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Lara Volkova Feb 9
I'm guilty but not unclean, he's everywhere I go
Putting me on display
He wants me crawling from the inside
He wants me with a feral drive
I'm not all white

Sundays are for mourning
They're the stain of the week

He's a labyrinthine fix, he's everywhere I want to be
Mortifying me again
He's got a grip on my being purely obscene
All with a feral drive
I'm not all white

Sundays are for mourning
They're the stain of the week
Lara Volkova Feb 7
Si me abres la jaula te lameré la mano
Sigues lastimándome y sigo gateando hacia ti
Lara Volkova Feb 5
Where you are going nothing can hurt you, the light will welcome your aches
I speak the language of the stars and they say your wounds have closed long ago
That your worries will be shoved in a box to be burned when you’re ready to let go.
They’ll align in sevens in a heavenly arrangement only your eyes can see
With your soul cleansed in liquified star dust, finally reaching your highest form of being.

If you allow silence between the spaces
They’ll tell your story to the universe with every detail you’ve buried for all these years
And to the tune of your voice will it expand in peace, shifting the axes of spheres.
The skies will finally gleam in shimmering gold, the color of your eyes
Where I’ll be watching all the way from the rejuvenated earth as the galaxies and your animation harmonize
For Patrick J O’Hara
Lara Volkova Jan 27
Nail me to your headboard
and tell me I disgust you
Nail me to your headboard
and nail me right there
Lara Volkova Jan 8
Duele pisar la tierra
Estoy encadenada
Lara Volkova Jan 3
If my tongue allows it I hope it isn't too late
I'm known for stopping before it escalates
Gestures in tender intent get me in trouble
I'll never know why so I'll continue to struggle

I'm running through the alleys chasing the thrill
'cause it's what I do best and what I do the worst
You'd think I'd learn my lesson well after all this time
But these ropes dig so deep they remind me why I never reach my prime

I'm doing everything unrehearsed
Wrote about a year ago with no real purpose with a different introduction. It makes sense now
Lara Volkova Nov 2019
They all want one woman and their girlfriends know it too
We're all just a little jealous
and she's quite the temptress
The same woman your girlfriend wants to pursue
The one we all want to befriend
and she looks divine from every bend

Should she make you feel anew
Turn your eyes a brighter hue
Spin your wheel a different way
Ignite a fire for some foreplay
She achieves this on her own without a master plan
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