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  Sep 2019 Nicole Castaldini
and even deeper
is a light
planted like an
anchor that
never goes out

You do not
need to be
in doubt about this

Don't hurt
Yourself, Love
It is
  Sep 2019 Nicole Castaldini
I'll keep remembering you,
even when this love gets ill.
I'll keep holding you,
when no one else will.

When the stars continually shine upon us,
these eyes will only look at you still.
I will keep this trust,
when no one else will.

I'll keep longing and waiting,
even if I become numb and couldn't feel.
For you, I will keep on seeking,
when no one else will.

So this I ask for you,
let's keep this true and real.
I'll keep loving you,
when no one else will.
Tonight is a night when the sky is
                   midnight blue velvet,

                   a night when the city on the
                   hill turns to Christmas

Tonight is a night when laughter and
                                 mirth flow freely,

                                 when camaraderie
                                 pillows in the air.

Tonight is a night when friendship
                                            warms the

                                           good company
                                           fills the heart,

                                           and you wish it
                                           wouldn't end.
Inspired by an evening hanging out with friends I haven't see in a while.
Today I feel old,
As if the sun has risen on my soul
More than enough times that I've closed my eyes
And wished so dearly I could turn back time.

Tomorrow I'll feel younger,
As if every book I've read and every page I've turned
Had been explored for the first time by my glassy eyes
And I'll be filled with wonder as I feel the new wet soil under my feet.
I write poetry in my sleep, apparently.
Water lilies, libidinous lover boys, on the sly
circles her naked body, impertinently
while she unaware of this, swim and play
in her water-crazy, noisy country girl self
in this enclosure of ***** pines wildly in bloom,
She's happy for being shielded from prying looks
of rowdy village boys, adept in disrobing her with their eyes
Enamored, the lilies, white, blue and purple
inebriated all, by drinking the nubile beauty
limitless all along,under the  level of water
and above, breached all the reserves,
ahamelessly sevoured her saucy proximity
til she left when the dusk, shed saffron all over.
        Yet in her innocence she would think,
"Poor darlings,how much did they suffer, as I
splashed and broke the calm of the pond all evening"

— The End —