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Nida Mahmoed Aug 2018
When a brave woman holds your heart;
you can leave them all you like, but her
bravery is in not letting you leave her,
It's a feeling that arises with
the sun as it appears in the sky
the next morning,
its circle of chase,
night appears to die in the arms
of dawn and it happens
the same when you find a brave woman
in your life so you just want
to die in her arms!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2017
I spent years praying to born again with wings; for the strength to fly higher; to not bend in front of any because of my weaknesses.

I saw a photo yesterday night, a man standing straight with grace; time holds there, I wish to be in cage of his love forever and ever, He looked a little like everything I once eager to find in the skies, only one bird knows the joy of freedom; if a bird feels to don’t fly ever again then’ there has always a beautiful reason.

And that beautiful reason for me is you, gentle resting wooden rocking chair; I would like to see you sit on that; reading the newspaper and smiling at my jokes. Like a desert waits for the rain; I wait for you. Like fog clearing after the dark of a night; a manifestation of peace. Feeling freedom with you; is natural, because a flower can’t grow without stem.

This must be what love feels like!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
The steam was rising from a cup of coffee,
I glanced through it,
I caught nothing except emotionless eyes,
Our hearts are frozen,
It was at this very moment,
I realized,
Nothing could melt our hearts now,
I discovered,
We reached to ancient point.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Apr 2016
A moment which take my breath away,
Her eyes were the blue,
Like a deep ocean, to force me’
To drawn,
Her hair a thick and glossy black,
An adoring hand,
To force to think to hold them’
Forever and ever,
Her face into a level of flawlessness,
That mesmerized the entire moment,
I’d been captivated by the look of her’
From the moment I first saw her,
And I still found my synapses frying’
At that moment.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2017
Depression is not a mental state,
It's a time when a world leaves a person
and you start thinking,
you have to stay alone forever and ever,
So there a torture begins
and it lasts till you won't find
a shoulder to cry!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2017
Grace is a dress of a soul of a woman,
If a man says’ he did not see grace in you’
So might his heart won’t powerful to feel your soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Apr 2016
Every sound has power to shaken the heart,
Whether it’s about love, hater or for a justice,
Believe on your voice,
Believe on sound,
Believe in buoyant,
The existence of believe would enough’
To trembling the universe.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2015
Buy a gun, Sell a gun,
Increase numbers in army,
Spread the message of war,
War is devastating métier,
Rebel groups in a society,
Nor’ my fault,
Buy a gun, Sell a gun,
It’s a métier!

By; Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Jan 2016
A desperado can’t feel the pleaded for life,
They won’t allow a life to breath today,
Their strength to see a soul in mourn,
They grow under the sea of blood,
But can defeat them through not to foreboding!

By: Nida Mahmoed
This poem is dedicated to all students and teaching staff of Bacha Khan University, Charsadda, Pakistan.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
My dear world,
Your children's scream in pain,
But no one hearing,
In this ***** mans game,
The edge of the machine,
Cuts so deep,
An eye for an eye,
Makes the whole world blind,
Yet we think another bullet,
Will save us this time!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2015
One day, two incidents, one enemy; we’ll never forget,
A day which changed map projection,
Which apart the hearts,
Extirpate many dreams,
Floating bodies in the river,
Conjoin pain and frighten memories,
Memories which we would recall on 16th December,
When we were recalling the memories of severance with Dhaka,
Woe was in the breeze,
But an enemy afar from all emotions,
Bloodthirsty souls; Extirpate many dreams,
Dreams of to become a pilot, doctor and a responsible citizen,
One day, two incidents, one enemy; we’ll never forget,
We’ll never forget,
One enemy but two faces,
First Dhaka than Peshawar,
But they did not knew,
Events of dolorous conjoined the nations!

By: Nida Mahmoed
Dedication: This poem is dedicated to all APS victims.
Nida Mahmoed Aug 2016
Ever since I know you,
It has been the too many glow worms twinkling in my life,
Benevolence words making my palms a stifle,
I sob into lost poems,
I bookmarked all golden days,
And unearth a new language’
Only two of us spoke,
Ever since I know you,
It has been’ I start loving you,
And also learning mild ways to love myself’
For just to love you more and completely!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2017
My heart is the heart of a child,
Who doesn't know how to say goodbye,
So I will wait for you,
In the corner of a verse!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed May 2020
He brings poetry to the darkness
Growing inside and ignites the light
It's a beautiful sight,
Watching the dark deep night
Sleeping, embracing the moonlight
So close, so tight,

He brings winds inside my soul,
He was pure magic in black art,
He was sitting on a swinging chair
Gazing me
In drowning all the darkness
Deep inside my heart,
He brings a full moon to make love
From soul to soul
and heart to heart.
-Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
Time is running like a fast train,
But there is always a time,
To hold a moment,
To feel a love,
To say all; which still are hidden,
There is always a time,
To make things right,
To know your real feelings,
Convincing ourselves; we are right,
Chosen to stick with stubborn behaviour,
Destroying nothing but you,
Change it; before there is no mean to change,
Everything can start again,
Every moment, you can hold and become whoever you have waited to become!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Jun 2017
I am holding a fire in me,
A fire of words of truth,
I believe that this fire
will lustre our inner song too,
Beloved the sound of truth
that we are holding,

I know sometimes
it’s hard but baby don’t
stop moving towards that fire!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2020
Home Body,
Rolling on the bed while rapping in the bedsheet,
I want to dress,
But inner storms' Floating me far,
Where I find too hard to feel again in a home,
At home, where I can dance naked,
And embrace me utterly,
My body is my home,
I feel the real me behind its wall,
All storms are mine,
I want to nourish this home again,
And bud the Rose's in a **** soil,
And I have to close all the windows'
In the gray clouds!

- Nida Mahmoed
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthcare #home #homebody #body #**** #mentalhealthawarness
Nida Mahmoed Apr 2017
Stop killing your daughter,
In the name of honor killing,
Which you never feel for her,
So how could she shatter,
That which you never possess!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2015
Hunger is a quest,
For some food is just a penny away,
Some slumber without having a dinner,
Give efficacy to food,
Don’t squander it,
Learn to share it and than feel the bliss,
Bliss which feel the hunger of your soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2022
I am a Woman:

My skin melted in moonlight into grim of the darkness of night,
My hair sewed a meadow’s wildflowers,
That's how a woman created in me'
with blood divine,

I am a woman' strong and at the same time soft,
I am more like a pure wine of heaven,

Through dew, the spark of life arrowed in,
Giving birth to the wildwood adored skin,

Delphinium vivid petals of spring late,
With flagrant red roses; coloring my lips,

My eyes carry the dreams of poetry,
hopes of songs,
and music of joy,

An existence where I would live with pure me,
Where I would dance with my **** truths,
Play the drama of mystery,
And audience and stage all are for me,

Gathered to listen to me,
To see me play all drama and dance in between of drama,

I wrought the hair of my drenched in the psalm,
Enchanting with dark godly melodies of mine,
Braiding light with sorrows that, there, were.

The breeze from the voided air,
To embroider something, while reciting a prayer,
And dizzily, I fabricated a soul for the mud,

I inhaled, in awe and feel the life,
I am the words in a poem, ready to rhyme,

Yes, I am a woman,
Enough to feel the entire universe within the word of Woman,

My light reflected on my broken pieces,
The rays shaped a tree of wicked caprices,
Where my fantasies grow,

However, I am my own little beautiful creation,
And this reality is my hunger’s innovation.
The reality we all share,
Yet what deep is, makes my reality whole.
Nida Mahmoed Apr 2016
I dream there will come a day,
When earth won’t fear from’
Because we grasp the sense’
To love our earth.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
I never feel the world,
How I do with you,
Never appreciate the weight of a head on my shoulder,
As more than yours!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2017
It's ok to worry about yourself,
It's ok to ask for help,
It's ok to need a hand,
It's ok to talk,
It's ok to not be ok!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
I want moon,
and patience in my soul,
it's been a while since
they were last together in me!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Aug 2021
I love Karachi,
not just because'
this city has allowed to'
my grandparents and'
than my parents to'
make their homes here,
but her sky,
moon, sun, air,
ocean and soil are'
breathing in me as a love,
Love is name of a feeling,
where you would try to leave'
that place or a person,
but more you try,
more you feel home'
within them,
As same I do feel with Karachi.

-Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Aug 2016
Which you never tell to anyone’ even your own self,
Tell me about your dream'
Where we run in the dark jungle,
And pull the bodies out of the lake,
And dress them in warm clothes,
And under the naked sky’
We lay on the sand and the birds flying,
Until we forget that we are birds with big wings,
And can fly higher and higher,
It’s not like the sky where have to end somewhere,
It’s more like a morning song on a radio,
How we rolled up on a rush green grass ground,
And feel the dance inside our souls,
We kissed and there was another dream to start,
Look at the light through the window curtains,
That means it’s a brighter morning,
That means’ we are exuberance,
The light passing through our bodies to our souls,
Tell me how all this,
Tell me did you feel the dream in you!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Nov 2015
If you Forget your martyrs,
You may just forget your soul,
If you Forget your Soul,
Might your Heart not beat,
As, Their hearts beat in us.

By: Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
Memories chase us,
Sometimes break us,
Sometimes it’s drenched us,
Sometimes bring smile on our lips,
Memories are like a quest,
If I die today,
Will someone thinking about me’
While sipping of coffee,
Or feel my unspoken words,
There is solace in being alone,
Let’s try to live with a memory!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Oct 2017
Me Too,
My body,
My soul,
My voice,
Which you never see, feel and hear,
All never provoke you to smash me,
Again and again,
Yes Me too,
Faced the same as many like me faced from the birth till death!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
Mothers are the cool shade in life,
Mothers are the only light in darkness,
Mothers are the blossom of spring,
Mothers are the ways of heaven,
Without a mother, would be no us,
Without a mother, we would be lost,
Mother’s are the cool shade in life,
Mother’s are the joy,
And peace in life!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2019
Let’s meet with my forlornness,
I have named mine forlornness as “Sunflower”,
We overlooked it at a coffee shop the previous evening,
When our eyes meet, it grew two wings and kept flew away,
And a seed of depression “Asparagus” budding deeper in my heart,
Sunflower and I, none had an idea to spell it right,
Yet you don't abandon it,
I keep a pocket word reference’
to name everybody's forlornness right,
But I am not able to smell the fragrance of their forlornness
and how could I? Because you can’t name the other’s forlornness,
I sometimes prefer to take a purple knife,
And cut the roots of “a Sunflower” forever and ever
but I wonder if I really killed the sunflower with a purple knife,
so there have any feelings left in me?
I wonder, there has anybody whose forlornness’
match with mine and our forlornness does not need of the purple knife’
to ****, but a need of the hug of affection to bud the roses of happiness’
within us!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2017
Preserve your heart for someone who’s eager’
To make a home in the flesh of your heart,
Someone who’s eager to swim in your skin,
Someone who’s eager to have you completely,
Someone who’s eager to love you deeply,
Save your heart the broken!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
What is the subject of the Valentine?
Yes I know you will say’ It’s a love day,
Sending roses to *****,
Singing the love songs,
Drape a bed of rose petals,
But these all are nonsensical,
It’s not touch the soul,
Nor change the slant,
You know why?
Gale is filled up with smell of gunpowder,
Mourning of mother over her son dead body,
I can wish you’ on Valentine day,
Can you tell me one reason to celebrate it?
Can you tell me why Love day; failed to remove cruelty from hearts?
I would love to send you chocolates?
But If I see’ Somali children’s,
I feel nothing,
Trust me; I feel nothing,
I can sing a Valentine song,
But without the understand of meaning,
Still, I wish you’ a Happy Valentine day,
But wait; did you feel it?

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2016
She has a calm lips,
Full of stitched wounds,
Yet she can narrate the most powerful stories in the world,
But when she’s alone,
All stories faded from her mind,
And regret swallows her’
Into tragedy stories,
Only the ravens know.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
I am sewing a dress
with the thread of strength,
And knots of ambitions,
And when it’s ready,
Then will iron it
with the remission,
I am sewing my broken soul!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2016
I let my skin soak in the bath,
I see a glimpse in my palm,
Suddenly; I convinced’
many things visible even in mist.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2016
We are finding something,
We are saying some words,
We are moving somewhere,
We will reached some place.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Jun 2016
Sometimes is easy to guess about others feelings,
But at same point,
It's become undoable'
To know exactly'
What you are feeling!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Feb 2016
The sparkling eyes,
are like firefly'
and this light,
is the very same'
that’s a bright spark in a dark cave.
and I will not walk away'
from this light,
no matter what'
you are shinning in my soul.

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed May 2017
My body is my temple,
And my goal is to make it paradise!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2019
Rose, Sunflower, and Lily
decided to get in a war train,
A sunflower was fearless and believes’ she can turn this journey into peace,
Rose was afraid to see everything red like her skin,
But a lily carries just pray with her fragrance,
A journey begins from Lahore,
People were rushed to get in the war train,
Lily asks Rose, Why they are in War train?
Rose says; I don’t know?
Lily was afraid,
She felt’ that her presence won’t change anything,
This train was on its way to Delhi,
Delhi, where people are already in a War train,
And Lahore to Delhi start believing that war is a solution,
But’ Solution of what?
The solution to destroy every rose, sunflower, and lily,
The solution to making every drop of water as poisoned,
The desire to see bloodshed,
The desire to stop playing children's in the parks,
The desire to not let grow a single crop in the soil of mother earth,
The desire to war for sake of war,
A solution comes from the songs of peace,
From the chances to let grow the roses, sunflowers, and lilies,
Swords, Bombs, Bullets, Jet planes and Nuke are not the solutions,
They are the end of all hope,
Hope to live in a love with a rose,
Hope to start a morning with a sunflower,
Hope to sleep with the pray as a beautiful lily,
But the question is who will stop this war train?
Many stations pass,
But none care to stop the war train,
And people of both side,
Just closed their eyes and souls
for nothing but for War,
They did not care; this war train is carrying the message of End,
But Rose, Sunflower, and Lily now knows, this is not their fault of believing,
It’s a fault of war train frenzy,
If this train won’t stop here
then each glimpse of life will be gone forever and ever!

By; Nida Mahmoed.
In this all war scenario between India and Pakistan, I penned down a poem. Poetry is a form of healing and it is scientifically proven now. Hope we two countries reach the point of solution soon and not let our children’s get in the war train.
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2015
Once a death was enough to awake the sleeping souls,
Now bodies outspread in the gore,
Some snivel, some celebrate the victory,
Victory of won the war,
War; which is making us deadpan!

By: Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Dec 2016
Keep close her in the Winter Breeze,
And her warm breath’
Will keep your soul and body warm,
With her quite mourning of sudden deaths,
And her humble celebrations,
Watch, as her desolate darkness,
Gives life to prolific rebirths!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Nida Mahmoed Jul 2017
Even I spend years with my shadow,
But still I don’t know her desires
and destination!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Nov 2015
Losing my son' is like, I lost the world,
This feeling surprised me and it keeps in my heart so long,
A life without my baby is miserable,

Grieving over my son and no-one is there to relieve my pain,
I do miss, to see your playful activities,
I do miss to kiss you,

Sometimes the loss of my baby trigger for things back,
Which I want to forget, but all those grief recalled,
I not just lost you, I lost my friend,

I lost my everything, without you I am in an agony,
After the divorce, your presence becomes everything to me,
But now I entered the darkroom,
From where, has no escape,

You were and still a part of my body,
When I lost you,
It is as if I have lost one piece from my soul.

By: Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Nov 2016
He forgot that smile can not be beautiful’
Until beauty not grow inside of heart,
He can give me pain and can ravaged my face,
But he can’t stop me to walk with Beauty,
Woman in me is still beautiful,
Whether a demon turned my face into acid!

By: Nida Mahmoed.
Note: "I dedicated this poem to all brave women, who have been become victim of acid attacks on International day to end violence against women. “Woman in me is still beautiful” just believe one thing that no one can steal your beauty. You were beautiful and you are still Beautiful so suffered from pain but this pain makes you more divine."
Nida Mahmoed Jul 2017
Woman is not born to seal her lips,
Woman is not born to never speak about her rights,
and her songs,
Let her speak,
Let her sing her songs,
don’t seal her lips,
don’t frantic from her songs,
Her songs won’t make you small,
and broken!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Jun 2020
I am a woman of the ocean,
You cannot break me,
But can drown in me.

-Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Jan 2018
Women are Human,
When you utterly feel
the power of this one line,
World will automatically turns so divine!

By; Nida Mahmoed
Nida Mahmoed Mar 2022
Everything starts from a Mother,
Feminine energy,
Energy; has the power to give
first home to a child,
A sense of security and
a sense of peace,
And a hope to breathe and grow,
And everything ends on a Mother,
A soil,
A mother to open itself to embrace
you' when you say
goodbye to this world,
Embrace your feminine energy,
And lead your life with confidence
and strength,
Because you are a woman,
A woman of Courage,
Strength and Love.
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