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nianko Nov 2019
webs forming, nimble limbs
under the strain of convention,
there is a reaction that weighs the air
around us down.

and as hearts between again, practice
is forgotten and doesn't it always feel
like the first time?

again, we swear that we've never
felt quite like this before.
nianko Oct 2019
i find the beating nerve on my chest,
soothe it with words of indifference -

do not get attached to what is not yours;
do not hang your hopes upon the mantel of his presence.

i repeat them often; my mantra.
always unsure, as i call, jawbone queasy, if it is self-love or self-doubt that drives my anxious heart
nianko Jun 2019
it was not the ****** that woke my conscience
but the way you kissed the soft side of my thighs
that gave rise to a smile in the dim light of summer
nianko Jun 2019
i suffer through a lens
as i make my grief acceptable
and lets the pieces fall in pretty patterns
nianko Jun 2019
i carry the burden of my hatred close
to the memories of my love.

i carry the cruel words said in careless tones
how you never apologize for anything you've done.

i carry the weight of words from others
to whom i have never asked anything of, not once
for their words are never to help, only to tear something out.

you are so viciously wrapped in your own vitriol
that it spills out, and you hold my hands and say
'why are you never enough?'
nianko Jun 2019
i hold on to my words and i weigh them
on the scales of your design, i must measure
every sentiment least it be toss out
at the altar of your discontent.

and every cruel word is remembered
and i hate that a little love is chipped away every time.
nianko Jun 2019
you drag your feet through the desert
and tell me i've left too much sand on the carpet.

how long must you bleed before you drown in hatred?
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