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Jul 2014 · 590
The External Bound.
Nicole Potter Jul 2014
Seems Daunting.
          Does it not?
External. Outside. No longer part of You.
The place where All and Nothing Exists.
      Seems a tad...Relieving, now doesn't it?

It is Everything You once held True.
       Feelings, Actions, Desires, and Conversations never spoken.
These things may not have been shared by two Intellectual Beings.
         Some would say this makes them not Real.
In certain circumstances, they may be correct.

     Yet, There exists a certain realm where they could have happened.
                         Had You Acted.
There is but this Time. This single ticking Clock.
  Those Feelings,
                That Every Desire.
Running through Your Mind.
               Is Real.

Once Eclipsed Your Soul.

  All is Moving,
          Constantly Turning.
Each Action Bares Your Soul.
           Is a Decision.
Follow True Hearts Content.
          Rise and Be Free.
Exactly as it is Meant to Be.
                 Chances will Happen Again.

Bound to Come Around.
            In passing Time some believe another life.
Exactly how much do we remain the same over these passing years? How far do our memories actually reconnect? How often do You remember childhood laughter; lessons? How many things does our subconscious actually hold on to; Guides us and Retrieves us from acting so wholly?

Each Individual possesses a Bound...
                Their Universe.
Their Thoughts.
         Their Energy.
                  Their Lives.
Are thoughts, once spoken
             Not Ideas Shared?
Is Energy Not Felt?
               Though Almost Incommunicable,
Instincts, Body, knows Truth.
         Do Lives Not Collide?
In every passing Stranger.
                   Is the Chance to Become a Friend.
Each way
         Eyes will turn.
Always reminded.
            I am Not Alone.
Forever surrounded by other passing lives,
                                   Another ticking clock.
Until the Face is Broken.
         Until someone Extends a Favour.

**July 9, 2014
Jul 2014 · 482
From Dust.
Nicole Potter Jul 2014
This disparaging
                             Quality of my own
                    Has been Shrouded,
Ashes scattered,
                          Nary a Hope of
  Though Now
                    Mine Eyes
     Detect a Forward
                   Whisper of
Further Life
            Once Not
                              Thought Possible.
           Once, Never a

Each day Burns
              With the
Weary awareness of mine non-actions.
       Still aligning Priorities.

From those Ashes,
            This Being Has Risen.
Is Striking Back.
           Carving Forth.
Turning Words.
              Into Every Lived Desire.

**July 6th-ish 2014
Jul 2014 · 429
Nicole Potter Jul 2014
        You are the
Center of Your

Look Around and
         Realize the Constants.
                            The People,
                            The Situations,
                            Activities and
Which Cause
                   Your Smile to
Shine so
                               So Easily.
Then Decide to Keep Them.

          Take a
To Realize all that
                You Want.

Thoughts course
"I wish I could do This,
         Had Time for This,
Wish I could be This
                 Kind of Person. Or
Live This
                Kind of Life".

         My un-wilting Flower.
There is Nothing
                         To Stop You.
From Having Everything and More
           You Never Thought Possible.

The simple requirement is
                               The Decision to
    Work For.
Only Self
                Know True Desires.

         Surround Yourself with
                              Longing Hearts Priorities
Instead of
To Find

You Are the
                                           Center Magnet.
You must Open Yourself
                     To be Able
To Attract
                  Such Yearnings.
Not closed off,
  So Nothing
                      Can Feel your

**June 23, 2014
Jul 2014 · 582
Nicole Potter Jul 2014
Be Kind.
Such an easy Task.
         How clouded
            Our Memories
Our Souls.
             Our Hearts
     Be Kind.
               It is Your
             Each pulse
As Mine,
As Yours.
We are
All is
     Be Kind.
So Lost from
    So created.
            Through each Action
and every
          Selfish Inaction.

How did we progress
                     This Far?

Trust Instincts.
              Could this ever

**May 15, 2014
Jul 2014 · 327
What are You Feeling?
Nicole Potter Jul 2014
                    Such a simple prompt.
Yet such an important question.

I am Happy.
     An odd mix of
Simple Nothings...
  Longing For More.
                      Organizing Goals.
Finally So.
                   Few kept this Soul
Now the sound
                           Gorgeously Echoes my Soul.
  I Reverberate.
                  Wonder what will Happen.
Yet still scared.
                     Won't Go Searching.
   Sit Alone.
            But for the First Time
can Stand Taller.
                     Wake Earlier.
Fighting for Something.
            "Education" may differ.
Not been Told, Encouraged, Supported.
    To Succeed.
                 Confidence often Falters.

             I can say I have come an
                       Incredibly long
Fought through a
Gave up
Today I can say
               There is More to travel.
I do not know what the
                     Future Holds.
            I see my Actions
Design it.

Less things seem so
More things seem to

   I Can Wake.

**May 15, 2014
Dec 2013 · 1.4k
On the Molecular Level.
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
How could you Think,
That you do not
It is
You are made of.
             Reversion of Nature
Where none of us are
             ­                                                               Wh­ere do these stipulations come from?
                                                           ­                 What 'is' Enough?
                                                         ­                   What is Ethnicity?
                                                      ­                      What about the Asian woman with a
                                                               ­                                   Jamaican Accent?
                                                         ­                    Born and Raised.
                                                         ­                        How is she Stereotyped?
                                                    ­                                      Why this need to Classify?
                                                       ­                                                   Sort?
        ­                                                                 ­               De-fine.
         Were born.
Choose what your
                                 Ears are Privy too.
It is Known.
                      Who you Are.
Why Hide?
Why Change?
                          Do Not
                                        Blindly Follow.
Turn Around.
                          Give your
         ­                           F  L  I  G  H  T.
A beaming
            Not soon
Matter is
Until Observed.
                               Observe Self First.
Decide the Definition of
                                           'You Matter'.
Do not
A­ll have
          Were Not.

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 994
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
Why does Pure
Cause Human
Pack Animals
                 Of the most
The most dangerous
Known to this
                               Par None.
                    So deafening...
Allows witness to this
Our selfish motives,
                                  Almost every action.
Is it the
         Is it being
Which causes

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 456
Peer(s) Into Yourself.
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
Heed who grew up
              In a personally constructed Bubble.
Did not want to Deal.
               Mindless Matters.
At every
               Lonesome Turn.
There are Seekers
                               Such as
Who have etched a
                                  Similar Path.
Find those who
                            Function as
Create Together.
                              Burst the Bubble.
Before it is no longer

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 362
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
Walk up to an
                         Empty Room.
Stand in the Doorway.
                   Witness the Silence.
Few deep,
                  Calming Breaths.
Move to the Center.
                                   Look at every
Imagine the Bodies,
That have connected.
                                     Shared themselves.
See the shadows of
Feel the Energy,
             the Laughter,
Let yourself be
                   Join in.
Become a memory.
                     An unforgiving

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 538
Quit the Mob
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
We have been given a
              Who says Zombies
                                         Cannot Exist?
Are not walking
                            Among us.
     Void Emotion.
                              Void Human
        'Functioning Society'
                       We have greedily gobbled
From a Silver,
                         Gold plated platter.
Does not support
Promotes Private.
                 Singular Successes.
One ocean of
Tell a bird to swim.
                           Hold it's breath.
To halt it's lovely
It will
                         Forced to
                                          Be Content
In conditions it was not
                                                           to Flourish.
         Have a Particular,
Designed for a Certain
The Human
Possessing Thought.
The ability to choose a
                            Distraught and
              We all begin to carve.
Choose Air,
As our ideal conditions.
                    In which lies, Your

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 527
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
Why is
So hard
              Fought for?
To feel at ease,
Easy reaction.
             Instead of Calculated
None of it has ever been easy.
Pretending to know all.
                                  Faulty Inflation.
So many things left unsaid
                Not told.
  Seems all things fabricated.
                Easy to distract
                          Complicated Mins.
Should know,
                        be Taught,
On how to
           is a state
To Enter.
Were not forced.
Eliminated Love,
Have lost control of your
It's Essence
                    Has more
Than known to
                           Thy Self.
Do not forget that
        Own it.
                      Can Take Back
             Step Back.
Physically if need be...
                         Remove yourself mentally.
Take a Look.
                        Notice the careful

**Dec 2, 2013
Dec 2013 · 441
Nicole Potter Dec 2013
           SPEAK UP.
                        LOFTY THOUGHT.
                    OLD LESSONS?
               LEARN NEW.
                               ACT ANOTHER.
                   NOT NOTICED...

**Nov 15, 2013
Nov 2013 · 369
Lost Self.
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
So many Thoughts.
     Put off for so long.
Need to
Everything Quickly.
Need to feel
and more
                   as Self.
This sort of floating
in my chest
      Needs to
Fill these pages.
           How to remember everything?

**Nov 15, 2013
Nov 2013 · 410
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
P  O  T  E  N  T  I  A  L
        What is it?
        Individually created?
        Outwardly Encouraged?
        Fear personal Gain?
        Self-built Courage?
Individually Realized.
Outwardly Expressed.
Fear finally Not Hiding.

Be all that was
                               Confined to Brain.
                       Suddenly Free.
Take up
    DO NOT
                      LOSE FIGHT
Laid to rest too often,
                                     Too Long.
These senses,
                              Dreamt forever.
Not behind...
                        Only employ different
                                                       ­         Skills.
Absolute Attention.
           Functions New

**Nov 22, 2013
Nov 2013 · 465
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
You must take the

Must reset and

All things do not need to be


Pick and Choose
                  Sit down and
Create Categories
                          Outside what has
                                                         Found Page.
           This creation,
                                   This Potential.

**Nov 22, 2013
Nov 2013 · 476
Living in my Head.
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
So much release from this
                              Careful Concentration
                       Working towards
It's single
Never Avoid.
                        Always Steal the

**Nov 15, 2013
Nov 2013 · 330
Broken. vs. Healing
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
Difficult to break self,
                by yourself.
Always help...
                        People beating down.
Allowing destructive behaviour.
                     Not many shouting for you.
Though there are.
                       You have simply silenced them.
                                       Tuned Out.
A person can only take being
    For so long.
                         It may seem as though you have to
Struggle Alone...
                             You Do Not.
This first step is yours.
If they allow.
                       Receive help,
  But do not lean.
                   Everyone crashes.
Everyone needs added air beneath their

**Nov 15, 2013
Nov 2013 · 320
So Much Nonsense
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
How can you speak so Loud,
                                   so Long,
And say nothing?
        Listening is Polite.
You could speak for days and not
             Change my Life.

**Nov 10, 2013
Nov 2013 · 610
Nicole Potter Nov 2013
This music reminds me to Pay Attention.
                        To Plan.
Greatness does not just
It takes many hours to
       To your Satisfaction.
Find that
Put to the front of your mind and
That which you pour your Soul into
        That which you cannot abandon until
It meets your exact
That is what you should be doing.
                         Pick It Up.

**Nov 10, 2013
Oct 2013 · 1.3k
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
False words pass through once
                                                  Smooth lips.
Tongue wags in duality.
                                         Knowing easy lies.
                                                           ­     Able to deceive.
Brain knows should not be speaking,
Yet jaw moves freely.
                                  Icing over any worries
                Before a spark can fly.
Once you start creating false instances,
                                      Omitting key facts,
Or simply avoiding the ones
                                        You most care for
and Love you most.
                                  Then something has gone astray.
Do not avoid this.
                           Stop making excuses.
           You have been Lying.

**Oct 22, 2013
Oct 2013 · 463
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
Suddenly I do not care.
     Yes, these feelings transcend distance and time
              But your actions prove scathing
                          This wall impenetrably done.
So those moments I'll tuck away
                                     Throw inside
                   Keep way at Bay.
You'll work towards an ultimate
      That always clear,
                                     care about what is invested?
To you, just another
                                  Word Smith,
             Evidence rains, fight?
Tossed inside, called upon,
      ­                      Kept near.
                                      Impossible not too.
Mirror reflects
                         my actions not wildly outside your own.
So you feel what I felt,
                   and maybe still do.
                                                             ­                       I knew it was possible.
Comfort is nothing,
                                  an illusion of safe bed.
Time carries forward.
                                  Forgotten, I have accepted.

**Oct 21, 2013
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
In many instances my actions have been exactly
    as I've wished to receive.
             How could you expect more than what you are willing to give?
I cannot 'become' this.
                              I Am This.
This unconscious drive for all to be equal.
        What is wonderful is that is not where these actions or thoughts stem from.
Not the original purpose.
             That is just what would happen.
Almost chain reaction.
            Split second transferal of consciousness
  "Put yourself in their shoes"
             Sometimes they don't have shoes.
All this is meant to evoke is an emotional response...
           "What does this person need from me that is within my full power to give, to aid success, to ease the burden on their shoulders".
     It doesn't have to be much.
These actions rarely noticed.
                Though powerfully held,
   Radically Helpful.
Bound to ruin a day.
                                     Had you not acted.
                                        Had I not acted.
                  You do have Agency.
Though rarely immediately for Self.
    When they are noticed it is extremely encouraging.
When reciprocated, mind stunningly shocked. -why?-

I want to become someone even more
    Aware of this awesome power,
                                                       To use it more forcibly,
Find a larger forum.
                                 Promote positivity,
                                 Promote life,
           Finally treating others as you.
Not based on outward appearances
             But what my mind
and ever lofty
Have to offer,
                       Are here to give.
Want nothing more than to share this
                       Simple way of living
Where it is impossible to be alone,
                             For someone to be forgotten.
To understand that friendship,
                             and family,
                             and Life
Are reciprocal.
           Sometimes you must offer before you receive.

I want to become someone who knows the difference.
      Never intentionally seeking harm.
Unavoidable when trying to attain
                     Everything in a made up world where
People in pictures are not real
               Digitally altered.
                                             No one looks like that.
Surgery the only way.
            So to get there,
                                       one must be as altered as the photo.
Acting in ways outside themselves to have
                 This. Fake. World.
   Stomping on others,
                                      Wildly avoiding most.
Crushing people everywhere to
                                    Build that sight
To have what is 'offered'.
         Has it progressed so far that the
idea of 'perfection'
                             is only gained under a knife,
                                                         through strife,
                                           Taking more than one life.

So without knowing,
                   This person has been becoming
an amazingly self-less, caring, empathetic
                            Human Being
with this forgotten knowledge that
       small actions, something that took minutes to complete,
may not have been so tiny.
                    You never know what you could inspire
   Or what would inspire you.
All you have to do is kindly offer
               The goodness of your soul,
Every skill you've honed.

Become someone that allows this to happen
      That brings memory back.
                                                   That Returns Happiness.

**Oct 14, 2013
Oct 2013 · 526
Subtle Aid
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
The* wonderful innocence of a child will lead her outside during early Spring. When the snow is still melting, lingering on the ground, hoping to give nourishment.
     Now, instead of laughing, making mean quips, or doing something deconstructive. Why not reply in kind...
               "It is nice you want to feed the birds my dear, but sadly they are not quite near. So sweetie, why don't you start saving scraps of bread and we'll go down to the lake in a few weeks instead".
     Why not take that rare, careful awareness of others, no matter how small and mold it. Allow it to grow. Nourish what you gave life too.
      Feed her more than the food on the table, give her more than comfortable place to sleep at night. Yes, these are necessary and hard work. But a child needs more than a safe haven that isn't so welcoming, not all safe.
     She needs to know her thoughts have merit, weight, can become tangible.
Not laughable, impossible,
                                           Or just not worth it.

*Oct 14, 2013
Oct 2013 · 662
You're Lost, Innocence
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
Maybe I'm just too childish to be Blind.
             Perhaps it is that simple,
This easy
                If only you would allow.
Just be Honest.

Maybe I'm just too Childish to be Blind.
            Innocence reigns through each and every vision
Not enough wisdom;
                                    Cannot make differences coincide.
Cannot take more;
                                Comfort in so many options.
While others have less than none.

Maybe I'm just too Childish to be Blind
           This weakness of over Simplification.
Most say it's Utopian.
                                      This perfect world that can
                                                Never Exist.
Causing this insane world view
               That is actually the most sane.

Maybe I'm just too Childish to be Blind.
            Something happens as we age...
Added complications, useless reasons,
                                                             Just the bully on the playground.
            Something changes as we age...
Pain of others easy to avoid,
                                              Just close your eyes.

Maybe I'm just too Childish to be Blind.
                     Maybe I'm just one of few still able to

**Oct 9, 2013
Oct 2013 · 410
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
Heed you Seekers of Solitude.
          Why do you long for distance?
                   Why do you feel you must return?
Each time you lock that door
Things get just a little bit worse,
                     A little bit louder.
There calls a time for action,
            Where things must be Done.
Instead of
                  Constantly Thinking,
Then festering in the toxic pool of
Oct 2013 · 349
Act Best.
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
Do not want to assume
       But it consumes our daily lives.
How can we act or
                       Not act
Without some assumptions?
                Maybe we call them something else
To put our ill seeking minds at ease.
              Want to just do it
                                     Go for it.
                                          Conquer it
But paralyzingly fear the consequences
            Ultimately we are all just individuals
Through this Chaos we have created
                 How are we supposed to know what is Best?
Let yourself be you,
                            be in the situation,
                                                               do not analyze.
Because the thing is,
                       When are we not learning
                                     Who we are?
Simply just choose.
                                 Make an action.

**Oct 5, 2013
Oct 2013 · 1.2k
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Some things go wrong
How long must we wait?
        Until we all get along

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Cannot make change without comprehension.
All this misfortune we still create,
        Causing harm, taking lives and misdirecting tension.

Flow freely into the minds that hate
         These false institutions keep the system 'balanced'
Using us all as free pawns and bait,
         Somehow ensuring each breath is silenced.

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Take a step forward and scream for losses
Too many to count, all preventable, just the selfish human gait.
        Look around, open eyes wide shut, who are the real bosses?

Flow freely into the minds that hate.
        All this time spent reading, analyzing, just wasted away
Just a creative excuse, all it's done is placate
        Talk about humanity, pleading for 'other', yet in the system they fade today.

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        We're not playing with plastic, metal, or things intangible
Each person has life, agency and a Heart Beat to relate.
       Must halt before time runs out, before humanity becomes a true cannibal.

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Cannot understand without delving within
Must step up, do anything to motivate
       Do not step back, embrace what is foreign

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Must acknowledge; accept it has existence.
Ignorance is not Fate.
      Just hold on, one more push, all that is needed is constant persistence.

Flow freely into the minds that hate
        Flow freely into the minds that hate
                Flow freely into the minds that hate.

**Oct 2, 2013
Oct 2013 · 517
Nicole Potter Oct 2013
   How Brilliantly Blind.
How could you see so clearly?
                 Yet be walking,
 ­                      acting
    With no vision.
                               No direction.
Selfishly stumbling
                               No where.

You got it,
                  head on,
                                  one nail drive.
Except not the right words.
              But the cry was evidently heard.
The point made,
                              Message Found Home.

So where the reaction?
                                       Where the care?
As if it matters...
                     Do you even still read?
Am I attempting to communicate with a
Either way
                    I'd like to say
Thank You

Though which the stronger sentiment?
                  Don't Care.
Whichever makes you feel better.
       I could list all the reasons to
Shake your hand,
                               express gratitude.
Those uplifting,
Soul searching, and
Rise to Self
That which you do not know you
       Is Not Deserved.
Would not be
           Just shrugged off.
                                        Not taken to
So those words exist
                                    as Wind
Whistling through your life,
                                                   waiting for you to pay attention.
Make sense of that noise,
                                        Take comfort in the frigid air.
But you won't.
                                        I won't.

**Oct 1, 2013
Sep 2013 · 1.1k
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Such an odd and incredulous thing
When you choose to give up your humanity
Your personhood
Your heartbeat
The rise and fall of your chest
As your lungs take in
This constantly polluted air.

The exhaust from humanity
The perishable efforts
Are none.

How many of us have already given up
The face of hope
The walk of life
Yet continue to flop across the earth
As a fish out of water,
A proper environment
Dug out and exposed,
Chopped down and rolled over,
Creating this
New World
Where the words ‘take what you need’
Are never uttered.

Where the concept of helping those in need
Does not involve you
Unless directly connected.
Even then it is seen as an obligation,
Not just a reaction,
A simple kindness when you have

When did this die?
           When can I die?

So this choice to physically leave,
Finally be rid of this disaster we have come to call life
And Government
And Responsibility
And Religion,
And Teaching…

All of it fabricated by faulty,
Hardly even there
Designed to keep in check,
To placate,
To keep distracted as you believe you are
Being ****** dry…

Well you are,
We all are.
Here, with this ability to communicate
I am better off.

There are so many people in the world
Waiting for the bandage to be ripped off,
Enduring those moments of
Eye watering pain
So that the wound may find air,
May find healing breath and
Action to make as

There is more than enough for everyone to be
Happy and
Well taken care of.
So that not another soul feels lonely,
Another belly goes malnourished.
Enough so that every person will never have to worry
About sustenance again.

What would this world order look like?

It could be filled with innovation
And design
And the hopefully True Nature
Of Humanity to thrive
To build on each others successes.
Instead of this endless jealousy,
This backwards mentality that we are on this earth

That we are all meant to sacrifice each other to be
The last one standing.
Well if that just happens to be you…
Then what?

What happens now?

When you think you have everything you need
Except that saving voice,
That soulful touch,
That incredulous connection to another.

Where did it go?
It has been demolished,
On the wrecking site for years.

I do not want to wait for that time,
When things implode.
It is already bad enough,
I cannot walk through this
Fake and tired path

We are animals locked in conditions to
Mimik our true atmosphere...
When those barriers crash down,
Coughing up the dust and misery
You will be left with
Absolutely no understanding of the Earth.

Introduced to the earth,
Humanity would

I am already alone,
Just let me go,
Though pleading useless,
As simply no one
Is Listening.

**Sept 29, 2013
Sep 2013 · 982
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Everything Lost
                        Time to Perish
No effort
                No desire
Nothing left to find
                  Nothing left to carry forward
Not a Single
                   Wanted someone to care
A single entity to
And no one did.
                                When thoughts go sour,
                                                           ­      bitter
                                                          ­       foul
                                                            ­     wretched
                                                                ­ All encompassing
Getting to the final moments
             Someone strange
                                             always seems to reach out.
How odd,
                   why does that happen?
Some ridiculous
                              Faux Pas
                                          To keep attached?

Shut up,
                Stop talking,
                                       No ones listening to you.
Sleep halts thoughts...
             Only bringing hours
                      For More
Struggling to leave the room
                                   leave your mind
Just a quietly
                        loud existence
That was never given a chance to echo.
                 Screams reverberate to own ears
Seeming to pass through
                                                or Around
Every Single Person
                                         Tried to connect with.
So this infinite Silence
                                           And Misery
Is already lived.
                               Except that it should never be lived
A soul should not scream unto deaf ears.
Feeling more lonely than if  
                                                        Chos­en to be Invisible.
For then the cloak could be shaken off,
                                                            ­          Join fellow humanity.

Here it is peaking around corners,
                 hiding behind doors,  
                 changing pace and direction to avoid the crowds,
                 or follow the crowd because that is easier than cutting a
                                   True Path.

So the chest rises heavy,
                                           sinking further
                       As the heels of your feet stomp over this
                 faintly beating heart...
Replacing it's ever faulty rhythm
                                                    With something steady.

**Sept 29, 2013
Sep 2013 · 269
Come Back
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
How to come back to Truth
         When already lost,
         When already demolished,
                                                    I'll try not to
So many
               Are you
of Many?
Do not question.
                             Just Be.
As dual.
              Live with wondrous conviction
So That,
               You do not Know
        Have complete control of
Use the Brain.
                        Not take time off.
This is with everything,
                                        You Are Entire
Sep 2013 · 347
Please, Hear
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Should admit quiet confession?
              So tired of being a slave
To a structure
                        I Fabricated
To You
To You
         To an Idea.
Just leave it to

**Aug 26, 2013
Sep 2013 · 1.3k
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Who are we trying to impress?

               IMPRESS YOURSELF!

Why always come back to appearance?

                 SIGHT, FIRST.

Soiled communication?
                  Become so fearful
                                     so irritating
                                         so time consuming
                            ­                     the
All have been planted.
                                        Roots deep.
                   As trees.
No choice.
                    Just break through
       Wherever the seed falls
Fighting to

**Sept 26, 2013
Sep 2013 · 435
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Burning hours you do not feel fit to see
                Accomplishing Nothing
Waiting to feel wanted
                                         While the world carries on.
You put yourself there.
                                           Do not be coy
Dance into false reason again.
                    This is True.
Proven time and again.
                 Does the soul not rise once active?
Work through the Burning
   ­     They are just as you,
Remember 'The Egg"
               Use Caution.
All are you,
                     parts of you.
Parts manifesting stronger,
                                                 different traits.
         Know who connects,
                                               who does not.
Must inject yourself in places
                                           Where interaction can take place.
           Stop Being Afraid.
                                     Where does the fear surge?
Where is it's destination,
                                             where does the current start?
There is no End Game.
                                  It is simply

**Sept 16, 2013
Sep 2013 · 253
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Can you have all that you desire?
               Actually Everything?
Many paths cross,
                           Every Single Day.
New faces added to your
                                              collection for Dreams.
Some align a little longer
                                             Than others.
Some not even aware they've crossed.
          If some seem to be drifting
                Do you hold any control in that current?
Can anyone alter the winds to pull back and

**Aug 27, 2013
Sep 2013 · 619
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Pick up the Pen,
                Put it to Paper
Write to Write.
        It is your therapy.
                     Where you find release.
How things come out.
              Do not analyze it.
Just do it.
          The words will enact
                    What They Must.
Most things will be for you
              Because you have allowed the turmoil.
Why do you fear?
          Why find it so hard,
To allow your passion,
                                       Learn the knowledge.
End goal?
                             So far
                                 Right Now.
Lost from Home,
        from touch,
        from tender allowance
                                 to be so calm
Not on the edge
               Wistfully walking this manicured path.
Though I do not believe they exist.
                      At least not wholly.
Some things get easier,
                      A path you do not have to clear,
Sadly most fought through.
                  Know what you need to do.
Why can you not find the energy?
                                     the desire
                                     the anything
To sit down and read what angers you,
                            That anger feeds the passion
Passion such a daunting task,
                                               repeatedly kicked down.
So much courage lost,
                                      Not built,
               Drained away
Must learn to step forth,
                                         Crash into what is there
Just go out,
                     You make yourself alone
Trying to end
                        The endless cycle.
Trying to gain some advantage
                        Over this creeping Darkness.
Sep 2013 · 318
Nicole Potter Sep 2013
Sometimes Emotion go
                                      Into the
            External Bound.
                                         It Matters,
                        Not Matters.
Because it is not yet time to heal,
                                            Be Real.
If it rolls back...
                          Explore what is there.
Do not let another Moment pass.
A 'thing' that is not real because it is in
                                          Your Imagination.
Lies in the Abstract.
             You change each plot,
                    Middle, and
Leaving careful detail in those small
                   Tender Touches
All Mind,
That leave Impressions...
                                         But are
                                                      Not Real.
Go out,
             Seek discomfort
                                Contort it,
                                Use the Imbalance,
                                 And Brace for Confusion.
Always better to Know then lie Awake

Aug 2013 · 624
Full Speed Ahead.
Nicole Potter Aug 2013
Want the mind to stop
            Because it is though to bring Peace.
                                   when if does
If Right Now
                     Your brain is actually off.
This form of being possibly more agitating.
              Is there an in-between?
Or Constantly Running
                                       Full Speed Ahead?
If not constantly running
                                     This state you are trying to
Then you are Not
Stop Running.
                          Stop Avoiding.
Those small things.
                               That worry you so.
Is your individuality.
Is who You Are
                   Take off that ill fitting
Embrace your True folds
                                        and Be Happy.
Aug 2013 · 788
Pick It Up
Nicole Potter Aug 2013
When is
               "I could've done
                                           -Insert Dream Here-"
Too Late?
                  Is there something holding you back?
                    What chain are you secretly,
                                  possibly unknown to you
                      Burdens your shoulders?
Why do you bedraggle your hopes
                                                        Thr­ough the mud?
Beating them relentlessly
                                           Until solidly convinced they are
                                                           No More.
Because you
                    were never good enough anyways...
                             never could have done it.
Doesn't matter why.
                                  Any reason will work.
          Do Not.
Need anyone else.
                             Feed yourself confidence.
Build from within.
                                Want to know how?
It is actually very simple.
              You know those Hopes?
             or That
                             One thing
                                              You want So Much.
Pick it up.
Go Ahead.
                  Yes, You can have it.
The only thing is.
                             It tends to be hard work...
Many tedious hours.
                                   But the moon stays Full
                                        One Single Night.
It's whole perfection lasting fleeting minutes.
                        Yet back around it comes>
So will the
That fills your mind,
                                 This total complete bliss...
How is that not worth those hard
                                                        Sing­le hours?
It can't be
                 It's Not
                              Because all those hours are Fun.
Though struggled
                               They brought forth New.
A quiet new skill
                             known only to you
To bring Forth that Bliss
                          That single adventure sought by You.
Think Back.
                    Was it really just the one?

**Aug 24, 2013
Aug 2013 · 627
Nicole Potter Aug 2013
                           To Ashes.
Million bits of Nothing,
                                      Dissolving in the Wind.
             and Passion carries forward.
This ache and pounding
                               Booming Louder
Must break false chains
                                      That hold lips so tight.
For what purpose lies in sealed lips?
                                 Information Forever Lost
Fear no consequences,
                                    What could possibly happen?
Many things will surface,
                                             Nothing left buried
Or hidden...
                      Heart aches,
                                           feels lost,
That those feelings shown,
                      Within you,
                                          so Passionate.
Those words...
                         As Eye.
Similarities Grow,
                              To Me...
     See how this Passion Builds?
Thought tear through haze into this
                                                            Aching Belief.
                           I cherish it so.
But will let go
                        Learn to let go
                      Because thoughts show
This one thing
                         where 'belief'
is a comfortable word.
             The only thing to describe
That black hole my thoughts lead to
                                               When on you.
Then the Foolish feelings grow
                   Then your words float back
Two Halves of a Whole...
                 Is 'Marco' not echoing
                                      Loud Enough?
So now these shoulders shrug,
                                                   lip curled;
Suddenly confident,
                                   Just want facts known.
Lips will move with steady
Trying to communicate

August 15, 2013
Aug 2013 · 480
Nicole Potter Aug 2013
Is fleeting.
Possibly an illusion
                  Does Love always follow?
Perhaps versions,
                            Different crowds
different personalities
                           Yet Same.
Just searching for a constant
                         Maybe stumble into one
Hard to know,
So easy to spit lies,
                              Incomplete truths
This actions completely outside oneself.
                           and Absolutely
       The Other Person.
How many chances?
                                   Possible to get back once lost?
Limited, patient, costly...
                               Who do you Really Trust?

                                                        ­                                            **August 1, 2013
Jul 2013 · 911
The Burning Passion
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
This Burning,
                      This Passion,
                                             This Fire,
                 This Pressure in my chest.
It Builds
              and Towers until this odd and almost
                                                          ­                  Unwelcome feeling presents itself.

I want to take it out,
Hold it in front of Me,
      That glowing orb.
I want to analyze it.
                                Peer inside.
Witness what it beholds.
Yet this is not a physical witness
Anyone can Attest too.
Nothing that can be held.
               Except me.
                                 It is Me.
                                                That is You.
Waiting to burst forth and be
Maybe that is why you can already feel it Me
                                                              ­         l
                                                               ­     t
The­ Burning Pressure,
That undefined ache of your Soul.
               Finding Breath
Do not hide it in.

Mix of Excitement
                       And Fear
As you grow to let it

You will Feel Better,
                    Confident and  

Take that Glowing Orb.
                                       Allow it to
           Light Others,
As you know you should,
          ­                                  Can
                           ­                  Do.
In small.
             Growing ways.
Planted the Subtle Seed,
                                  waiting to receive

Being alone
                   Surmounts this feeling
Becomes Encompassing.
            No Escape,
                               All Fear.
Not knowing where it's coming from
                                            Or why it brings me Tears.
Do not like being stuck,
                                 Feeling Stuck Here.
It is always possible to Remove Yourself
In Fact,
             Several different ways.

Constantly remind self that
                                              Presence is Desired.
Have trouble feeling Welcome
                                     Hate Hiding in the Corner
Finding comfort in it's
                ­                                Tired Embrace.
Longing to Step Free.
                           Climbing the Confidence Ladder
                            Through the Maze of Hate,
                            Around the Thrashing Waters of
              Heart Screaming,
Some will fall away.
                                 Evidence of False Need
                                                     False Friend
                                  Be wary of turning into Foe.
Scared to Lose,
Fear Gaining,
                             Not Living.

July 29, 2013
**Edited August 3, 2013
Jul 2013 · 736
Top Shelf
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
My Heart can only Scream so Long
                                                          so­ Loud
Echoing with all I wish you would accept.
              Even forming these words grow tiresome.
They are read but not
                ­                      In Time...
                                                      The­y shall ring True
The rest will pour forth when finally
                                                         ­             Near
          I Hope to get that Chance
To add more proof,
                                              Solidify your Reality.
But I cannot continue to care so Deep
           See so Strong...
Feel so Foolish
                         So grow into that hidden Strength
While I try to forget that glow,
  ­                                                         glitter...
                           Sparkle behind that Smile.
But I'm not gone...
      That collision of Space and Time.

          ­                   Just tell me. When exactly do these ripples end?
Well you have control you see,
it is not the same as throwing a rock into the water and watching the ripples disappear.
This is more than just a simple stone tossed in a lake.
those ripples move,
but they eventually fade.
We have choices, that maybe sort of false sought out Destiny.
But we decide, have that choice, that one, two, or three.
So this thing we have,
however small it may be,
is maybe one and or two holding onto this growing Tree
clinging to that whatever small heart string.
So maybe, just maybe, you will eventually

**July 24, 2013
Jul 2013 · 465
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
Control over more than words
                 Just want to be
         Something I'm not
                           But Everything I'm meant to Be.
Too Scared
Must Climb
                      ­         S
That unique soul is True.
                     Stop Hiding It.
Such Intimidation
                              Such Lack
           So Lost
Not searching to be
Who would want to see?
         Brilliance there,
                                   Emotionally shadowed.
Soon light will reflect,
                                    Too dark to break free.
Must stop the creeping darkness
                                       Literally Crawl Through.
How to distinguish 'Right'?
         Wrong is easier to see,
                         easier to give up,
­Why is Right so hard?
              Always feel undeserved
          But You are Deserving
             Do not be scared
                  Just Try.

**July 24, 2013
Jul 2013 · 540
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
Purpose Lost
Purpose Found
Purpose Changes.
                              Write to write
                              Write to Feel
              Where to find the effort?
   Comes with passion,
                                      No effort at all.
        Feel so strange.
                                     Only one constant
       One Remains
                               No need to be said.

        Happy for the present,
                                              How does sadness creep?
           It does because of others
                                          actions, words
                                                           ­         entice emotion
                   Cause and Effect
        When one is Happy
                                        does not mean that all will follow.
                         Little Things Matter.
Focus on abstract,
                                Larger required.
How is it known happiness will carry?
                                   because that Joy different.
It will carry on,
                          felt within,
So Find It,
                   Do It,
                              Be 'It'.

**July 23, 2013
Jul 2013 · 353
For a Friend
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
I Both Fear for you and Admire you.
                   Where the fear comes from
                               Not Known
Maybe Compassion,
                                  Human Love,
                                                          W­** cares.
                                                          ­   It's there.
You are strong,
                      ­                  brilliant,
                                    ­                  And know it.
Only use it to twisted advantage.
                                   If that's all you want,
                                                all you require
                       Then Fine.
I'm not here to Judge,
                                    point fingers,
                                                        ­    Instruct,
Just know that you can be More.
              Achieve the Greatest.
                    Make a Change
Be the strange Disease
                                   that heals instead of kills.
I can see it there,
                            In small,
                                           Subtle ways.
Did you Know you are Beautiful?
Did you Know you are Miraculous?
                   So much there,
                                            So much potential.
                         Just Use It.

**July 23, 2013
Jul 2013 · 610
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
When you watch day turn to night
Suddenly things come to light
Because it is so obvious,
                                       Stunningly so,
The passage of time
                               Marked by the falling Sun.
The Brain starts wandering,
     Running on wild
                        Do not ignore,
                                                replace or Control
Allow Freedom,
                          Be one with your thoughts
Why so busy?
                       Why so surrounded?
             Why so scared to be alone?
Scared of the infinite,
                                   lost in thoughts
   Where will the mind wander?
           Most of all...
Scared of seeing who you Truly are,
                                   Mistakes and missed chances.
But it is all past now.
Nothing more to be done.
So learn from them.
                           LET. IT. GO.

**July 23, 2013
Jul 2013 · 380
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
Time is control.
        It controls us,
                               powers us,
Gives us reason to
Because all we have
                                 Are these Moments.
Create that Everlasting
To survive,
                   Leave a Legacy?
Something Bigger than Self.
                                                Forget It
                                                   Be It
                                                  Use It
             Leave a changing moment
                            Stay seated on the Bus.

**July 23, 2013
Jul 2013 · 679
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
Hear this heart beat faint
                                        beyond the extra mile?
All these thoughts
                              All these dreams
           Too much to reconcile?
Lost all purpose
                       No more reason to smile
Though told of greatness
               And extra brain fire
I feel no self worth
            And the reasons just pile

Had small moments of bliss
                                      Where worth just a glimmer
A fraction of time
                            Where worth,
In fact
             Did Shimmer.
It was not a focus on others
                                             Did not matter who I was
Do not like what you see
                                     Don't come back, please.

But I find myself wondering
                                            where the change did click in
Because I've felt this before
                                            A fight for no win.

Lost trust in my actions,
                                       my thoughts,
Everything lost when you just cannot see.
            That I'm a real person
                                                Who is able to be.

This time passes slowly,
                                      Especially kept so near,
Treating me special,
                                Except not different at all.

How do you expect to grow,
When never given a chance
                                  To just say No.

What was once said,
                                   now sounds so logical
I'm trying so hard
                             to not be biological.
but it feels like this path
                                      was already carved out in stone
so do not be shocked,
                                       scared or excited.
You built this path,
                                You should have known.

Try so hard,
                    to walk off this path.
Let me discover...
                          To use the lessons once taught.
One day I'll snap back
                                  Then shock is allowed
Because you won't see this coming
                                 This Strong Person
                                                          ­    This Soul
                        That I Am Becoming.

**July 15, 2013
Jul 2013 · 473
Nicole Potter Jul 2013
How do you cleanse a soul
                      That wants so much
Yet is given nothing.
                                   Cry those tears
Say those words
                                                                   Allow yourself to feel.
Well when that happens
                                 Those emotions crash like a wave
          Who know it was possible to feel like this?

Well I have,
                    my entire life
Back to square one,
                                this relentless self-worth
No one's felt back,
                              that useless desire
So why should I bother to let myself feel?
            It always ends the same
Back in this spot,
                            Weapon poised straight in hand.
Maybe this is all I'm meant to be.
            A strange person behind a name
                                             and a pen.
There is no where left to turn
                       No one left to call
So what happens now
                                     When I feel even less than before
                                     When there's nothing to look forward too
        Not anymore.
I turn my back on nothing,
                                    Just let it slide
Return if you want,
                                I can spare no more effort.
These things never have validation
                               So I wait for the first move
For someone to show
                                  that yes I'm Intriguing
                                       Though quiet.
To show me that it's possible.
                              That I'm not just a laugh riot.
But that's how this faded,
                        How time has passed
                                               but there is no real change.
Without acting upon desires,
                                                my feels,
                                                                 my concrete thoughts.
I let others influence
                          Allow their words to sink in
Sometimes this is good.
                                      But when you know what you want
Just go for it.
                     There will be no regret,
Because at least you tried.
             Right now I see no reason to try try, try.
I'll wait a little longer
                        Until this knot in my throat
Finds somewhere else to hide.

**July 15, 2013
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