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 Jun 2013 Nigel Obiya
There once was a ship a-sail
Out on the open sea.

Sails harness pure and open wind energy
See 'em flap this way and that-a way.

Sweet ride forever on, safely on to harbour
Oh boy, are we havin' some ssssswell fun..or what!

S T, 05 June 2013
No capsizing, ok.

Just a nod to all sailor-poets out there :)
Like you, Liam! Thanks a heap for fun inspiration....

Ultra-cool saying I read somewhere:
The mind is like a parachute.
When closed, it's useless!


"knee-scrapin' the edge"

yes, come on, baby
get on now, let's ride.

take you on the highway
go knee-scrapin' that superb edge.

yeah, lemme take you for a ride
only that way we can.

I'll make you scream and squirm
and let you fly on southern winds!

oh, how we feel that thrill ...together
harmonious crying out ....

oh yeah, baby...your hair flowing
we're sure outridin' the winds!

 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
Doctor O doctor.
Can you treat me?
This aweful mind refuses to greet me!

I'v been having trouble controling my thoughts.
Outbursts of creativity and crazy wandering thoughts.

I have work to do and need to concentrate!
But these wandering thoughts have me on stalemate.
The thoughts go here and the mind goes there,
They do not seem to coincide anywhere.

Doctor O doctor can you help me?
Bring these thoughts into order,
and let this mind be.

It concentrates of war,
it concentrates on pain.
None of which have any prospect of gain.

It concentrates on hate,
and the ever growing weight,
Of the population that refuses to wait.

No tollerance or patience,
No thoughts on moulding this nation.
Just fights on rights,
And pointing fingers with might!

No one looks at their duties,
Or the subtle beauties.
Beauty of diversity, and the numerous entities.
That form our great nation.
All it need is unadulterated devotion.

I have work to do and need to concentrate!
But these wandering thoughts have me on stalemate.
The thoughts go here and the mind goes there,
They do not seem to coincide anywhere.

Doctor O doctor can you help me?
Bring these thoughts into order,
and let this mind be.
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
Life walks by,
In an un noticeable blur.
stopping only when there is a pur.

The staring cat has something to say,
stop and see everyday, at all the moments and wonders,
Look at the effect they have ,
Which settles in slumber.

Don't let it settle,  let it assimilate.
Keep void moments for this sake.

To stop and reflect,
To stop and step,
One foot at a time.
Observing the footprints left behind.
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
that we met
there was something in your eyes
that whispered,
"Love me."

;and something in my heart that shouted:

(I wish that you had heard.)
I know that it's ****** & sappy but I don't care because what's really ****** is liking someone who doesn't like you back.
29th of February, that’s my birth date

Personally, I’ve always found it great

“Really, your born on a Leap Year”

Some people practically cheer

Instead of 43, I’m actually ten and 3 bits

People’s over-excitement at this can sometimes be the pits

I’m wondering when I’m at deaths door

Do you think they’ll multiply by four?
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
I hate it when you talk down to me.
Relax this and breathe out that.
You need a break, it doesn't matter.
I am not a little child anymore,
Little more than someone to be led,
Down this way, up by the creek.
You can't tell me what to do.
Get some rest, you will be calm tomorrow.
Do I look like I want to be calm?
Stop telling me what to do,
I hate how you sound like a *******.
You make me want to scream.
Leave me to be mad in peace.
My lips were wounded,
badly hurt by the broken glass,
of yesterday's love, tumultuous.
You came by after a while,
a floating silver cloud,
providence, brought you here,
with a healing potion
ready at hand.
In no time, you exorcised all the demons,
a wizard you were,
with wonder filled eyes I witnessed
what you did.

From under the rubble
you pulled me out,
removing debris, you retrieved
the lover in me by and by,
your searing kisses
quick stitches
made the scars vanish,
without any trace,
a magic you alone can summon,
with such finesse.

Now  my smile
has the sunshine sheen
that has gone hiding
when the lips were
hurt and bleeding.
In my absence
My mind has been doing back-flips,
back-spins and hand-springs.

They really should be called head-springs.'

Off a spring board I began vaulting.
Trying to spin, tumble, turn des pairs
of thoughts stuck in the landing area

Threw a little french in there for ya.

Grasping at hysteria asymmetrically with sanity
must be stronger than anxiety. Like a glass coat, it blankets me
however you can see to the core, translucent rings of a tree.

Walking the balance beam
between life and suicide sporadically.
Being pushed on both sides by a jet stream

Surviving is a pipe dream because we are all dying.

Once again I am on the floor. However,
I am implored to look forward by poetic neighbors.
All I gotta do is knock on their door and they'll gladly give me a cup of esprit de corps.

*More french, Au revoir
Slowly working through this swamp I've been hiding from myself for years. I realized how emotionally disconnected I have been and my uncovering of all the niches of my past put me into a shock. Words can not describe what I am going through, but they are the only tool I have, so I'll make them work. © May 17th, 2013 by Timothy Brown. All rights reserved.
talkin hella ****,
****** lil fit
******* think there slik,.
makin me look weak?. Makin me feal sick,
nasty ****** heart ,
ugly from the start,.
   who are you to say I am,?
I am real,
and true and kind,
I've bin sober lost   my mind,
those mean words berome my mind,
I just want to hit you *****,!
you act fly with dome so sick....
your'e cruel you're rude you hurt,
Just Dirt!!.
      when left school I have a shelter give me break,
For goodness sake, :(
 May 2013 Nigel Obiya
The Moon's rays of silver-kissed light
Drift through my room
Dancing and waltzing while I'm asleep
The Fairies come out
And their wands gracefully touch the magical irises
Night's gown of velvety black
Is like a celestial veil
That covers the sky
And into my room the Fairies dance
And sprinkle Fairy Dust everywhere
It enchants my dreams
And weaves them into something nocturnal
Just like the notes of their beautiful harps
I sleep so very soundly and peacefully
Because of their innate sweetness
And their gold Fairy Dust
Which glows and sparkles
In my room
Enchanting my dreams
And making them beautiful
The next time I fall asleep
My dreams are just as beautiful
And pristine

So tonight
When the Moon hangs in the sky
I'll know that the Fairies
Are passing by*

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