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Michael L
New York City, USA    Words hold in them a special power. Even one word can change the direction of your life! "What if" one of my words could stop ...
Anonymous Freak
22/F/USA    “When a flower grows wild It can always survive, Wild flowers don’t care where they grow.” -Dolly Parton ...Poetfreak is my original home. For more ...
Emily B
45/F/Kentucky    My soul needs poetry. I have been published a time or two. Most notably an anthology from Old Seventy Creek Press titled "Dalliance." I started ...
Life’s too short To drink bad wine Living’s, too sweet To suck on lime Existence too diverse To cry and whine Creation too wonderful Most ...
beth fwoah dream stclair
England    i love writing. i try to let my subconscious write the poems for me. year of birth 1969. you can purchase my book at barnes ...
Camp Johnson Crossing NW    “Violins are for sissies” she said “I play violin” I answered “I like sissies” she replied
sainche micano
alone    living in the safety of adaptation..
Vamika Sinha
Botswana    I like to write and make music.
•Living between two worlds
F/Washington    I write what I feel and what comes to mind, not the best but it is something.
Rae Harrison
Michigan    You deserve the world, I just want to be part of it. All poems are original & belong to me.
United States    I'm more violinist than poet. I marathon comedies on Netflix, instrumentals on my I-pod, and bad poetry on my wall. I like music, and awful ...
Taylor Hill
georgia    When there's something to be said aloud, i'll probably be turning it into some type of poetry.
M Crux Alexander
PDX, OR    I use poetry as an outlet for my rough childhood and to help deal with the pain of those dark experiences. A lot of my ...
California    My poems say enough about me
F/india    I am a girl who loves to be in the world of dream who doesn't covers her face with lots of cream who doesn't want ...
Chandler Kircher
Cincinnati    just trying to survive in this cruel world and I use poetry to release my irrelevant opinions and feelings.
Arlo Disarray
In your imagination    I'm not here to save the world, or destroy it. Simply, just to live in it.
Kinsey Jordyn
Indiana    I fall apart but I'm alive. I, Kinsey Jordyn ©, own all copyrights to my poems. If you would like to use them, please ask ...
Alexis Marie
Atlanta    “Make the most of yourself....for that is all there is of you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Philippines    A dauntless dreamer and a thr;v;ng surv;vor. Everything you see here is just a mere product of my loneliness and nostalgia. All are mine and ...
Daisy May
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