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Niamh Collins Dec 2016
i thought about you again last night
it was strange, it was surprisingly nice
i thought of all the things you'd said to me
every sentence, every simply-constructed compliment
everything came gushing at once
but this time was different
i didn't feel like i was drowning in the worrying waves of doubt and denial

but yet
that i was gently afloat above it all
calm centimeters away from chaos
Niamh Collins Dec 2016
i recite the weirdly, wonderfully woven words you say to them to myself when no one is around
i leave little leads of tangents around different rooms like crumbs for someone to follow me
you are the only one whose thoughts i subconsciously hear when i need to hear something most
when i am bound by solitude and my romantic ode to it

you are the one that wakes me up
Niamh Collins Dec 2016
we were a museum full of art
but you had your eyes closed
your name felt silky and sweet on the tip of my tongue

when you lay in bed at night
did the sound of my voice ring through your head until you fell asleep
or was it just me?

there we stood
in the few seconds between calm and chaos
you looked at me like I was the only thing you wanted to see
you said the words I longed to hear
i didn’t hear what you said
but yet
you were still in front of me.
Niamh Collins Jul 2016
it was that time in the evening where the sun disappears from the water colour sky
and all that's left is pale blue tint
i hope somewhere you are looking at this sky
and thinking what i'm thinking

— The End —