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I've got so many dreams in my mind they're getting forced out of my ears
and I've got such a cloudy mind that I've been told it's said to be a burden.
but up here,
The sky is just so near,
the air smells so clear,
the stars hide in the back of my mind.
The earth lies below reflected in sparkling silver lining.
quiet goodbyes, white lies and too many signs
constantly drowning in golden moonlight.
it's the fact I'm floating above it all, scaling the mountaintops,
constantly grasping onto tree branches with my numb fingertips and I've got icy cold wind running through my wings and they're frozen but it's comforting.
there's a shocking chill the runs down your spine the reminds you what it's like to still alive.
it runs through your mind, your eyes, your veins.
maybe it'll make you realize you've been blind the entire time.
so just for a split second you squeeze your eyes and in a flash of light you see.
I've spent my lifetime being found and maybe once, maybe just once I'd like to get lost.

one day I'll stand tall and hold the world in my hands,  
have the ocean water seep into the cracks in my sore palms and all at once I'll know every story of every heart and head and hero that wants they're story told.
and I've learnt that either the whole world will either open itself up  or eat me whole
in different shades of white black and pale indigo,
as of now I can't tell which, maybe both.
but time will always surely tell.
The disappointment that exceeds
the limit of the human.
The lies that ponders their empty minds.
The lies to hurt.
Depressed, heartbroken, sorrowful
and cheerless that reshapes my
true and utter emotion.
Hiding my true feeling like an
exploding bomb in my body
waiting for the right time to finally blow.
Feeling like nothing but air, nonexistent
but always and forever there.

The fence post that is always second choice,
not good or interesting enough for the shiny
and new. The ignorance of their personality
is relentless. The similarity is clever although
it will soon diminish and disperse like fireflies.
Sooner or later their fate will take a turn. Without
a care, without sight. Just like that it will blow away like
dust. The enforcement to make them look good.
The insecurity that troubles there beautiful and
perfect minds is pathetic and
funny but the best will never change
without some
beauty within.
#deep #teenproblems #love #poetry

— The End —