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Feb 12 · 93
The new world.
Nick Moore Feb 12
The tide comes in every day
Taking all the sandcastles away.

A different tide is on the way
Bringing a brand new day.

We shall see through all the lies
Look you're sisters and brothers in the eye.

No words needed
Truth is spoken.
Nov 2020 · 230
The great devide .
Nick Moore Nov 2020
In there eyes, see the fears
facemask wrapped around the ears.

On their own, in the car
common sense removed so far.

So I'm spreading it far and wide
my face I do not hide.

Stay safe, for good health
Get to know thy self.

Stay at home
home is within,
Cannot go very far
wherever you go
there you are.
Oct 2020 · 103
The Illusion of safety
Nick Moore Oct 2020
The old world is crumbling,
fear not I
always gave me comfort
to look into the sky.

Many fear the chaos,
give freedom away,
believe whatever
the media say.

Remember that tower?
there is higher power,
God has struck the hour.
Nov 2019 · 292
Oh what a pantomime.
Nick Moore Nov 2019
Behind you,
behind you

The frustration!

Every time,
he looks around,
he doesn't see or hear a sound.

Reality knocks, the penny drops.

Or, are we all still shouting
behind you,
behind you?
Apr 2019 · 193
Pop up poem
Nick Moore Apr 2019
Open up the word book,
What do you see?
Poem’s of the mind in 3d

A stream of consciousness on every page,
It’s your mind I wish to engage.

So put on your imaginary glasses, and have another look,
What stands up inside the poet’s book.
Jan 2019 · 186
The things I left behind
Nick Moore Jan 2019
As the sediment of memory
settles on the river bed of the mind,
only a little is remembered of what gets left behind.

How I'd like to drill a core sample without getting clinical,
slice up that cylindrical.

Re-examine, re-discover the things I left behind.
Dec 2018 · 191
Dream Light
Nick Moore Dec 2018
One night it did occur,
Magic carpet's are real and true.

My mattress where I lay in slumber,
My dreams, my magic carpet ride.

While riding one night a thought did arise,
Dreams feature sunshine and light.

Dream light, I could not help theorize
upon a leaf would it
Last one this year, have a good one poetry readers.
Nov 2018 · 537
Nick Moore Nov 2018
Thank you for all you gave,
I feel like I've been saved

The university of life
was worth the pain and strife

Every hard lesson
Now met with forgiveness

Even death now a friend
More to come? Or the end?
Aug 2018 · 794
Nick Moore Aug 2018
There are certain things
to which I will always be
sat upon the fence

My favourite sunset
my favourite poem
springs to mind
as my de-fence
First one in a while, hope there are more to come.
Jan 2018 · 239
Unsocial Network.
Nick Moore Jan 2018
Low or high
your time is in short supply

Staring at screens
destroys dreams  

It's not all bad
reconnected with old friends
it's mad

But get it in perspective,
when out with friends
be with them,
real life collective.
Dec 2017 · 330
Nick Moore Dec 2017
First there was a lock
now you have the key,

The chains holding you down
finally set you free,

Open the door
step into the light
all that bad stuff
dissolves into the night.
Oct 2017 · 471
Nick Moore Oct 2017
Seeing shapes in the clouds
on this exquisite day,
look a horse frolicking in the hay

Now look! A witch
and that little one's starting to look like a cat,
even the top of her head looks like a pointed hat

Some say there's a connection
between mind and cloud,
unconscious patterns
externally stand proud

And on a day like today
it's hard not to believe
it's true.
Oct 2017 · 218
Nick Moore Oct 2017
Jumping for the
highest reach,
to a place never ventured.

A grain of salt appeared
centre of my palm,
it was all I needed
and calm  

On arising, curiosity
got the best of me,
take it with
a grain of salt,
instant clarity.
Nick Moore Oct 2017
The world is like a beehive
don't get to close
no dancing and no jive.

Feel the earth with those feet
gentle and calm
might get something sweet.

Now if you start prodding
paying no respect,
Those bees will take to the wing
You'r going to get a sting.
Sep 2017 · 371
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Mind is whirling
Just won't stop
What's taken a whip to this top?

Thoughts splatter to the sides,
Some good,
Some try to hide.

Something's coming
But when will it arrive?

Are we the dead
or are we alive?
Sep 2017 · 331
Dolphin's Tale.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Angels and a dolphin's tale,

From the heavens to the
bottom of the seas,

To the inner space
inside you and me,

A wonderful feeling
you'r presence cannot
be denied.
Sep 2017 · 1.9k
Nick Moore Sep 2017
for far to long,

had ears
for the same song,

weren't sure
what was right,
but we knew what was wrong,

Good to know a place
to belong.
Sep 2017 · 274
Ocean of rapture.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
There's a much bigger picture
than we can see,

Tiny glimpses escape through the cracks
inspiring you and me,

One day we will bathe in an ocean of rapture because I've seen your face.
Sep 2017 · 246
At the right moment
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Dancing alone,
music takes me over,
no distractions,

At the right moment,
everything's transgressed,
time is someone else's concept.
Sep 2017 · 5.8k
Nick Moore Sep 2017
I love
that you

The things
that you

Even if I don't

Could you do the same for me?

If yes

What great lovers
Sep 2017 · 312
Akashic records
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Every thought,
every action,
every word said,

Not just in your head.

How will you rate,
the movie of your life?
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Hidden and seen

Forgotten and remembered

Lucid thought, full stop fact

Time makes a fact
not a fact

Bearer of the branch
make dams for the lame.
Jul 2017 · 257
Nick Moore Jul 2017
If I could borrow your sorrow for a day.
Jul 2017 · 182
Nick Moore Jul 2017
Beauty is a fleeting moment
and then it's gone,

Let it go


be patient


She'll come back again.
Jun 2017 · 250
Nick Moore Jun 2017
The sweetest pill
with a bitter coating

Get through the hard part
then you'r floating.
May 2017 · 215
Nick Moore May 2017
Why would you do that?

Why would you do that
at all?

One day you'll feel
the lions maul

Well being
good health

Do unto others
what you would
May 2017 · 195
Not sure why
Nick Moore May 2017
Stuck my head
through the hole to the other side

The mind takes a dazzling ride

Hold on to the golden memory

like a dream now forgotten.
Apr 2017 · 264
Sun Worship.
Nick Moore Apr 2017
The flowers are in bliss
it's the photosynthesis

Cosmic flees, those Neutrinos

See with UV, the deepest hole
creation of coal.
Aug 2016 · 819
Jacobite's song
Nick Moore Aug 2016
What is that flower I see?
While walking
Culloden pavilions

Sweet William
Sweet William
Sweet William

It may only be a flower
but it's story has power

to me
I see

Stinking Billy
Stinking Billy
Stinking Billy.
Apr 2016 · 1.6k
Nick Moore Apr 2016
Brown conker shine
bluebell chime

Yellow dandelion

Feel the flame
of the snapdragon,
the brightness of
Apr 2016 · 330
Nick Moore Apr 2016
Can I have something
I haven't had so far?


Something no living being

Most fear it's name,
I call it's tune
Mar 2016 · 331
In a dark place.
Nick Moore Mar 2016
If you want to know about
the great celestial show?

If you want to know why
Elvis got "All shook up"

All you have to do is
look up

If you don't see it,
be in the know,
the orang glow,
stops the greatest

Stars are the cracks
where the light
gets through.
Mar 2016 · 607
Sprucing up Bruce.
Nick Moore Mar 2016
My friend called Bruce
had a beard
long and loose

If you looked closely
food there hiding

It didn't bother him,
he was kind and giving,
until a mouse was found there

What can I do about this tenant
I have acquired?
this beard I have grown
must be fired

But first find a new house
for my guest

So I looked closely
into the beard
to find, a small family
had been reared!

With some scissors
Bruce gave a grin,
As I removed the beard
from his chin............... and so the beard got sheared

Outside within a hedge
was an old birds

The beard slotted in
and the family

I had a small doubt,
when five heads
popped out!

Returning to Bruce,
what was left of his beard
got sluiced

As sharp as a lazar
I used my cut-throat razor

So ends the story of
how I came to
spruce up Bruce.
Mar 2016 · 369
Better In The Old Days?
Nick Moore Mar 2016
Always room for improvement
no such thing as utopia
within the darkness there is light
don't fall for their phobia

What doesn't **** you
makes you stronger
the path ahead
Feb 2016 · 388
The lesser walked Path.
Nick Moore Feb 2016
Have you ever been so bold
as not doing as you'r told?

To behold you'r own day
in an a-maze-ing way.
Nick Moore Oct 2015
My world has been turned on it's head
because of the words you said
Jul 2015 · 431
Nick Moore Jul 2015
infinite space,

infinite time,

every atom,

I'm borrowing a small part
of you,
just for a little
Jul 2015 · 325
Soul's light bends
Nick Moore Jul 2015
One day to the next

some not so good
some are the best
some even feel like a test

one day it transcends,
out of the coil
the souls light bends

Do we know
what's going on?

not me
I haven't a clue

so many idea's
what I believe

one day to the next.
Jul 2015 · 836
Waking thoughts
Nick Moore Jul 2015
There's guardians at the edge of
waking sleep

Withholding information
as dawn doth creep

I don't know what
they are withholding?
but it must be mighty
Jul 2015 · 328
The origins of hurt.
Nick Moore Jul 2015
Not being believed
(Why would I deceive?)

You had a thought pattern
that could't be re-arranged

What can a child do
to turn the next page?

Now see a child
There's a connection
invisible ties.
Jun 2015 · 315
Just a theory
Nick Moore Jun 2015
String, a thing
a song from the past it sing

What joy it could bring


there was

December shot

so mean!
We lost
# 9 Dream.
Apr 2015 · 1.0k
Unwanted Moment.
Nick Moore Apr 2015
unwanted moment
looming ahead

must be said

Holding you now
a part of me dead

has been said.
For Megan x
Mar 2015 · 490
Nick Moore Mar 2015
Into the mirror we gaze
Staring into the endless maze
That are the windows
To the soul
Outer space
Two black holes

Jump over the fence
Into the place where
Logic makes no sense.
Feb 2015 · 1.0k
Nick Moore Feb 2015
Stingray of light
That fish is
Out of sight.
Dec 2014 · 629
Societies Handy Tool
Nick Moore Dec 2014
Everyone is someone’s fool
Societies handy tool

It’s such a shame
Divide and conquer
That same old game

If only you could see?
Isn't much difference
Between you and me

Together that’s something new
Together that’s me
And that’s you.
Dec 2014 · 394
A problem shared
Nick Moore Dec 2014
You can tell me anything
imagine your mouth
to my ear
you don't believe it?
I can hear!

You can tell me anything

From the darkest of dark
to the lightest of light

I will not tell
be certain of this
I will not tell........ unless

If we should meet
remind me of what was said?

I will pretend not to know
what you are talking about.....
Dec 2014 · 494
Nick Moore Dec 2014
To abstain is divine
From the cow
To the swine

No ****** hands
Let them be............

Despite what you said
I still love the red
The flesh to engorge
Sweat through
The pores...............

You are free to do as you will
Nature will swallow
The bitter pill.
Oct 2014 · 331
Nick Moore Oct 2014
You don't have to be what you are
The hurt can go
Leaving a beautiful scar
Oct 2014 · 745
The Sea Of Ideas
Nick Moore Oct 2014
Knowing that
There's nothing

Fertile ground
For seeds to

Adding different
Shade to the
Paint ***

Changes the colour
Quite a lot

Sensing the senses
What they perceive
Is the world
We believe

Once there was nothing
Then there was something
Thoughts create
Aug 2014 · 326
When Uninspired
Nick Moore Aug 2014
Does a poem
Have to rhyme?

Not if it's
One of mine

One day I might
Write one
Given time.
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