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Nica A 3d
Something you should know about a lioness in a zoo
Kept hostage even though it's well taken care of
Held within its will,
yet no desire to leave

Without an idea,
she lives in a small piece of land;
isolated from its habitat

The lioness is unaware, the lioness is confused.
She does not know that her doing is anything but wrong;
she is simply not in the right place


She grew and learned strength in a wrong place...
                                                        ­                             ...she calls home.
the irony of the lioness
Nica A 3d
Toast to the guinea pigs
for extinguishing my fear of being alone

Toast to the moon
for being the substitute of street lamps

Toast to the car parked on the driveway
for indicating the presence of my family

Toast to the guitars
for remembering the way they tune

Toast to the fridge in the kitchen
for keeping our food fresh

Toast to the walls of the house
for absorbing the noises I rather not hear

Toast to the paintings
for reminding me of what I’m artistically capable of

Toast to the bed in the room
for keeping my body comfortable at night

Toast to the lights
for providing my room personality

Toast to the tapestries hanging on the ceiling
for maintaining my privacy

Toast to the dreamcatchers
for giving me hope of a good night's dream

Toast to the pictures on the wall
for reminding me of who I am with people I love
Inspired by Clint Smith's poem of Shout Out.
Nica A Oct 4
... so many times.
so many opportunities, i let pass.
i say, i learned from my past,
but falling down the same hole,
do i ever learn, or do i just fail the same test?
i try. i try but why
do i... rush and develop an attraction
for another girl that i call my crush.
One, two, three people from my past, oh boy did it last?
no. but little by little did it break me.
so now i say i'm done until you came in.
afraid to face the truth
or maybe i'm just a fool.
Nica A Oct 4
a guest inside a head,
welcomed a stranger to bring it danger
a reflection easily spotted
revealed not only a heart that's haunted
a soul trapped inside the head
would love to stay, laying in bed
buried underneath the earth
trapped and summoned the dead,
to come back
among problems did it lack
the antidote to cure,
no signs of how much it had endured
soul felt trapped, heart was under attack
Give it a map, it'll soar and come back
hopeless not quite
Give it business, give it work
happy sun
begins to rot
Limited freedom hinders its growth
give it space, give it time
lonely moon
drowns in an overwhelming typhoon.
Nica A May 13
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TIME - the time we have right now is flying too fast that I want to have more of it and enjoy the present. But I am forced to-“drive in the fast lane”-grow up.

MAINSTREAM - all the events and situations (stress in life & school) thrown at me at the same time.

TAKE WHAT YOU'RE GIVEN - roll with life and let it happen/unfold because when the moment comes, you'll know what to do; trust it, trust yourself.

PAINT IT WITH A CRAYON - reference to childhood when everything was simple. We take what we’re given and make something out of it – something of our own

LAUGH AT ITS FACE - we didn’t believe our demons and claim them wrong about us.

WON'T LET IT CHASE ME AWAY, I'D FIGHT - I won't let my fears and life swallow me up. I'll face my problems instead of running away from it.

WON'T LET IT STAY, I'D DIE - I won’t dwell on it or else I’d be in ruins

DEAR ME COME HOME - come back to when I felt like myself and we’d "laugh it off" because we made it and looking back to it you realize how everything worked out the way it did.

“No matter what you’re going through
I'd always be right here for you
dreaming and thinking of what you will do...
but let's come back home”

meaning: the voice in me in every step of life talking. But later says, before I get into thinking about life or when it comes to decisions, to make sure I'm back to feeling like myself again (my actions not based on current emotion – doing something out of pain, anger... etc.)
Nica A May 13
time is running... too quickly,
gotta drive in... the fast lane.
can it slow down, can we freeze time somehow
teardrops pouring... down while i drown in the mainstream can we slow it down somehow, im tryna catch my breath now.

wake up in the morning and face my inner demons
we’ll call it a day when i storm them away
just take what you’re given and paint it with a crayon
let’s go back to the days when we laugh at its face.

won’t let it chase me away, i’d fight,
won’t let it stay, or else i’d die
dear me come home, let’s laugh it off till we cry.

love’s in the air... i fell out
im cruisin’ my way back... to myself
ill find it somehow, gotta work on it right now
friends are moving... outta the state
im leaving in a year...
ill be outta here, ill miss this place but i hear, I'll...

wake up in the morning and face my inner demons
we’ll call it a day when i storm them away
just take what you’re given and paint it with a crayon
let’s go back to the days when we laugh at its face.

No matter what your going through
id always be right here for you
dreaming and thinking of what you will do
but let’s come back home, come back homeee.
My new composed song:
Nica A Aug 2018
hope your good at clues.
'cause whenever i see you,
my action tries to scream the news.
if only... it was that simple.
I then, would be brave and
nothing would hold me down.
but my feet, they're buried as if they're stuck on the ground.
so many times, i thought about
my lips meeting yours.
or if you're lips wanted to meet mine.
for the first time, i wanted you to try.
But at the same time, what if i face rejection,
only then will my heart, feel my past and cry.
This last year, i was marked with fear.
I hope you understand.
i want to hold your hand,
and if i do, there's no need to feel any shame.
if i tell you though, would you think of me the same?
with you, i can't make the first move.
i'm not like the others, i got respect
i don't like to invade.
i'm not sure how'd you feel and that's why i'm afraid.
since now you know,
i'll leave that up to you,
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