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Nikki Oct 2015
I hate that almost half
Half of all marriages
end in divorce
Divorce that leaves
at least one of the two
in complete shambles
begging for help
on the bathroom floor

I hate that 70%,
More than half
of all men, admit
to cheating on their lady
the lady they once
loved so deeply
left to wonder,
Am I not enough?

I hate that 4 million
ladies experience bruises
on their beautiful bodies
from their so-called lovers
Leaving the girl, broken
And scarred for life

I hate, that I'm
No, terrified
Of these possibilities

But most of all,
I hate
Absolutely loathe
That I don't hate you
In fact,
It's the complete opposite
Nikki Sep 2015
She, blank-stared, eyes
The color of the forest
And filled with joy

Or none, her hands
Tight around his heart
She warns, don't say it

Sometimes he caves,
He gives into her carnal desires
And let's another night pass
Without saying how he feels

Sometimes he breaks,
Tells her that she makes
His heart beat like a drum
And he feels her everywhere
A burning passion

She, blank-stared, only listens
But she wishes she could
Let the words escape her mouth
"You mean everything to me"
Nikki Sep 2015
Nightmares creeping in my head
Revealing memories of the past
And all I see is your snarling lips
Your slimy hands on my body and hips
You say "I love you"
But this was not love
All you did was take and take
Until you shattered my soul
Like the drop of a glass on a hard floor
Love does not bestow misery
And threats with dark marks
Love..wouldn't have taken the
Unborn life I could've had
Nightmares creeping in
And there's nothing I can do
Nothing stops them
Nothing stopped you
Nikki Sep 2015
It's two in the morning
And something jolts you awake
It's death in a black cloak
He's sitting beside your bed
A sickening grin upon his face
He's going to take your soul
Before the sun even spills
It's golden rays upon the plains
Death senses your sorrow
And his chest rumbles
With doom-laden laughter
"You lived with no zeal
And you'll die with regrets
So many regrets"
And as orange hues
Lit the early morning sky
All that's left is
A hollow body in a bed

— The End —