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Vish Dec 2018
You shouldn’t have come if leaving was all you had in mind
Vish Sep 2018
You are a piece of my past which is still in the present
Why did you have to come back ?
Or rather
Why did I have to let you in ?
I guess I’ll never find out
But now that you’re back
I’m hoping this is your final abode
I’m hoping that you’ll stay
Vish Sep 2018
I dreamt again last night
Of that same old treacherous place
From my childhood of course
That torments me way too often
In my sleep
In my waking
The constant feeling
Of fear
Of disappointment
Of loneliness?
I suppose.
There’s no escape even in slumber
I’d say it’s much worse
For it’s then that I hear the silent scream
That I keep buried in the light of day
dreams are a curse wake up you’re alive
Vish Sep 2018
I keep looking for permanent homes in temporary hearts
Probably the reason why my heart has way too many scars
I never learn
Because hope silently creeps its way back to me
But still i yearn
For the day when love comes without a fee
i just don’t wanna get hurt anymore
Vish Sep 2018
Twisted faces and grotesque features
Encapsulated in prominent darkness
They emerge at night
Sights settled on the idle mind
They break and burn and bruise
I’m starting to think they are my muse
i have some ugly looking friends living in my mind
Vish Sep 2018
Her heart was cold as ice
Provoked by love’s demise
Reminded of a long lost advice
To keep her affection in disguise

Her mind was dark as night
Effected by hope’s dying light
Forlornly pondering over her plight
To feel deserted in a heavily populated world is truly a blight
still finding my place in the world
Vish Sep 2018
Black bird flapping it’s delicate wings under a stormy sky

Dark clouds overhead promise of a thunderous cry

Black bird screeching a wail that sounds like a muted song

Filling the air with smoke of despair that is certain to last long

Black bird shedding it’s inky feathers after the downpour has settled

Only to be reminded of the loss that will soon leave its bones rattled
we all have a dark side
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