With yours
So very
Close to mine.
But we're not only made of hearts,
So this truth
I'll proudly say.

Eternal rhythm
May flow
Through you,

But it's me
That's been
Swept away...

~ *©NDHK
  Jun 2016 Nik Krutilla
Bo Burnham
She waits. How beautifully she waits.
How impossibly lovely she is
with a thing so passive.

With what weight she waits,
making her bus or boyfriend
(or whatever she waits for)
seem like a first brunch with Christ.

She waits regally, in perfect contrast
to the drooling buffoon describing her.
Nik Krutilla May 2016
I haven't seen you since March.

It's now May.

And I miss you.*

Nik Krutilla Feb 2016
Ocean waters were never so blue,
Until I lost the sight of you.
The green that sprouts around my heart,
Taste of spearmint; cool and ****.
The subtext speaks volumes,
That which the voice cannot confirm.
That is why poetry is release for the soul that yearns.

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