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nia fox Jan 2015
for you are my sunshine
and all my rain
for you are my bruises
for you are my pain
for you are my laughter
and all my wishes
for you are my pride
and also fictitious
even though I know you'll never be
you've always meant
so much more to me
this world is hateful
though you are so kind
I don't care what they say
soon you'll be mine
nia fox Aug 2013
A vision that comes out only at night
To trick you into thinking that they're real
Mesmerizing you with your greatest desires
But deep down inside, you know you'll never have
They're deceitful and corrupted
And when you wake up to reality
Disappointment lies right before your eyes
But then one day, reality doesn't seem so bad
Once those wondrous visions become night terrors
They make you go completely insane
Until you ask yourself one day, "Were you ever really sane at all?"
Evil and darkness, compared to candy and rainbows
People filled with joy and happiness
Look down upon you
Laughing haughtily and smirking,
Telling you to Dream Out Loud!
It doesn't seem fair now, does it?
You're scared of what you'll see once you close those beautiful blue eyes of yours
You don't look forward to sleep, terrified of what you've previously seen
But, hey
Don't forget, always remember
To dream
nia fox Jan 2015
the water fills her lungs
her lips are now blue
her life is slowly coming to an end
the white lights are coming into view
it's hard to hold on
though hard to let go
when the angel will kiss you
soon you will know
tell me if this is real
tell me if this fake
I knew this day would come
surely this was no mistake
never knew my skin could be so pale
never knew a heart could stop
never thought I'd stop breathing
never thought I'd see my carcass from atop
all life must come to an end
nothing lasts forever
this is now, that was then
who knew death could be so clever?
nia fox Jan 2015
strike the match
watch the flame
ignite the fire
with propane
gather your friends
see it glow
bag the body
name? unknown
bones to ashes
blazing, roaring
sirens blaring
there was no warning
ruins, dirt, debris
the evidence, unhidden
you better run and hide
though the guilt will ridden
the cameras will shudder
the people will judge
the police will interrogate
but you mustn't answer, you mustn't budge
because in the end
you know what you've done
you struck the match
you murdered someone
nia fox Dec 2013
It's not our fault that we don't make good choices
It's not our fault that we hate each other
It's not our that we get angry for no reason
It's not our fault that we are never happy
It's not our fault that we say things we weren't supposed to say
It's not our fault that we make many mistakes
It's just human nature
nia fox Jan 2015
you know that you're gone
you know that you're dead
you know who they are
you know how you've bled
but the sun will still shine
the rain will still pour
the people will smile
and the people will mourn
the flowers will bloom
the couple will kiss
the breeze will blow
the careless will remiss
the bees will buzz
the birds will still sing
the scientists will still discover
and heartbreak will still sting
you know that you're gone
you know that you're dead
that's just how life is
may your legacy spread
nia fox Jan 2015
she looks in the mirror
trails a finger down her skin
doesn't feel her bones
ashamed of the skin that she's in
she takes a bite of the bread
succumbing to the devil
but she pours the ipecac down her throat
Mia and Ana, rolling in their revel
crying into her pillow
because she's so fat
everyone else is prettier
she's not even worth looking at
stops eating for a month
not satisfied with her body
death's knocking on her door
but hey, she's no longer stocky!
boys have been staring her down
lust filling their eyes
it's sad to see that no one else sees
this detrimental disguise
the blood trickles down her forearm
who could be more proud?
but inside she's screaming for help
screaming for help, real loud
she never got a chance to say goodbye
what a bitter taste
but she got what she wanted
and all she wanted was a dainty waist
nia fox Jan 2015
she cried for help
stood in the pouring rain
sighed and looked away
hid her face
bit her lip
frustrated, not knowing the answer
always waiting for someone to save her
she brought the blankets up to her face
but no amount of warmth from an inanimate object
could cure the loneliness she felt inside
she was broken
he called her name
held his hand out
lifted her soft chin with his finger
caressing her cheek, looking into her sad and empty eyes
trying to love her like nobody else could
but the inner turmoil that destroyed her every night
couldn't be repaired
he tried to help her
but all she wanted to do was run and hide
when she brought the gun to her lips
and pulled the trigger
he wept and wept and wept
and cried himself to sleep
until he finally realized what she wanted all along
he placed dozens of capsules onto his tongue
drinking them down
the poison tasting so heavenly
when he saw her familiar dark mane
nothing mattered anymore
just the two of them in their own world
together for eternity
all that they ever needed
nia fox Jan 2015
I hurt myself
once again
I brought the blade across
my skin
I never wanted anything from you
you'd paint me purple, I'd paint you blue
I wanted your heart
you wanted mine too
but you shattered me, and all that was left
were the broken pieces, one big mess
you destroyed me, I destroyed you
everything we had, a candle
that has long been blown
everything we had
no longer ours to own
what I did to you
what you did to me
I scream at night
because of what we could never be
nia fox Jan 2014
as you try and try and keep on trying
to find out how much my heart
is dedicated to you
you, my dear, begin to get frustrated because you just don't know
you just don't know how much I ache when I'm away from you
you just don't know how broken my heart is
when you are hurt
you just don't know how much I yearn for your hugs and kisses and for you to
hold my hand
you don't know what I'd sacrifice
to just know that you're okay
you don't know that I'd go to the ends of the earth
just to hear your voice
you just don't know how much I love you
and you most certainly never will

— The End —