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Should you stay and follow the ones that hold you
In a rambling verse of delicate lies
Not visit grieving spirits with tears overdue
Just to see an approving glance
In a stranger’s eyes

Will you hold on the tip of your tongue the words
Rising from the dew of care
To follow an illusion so incredibly absurd
Tomorrow you will not even recall
Why you were there

Can you measure your waters by the glow within
Or know what your future holds
If you dance with one whose aim is to win
Regardless of pain and despair
Within his control
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
All the flowers whisper in my ear, will you go with us
Give your heart and search for hope
Inside a crystal looking-glass
Scattering your blessings
As you cope

I kneel by the fountains of the world’s perfume
Where ancient wisdom is displayed to me
While celestial bodies above me loom
Gazing down at the flowers
Whispering free

Unconsciously, I follow the flowers to seek
The vapors of hope in the glass
Scattering blessings meek
In fragrant fountains
Belonging to us

The guardians of my hands watch over me now
From the shining stars of nature’s skies
Casting a vision which endows
A golden crown of glory
Above mine eyes
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Those breathings of the softest hours turn
On golden leaves that fall away
Your kisses upon my neck will still burn
When heaven’s stars meet
The light of day

Half-awake, I still stand a breath apart
Remembering a budding flower
Lovely angel wings flutter in my heart
Recalling those sweet
Love filled hours

Among the things moving the waves along
Are my tender visions of your hands
A gentle grace with moves so strong
My ebb and flow
At your command

A dove’s wings sweep across this flaming blush
Spreading like the rising sun
Upon a chest of happiness a burst of rush
Softly hints of an eternity
Of two becoming one
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I once desired to open my eyes not live in fear to see the truth
To hold the warmth of the wine of all mankind
Yet I found I could not see beautiful moments anymore
Or smell the sweetest scent upon the hills
No shining days of peaceful silence
Could I ever find

A cold rain lurked unseen as I sought to be enlightened
In all my dreams I could no longer believe
I found myself struggling against harsh winds
While drying the tears of crying clouds
Caught up in fear and suspicion
With no relief

I felt warmth with my eyes closed from the truth
Started filling pages with the beauty I beheld
So that when the world read the lines, I had created
They would no longer feel the cold rains
Sheltered in the peaceful silence
My pen revealed

Here with my hand I painted a beautiful world of illusion
Where humankind could walk without pain or misery
But there I found that to live without truly seeing
Is to dwell alone in a solitude misplaced
Within a world that does not exist
Outside of me
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
In all of the directions of what you want to tell me
Comes anything that looks better in motion
Although I am torn by the reasons
I try hard to project
Fact is, there are moments I yield to emotion

I can relax out of earshot of any kind of danger
That does not scatter or burn anyone else
Yet I am not meaning to remember
Why all the hours acknowledge
What I don’t know, ‘cause I won’t tell myself

Acceptance, my sweetheart is a difficult thought
Believe me; I know what has to be done
While held under the watchful eye
Of the hand tightly holding
Love’s gun
*Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
Sometimes two hearts write the most beautiful poetry together, completely by accident.

It's one a.m. and one heart can't sleep...........sends a simple message ......I Love You My Heart, not even expecting a reply.  It's one a.m. and that other heart can't sleep either.........replies, I Love You..........

Ah!  one heart replies, I knew I felt you, where in turn the other replies you can feel me anytime, which of course for those of us with a sense of  humor can be taken lot's of ways, both hearts think with a smile.  

The first heart replies, oh yes, always, but sometimes it's as if I can feel your breath on my cheek..........
Neva Flores
You are afloat on troubled waters and sinking ever fast
Struggling for every breath, you try to take
Where’s this needless measure of treading getting you
When all your problems never seem to slake

The water is at your chin now, slipping towards your lips
As the shore moves quicker from your sight
You best get a grip now, before you go and lose it all
Start discovering that you have lost this fight

All this pain that you are creating, that is eating you inside
Is it really worth the price you will have to pay
You best stand up in the water and pull yourself up straight
If you have any plans to see another day

The troubled water is the life you live, this existence that you hold
While clinging to the remnants and the shame
Turn fast against the current and swim for all you are worth
Or go right under and do not accept the blame
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
You long for the heat when the sun does not shine
Yearn for everything you cannot hold
Chasing those hazy shadows of distant desires
While that which you have grows cold

You circle the deep valleys, skip a few tiny stones
Quickly throw away all that you see
Not that it matters at all what you do
It makes no difference to me

I am your clear vision, your indistinct past
Your future has already been told
What are you doing with that which you have
While the cards you are dealt unfold

Look at the cards spread there on your table
Now tell me your aces are high
I’ll show you different when I hand you the mirror
And laugh as you look in your own eyes
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
How long have I been here
Wearing these same old shoes
This wandering heart it must be tired
And given up, its Gypsy ruse

Nowhere long have I remained
To compose a single rhyme
My soul has been a traveler
Lost in space and time

I do believe that I've grown weary
Of always changing spaces
And somehow grown accustomed to
These familiar faces

That rambling fever running through my veins
No longer must be aragin'
I have been here much to long
For me to be achangin'
Neva Flores * Copyright @ 2009
She told me to lie still
Let my thoughts take a deep breath
Until memories
were all that remained
She did not know that I carry treasures
drifting in and out of my mind
like the ocean’s tide
that can never be contained

She told me I could block out
the words I write
Even the ones I now know by heart
that wait
As if they were, only a habit
I had formed in time
But........ she did not know
those words
would only keep flowing
She had spoken
too little,
too late

I spoke to her of your embrace
of my first moment with you
How your eyes never drifted
from my own
Then I watched as she saw
your heart in my eyes
It was composing the words
that will never stop flowing
from me
She took a deep breath,
and moved on.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011 Revised 11/25/11
A delicate hand paints on an invisible canvas
With blind fingers and a seeing heart
A loveliness no darkness could ever swallow
Because this hand is not afraid
Of the dark

Longing to chase shadows into their chains
To see water flow from a promise
A delicate hand paints the bluest skies
With clouds embracing the sun
On a canvas

What a remarkable sight inside one’s mind
These delicate brushes of happiness
Blind fingers paint with a seeing heart
Scattering darkness from a world
That’s grown cold
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
I could say
my right hand does not believe
it's confined
While everything slips
through my fingers
Agree that the usual is not mine
to ever know
Just so you will feel comfortable
There within the skin
Which you linger

I could tell you that I am not hungry
for the small things
That I see most everyone
else holds near
Because I have a spirit
that travels quite light
Always seeking peace in all
that is still
So that you will continue
to smile at me,
my dear

Would you still look into my eyes
with the same trust
If within mine
you saw a brewing storm
Working its way into my soul
that I could not stop
Or would you decide that I
am a stranger
With a heart
you no longer consider
a delightful form
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
We quickly felt our spinning world turn in silken patterns
As we quietly bid love enter into our door
Not for a rendezvous or sojourn
Always to here remain

Between those distant hills there lay a gentle rest
Held within a fragrant spray of radiant light
So perfectly and wholly blessed
By this love of ours
On this night

We found a stream of time wrapped in satin ribbons
Golden hours of forms and forces unknown
When we bid love our admission
Into the wide open door
Of our hearts' home
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
What if I am wrong about tomorrow and the day before
And everything I think is true, I find is not
Will my world just stop revolving, spinning all around
If I discover, that I am just a dot

A dot among the billions, existing in this day
Thinking that we all hold the truth
That everything we know inside is self-evident
And we don’t give a **** about the proof

What if I find that my beliefs are just a fairy tale
A mystical illusion, that all the other dots create
That no matter how I live my life and what’s inside my heart
I have already been dealt a hand by fate
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
There are tantalizing visions of an era long forgotten
By the ones who remember the days
Of sweet music that drifted onto the verandahs
Into the imaginations and hearts of the ones who played

Echoing laughter resounds from ivy covered walls
Touched by the distant memories that pass
Through the cracks left unnoticed by the shimmers of light
As they fall on the sweet summer grass

A wild crimson rose still grows upon the dim edges
Of the latticework now peeling with age
A remnant of immense beauty so pristinely perfect
Still opening its blooms to the stage

Incessant tales of the wonderful feelings brought to light
As the lovely music lifts to the sky
Brings every heart to sing as if they know the tune  
Which these memories have left you and I
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
If I told you I am afraid of dust
that catches in places
where I am tired
Would you still find me so amazing
and fun?
If I said what I think
to those who have ears
to hear
When I looked into your eyes
Would I still
be the one?

If the song I sing tonight
is not a soothing lullaby
in an upside moon
Will you still love me
and the melody I create?
Because no matter how my song plays;
we can move on
To all those bright clouds
We anticipate

If I struggled to find words
that washed over your skin
like silk
That lingered dreamily in the light
of your morning
Would you still hear the same sweet voice
when I am tired
And afraid of dust
that catches in places
On words
I am forming
© 2011 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Changefulstorm Poetry -
Changefulstorm - Categorian -
The tears he wept came from the depths of his soul
Extreme anguish burning with fever
Tears flowing like great streams of liquid fire
One could feel but did not see there

The immense torment, which brought about his tears
And induced his fiery pain
We did not know or even begin to ask
Because we merely walked by, heads hung in shame

Each one of us, quickly passed right by him
Never said a single word
While pretending we could not feel his fevered pain
From the vast anguish he had incurred

All our hearts, could feel, the fever of his pain
From the tears we could not see
Because we were all too afraid to look into the eyes
We heard there weeping on the street
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
The strings were pulled of a bitter signal
Erratically hateful in their draw
Commencing the judgment of her mental state
As a bloodthirsty crowd looked on in awe

All her pleading notations were met with objection
By all their unfeeling eyes
Who merely wished to bear witness to the surrender
Of sanity and to see its quiet demise

Suddenly without warning an onrush of light
Blinded the probing eyes of the crowd
A curve of great decision was suspended in space
As they began to read her crimes aloud

Guilty as charged a voice rang out from the light
For moving against the grain
For not following behind the shadow of others
She is guilty, she must be insane

Completely unnatural, no control of her faculties
She cannot possibly be competent, the voice loudly rang
Daring to be optimistic in the face of grievous pain
She holds no resentment, she must be insane

Her sentence was pronounced for the entire crowd to hear
Claiming her incompetent and unfit
All the eyes in the crowd remain blinded by the light
Yet she doesn’t mind at all as she smiles and sits

She smiles into the faces of the blinded crowd
Knowing she has not changed a bit
****** she may be to the unfeeling eyes of the blind
However, they can never take her own happiness
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Heaven touched my face aglow with light
Kissed my cheeks with rays
Caressed my soul with a shimmering fire
That burned into my ways

I tasted illumination at its very finest
Upon the tip of my tongue
As Heaven touched my face aglow with light
My spirit softly sung

I lift my voice into the air and sing a melody
Softly spun with silken words
If you will listen with your heart and soul
My song of Heaven can be heard

Heaven touched my face aglow with light
My spirit dances in the air
The joyful bliss that has touched my soul
My ways cannot help but share
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Winding roads envelop mornings
changing how I feel
as the sun rises
over half a million faces
all aglow.  
The air bears the scent of flowers
like those I have seen
within blue flames of truth
on the horizon of nothing more
than how your presence
seeks my attention
like falling snow.

I feel my pulse expanding
and I grow weak
as my skin glows soft
like poems
that have kissed the roses
around my thorns,
and my soul keeps the best of you
in my hands.  
My joy crashes
against  sands pure as thoughts
of the wildest forest
embracing its own lands.

Your voice finds me
with an understanding
that springs into my mind
making the ground I walk on
become a heaven
born of words.
I smile secretly, as if I  have begun
to read something
living inside a storm
rushing to be let in
and dancing on paper
to be heard.

Half a million faces
and all I see is yours,
telling me
I am the treasure you find
on those winding roads.
The air bears the scent of flowers
from fields
that continue to live
throughout the winter
warmed by blue flames of truth,
seeking my attention
like falling snow.
Copyright @2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Oh that I had wings of a dove
I would fly away
Be at rest forevermore
Finding peace today

I would fly so far and fast
My wings across the sky
To a place where I can rest
Close these weary eyes

Far from the tempest and the storm
That come from every side
I would fly so far away
Find a place to hide

Instead I call out to thee
You give comfort to my soul
The strength to stand another day
As I give you control
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Have I designed myself for you like a crystal spring
In sweet forms which sing your favorite verse
Extending to your door in a offering
Of the purest white lilies
In love immersed

Do you walk within the furrows of my heart
I prepared for you and you alone
Listening for a song apart
From any other heard
Or known

Will these crystal springs rain within my heart
Upon these lilies so they may thrive
Breathing air from a song apart
Until I find I have designed
Myself alive
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I thought I saw the world go by in escalated spinning
Felt the breeze that ruffled through my hair
Never did I know that it was only my misgivings
Chasing all the reasons that I care

I drew a circle in the air and spit upon the wind
Remembered what I came here for
Decided that I didn’t really give a flying care
Erased the circle and headed for the door

Out into the open world I saw the sun arising
Felt the warmth drifting on my face
Hung my head in disbelief because I was freezing
While caring about the reasons that I chased

I soon forgot about the world and all of its spinning
Threw the breeze up into a song
Drew another circle into all my misgivings
Deciding I was right all along
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Breath of Life, breathe in me
Show me Thy will to be done
Thy light, Thy staff proves to me
That You are the only One

Light of Life shine on me
Brighten this world that I'm in
Hold me to your gentle side
Into my heart come in

You hold my hand and carry me
Wipe away my tears
I've felt You all around me
All throughout the years
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Do you even know what you do
What you throw away
Giving that which should be held in grace
To anyone you may

The stars you hold there in your eyes
See them fading fast
As you lose the ground you’ve walked upon
Treading on this path

The ice you place there in your veins
Will freeze your very soul
Turn your tender heart against itself
And everything it holds

Do you feel the numbness now
Yet still feel the pain
As you give away yourself
For that which you think you’ll gain
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Destination unknown, I follow your lead
With eyes closed and an open mind
An empty heart that needs filled
My love for you is blind

No imperfections do I see
You are everything that I need
I understand that God made no perfect man
Yet you are as close to perfect as can be

Put aside your outer glow, what's inside is what I know
What I know is true to be
The beauty there is beyond compare
And it is all this heart can see
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
You hold me deep inside my bones
with thoughts that wander
to be born again
each morning.
Yesterday whispers
until my body sings
to be seduced
and I fall in love with you
once again,
without warning.

You are a spirit,
one could say,
delicately racing
through all I reach out
to feel.
Each night you rage
like an ocean
inside the softest image,
and all my heart can do..
is humbly kneel.
© 2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
The sky’s nose is pressed to the window of a loner’s heart
Knowing something dances in the bottom
And it stands in front of him

Nothing in life shows what a loner really feels
More than that fountain of ink
Whispering from her pen

Still the sky wonders if there is anything really there
Or if a loner’s heart is merely full
Of emptiness dancing bare

You can see the sky’s ear pressed ever so closely  
Against the window of a loner’s heart
Listening to the pulsing beat

Knowing something wondrous dances in the bottom
It is timeless yet, still he wonders
If it only dances in the ink
Copyright @2011- Neva Flores Smith
Open my eyes that I may see
The truth in your word
And believe

Comfort my soul with your breeze
Take my hand
And walk with me

Be by my side forevermore
Show me the path
To your door

Soften my heart and let me feel
See what is true
And is real

Show me the way the truth the light
Always protect me
With your might
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I took out all of your love letters
And I read them again one by one
Gathered up all of our pictures
And recalled everything
We'd ever done

I smelled the dried rose
That I keep in my bible
Just to see if its scent was still there
And I handled it oh so gently
As coming from you it was so rare

I walked for awhile
Through all of these memories
And smiled as I recalled each part
Yes, I know
That you are no longer here with me
But you will always be
Here in my heart
Copyright *Neva Flores@ 2010
In memory of Vicente Antonio Morales Flores - My beloved husband
09/21/54 - 09/25/08 - It is well with my soul
Does love take as much as it gives
Or does love always take more
As it holds you captive within its embrace
Until you can’t find yourself anymore

Love can make your heart sing
Then break it right in two
Leave you feeling scattered and empty
Trying to find you

Love can make you forget who you were
All for the one you adore
Carry you so far away from yourself
Alone you forget who you are

With time you will remember
Who you were before
Until love steps in and finds you again
Love always returns for more
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010 From My Capricious Heart
As I see, I love you written on a canvas among the towering trees
I will always remember looking into your eyes
All around me, I feel your touch without a single sound
As if, your fingers trace a trail among the trees
Where you wrote I love you in the sky

I stand waiting for the words to begin to fade into the sky
For my happiness to leave upon a breeze
Each time I look at this canvas, anew I see I love you
Becoming one the same as you and I
Among the towering trees
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
You are my "Anam Cara".
The eternal friend of my soul.
This we share together
is ancient and is whole.

We have no secrets,
each others light we share.
No time or distance can sever
this bond we have declared.

Our friendship is open.
Our trust is complete.
Our souls radiate together
as we accept one another
with no tarnish of deceit.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Dedicated to Retrit - My Rena - Friend of my soul
A pulse could hush the feel of skin
as it runs peaceful, always on the move.
There is an inside outside
need to breathe,
frequent release,
from all that’s smooth.

There is one in every shade,
wafting through dreams of joy and fear, not taken.
In a playground where you can’t see,
how the eyes of truth
exhale a sacredness,

Serenity weeps
as it looks upon the waves
that pull you in without chains.
While an echo finds contentment
on the lips of imagination,
gone insane.

On the beaches of your mind
you have wings,
playing the lead role of a play.
Would I known the wars-a-waging there,
I wouldn’t have fed passion,
a single day.
Neva Varga -Copyright @2018 Changefulstorm Poetry - 11/05/18
There is emptiness in my beloved silence
That I have never felt before
Circling and squeezing my heart
I don't think I like this silence anymore

Alone in my solitude I have been content
Allowing no one into my world
Full of knowledge of how true love should be
Known by a heart that refuses to unfurl

What good is this wisdom to this heart of mine
If I am too afraid to step out into the sun
Frightened that I might get burned
If I find out that you're not the one
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Sometimes I wish to leave from here
Go and seek anonymity
Forget the place I came from
All I  have tried to be

Go someplace and rest awhile
Sit and feel the breeze
Hide from all the world I know
Perhaps from even me

Would it be considered selfish
If I hid my heart away
If only to protect it from itself
And all it has to say

Is it so wrong to need some space
From everything you know
To just remember who you are
And where you wish to go
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
The evening moon shines down turning her ear to long ago
Listening for a weary spirit that walks unheard
She smiles to herself as if she knows
Why those clouds drifting by
Say not a word

These silent hours fill all the earth and sky revealing
All the past and future’s passions
Yet, that evening moon for these feelings
Has no interest as she listens
In her own fashion

A weary spirit walks by unheard in these silent hours
Trying with certain steps not to speak
Smiling to himself as he holds wisdom’s showers
In those clouds drifting by
In silent streaks

The evening moon may turn her ear to long ago
To hear that which walks unheard
But if she has no interest in what she does not know
All those clouds drifting by
Will not say a word
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
All of you, will I ever find it? Is my life the only thing concrete  
I just want to free you, break down all your barriers
When the moon hangs high above temptation’s broken hope
Experience does not make me love you any less
As hours, pass into nothingness

I have never been one to bring an offering of a better life
Yet when appointed I know that I must lead
If we combine our love apart from the you and I
We could smile as anyone else awakened
Let all our pride be ******

A person is like a sweet flower growing from the sidewalk
Carrying risk as it valiantly waves and stands
If you bid farewell because you are sad and angry
You will surely lose the greatest token
In this concrete flowerbed

All of you, will I ever find it? Within this happiness called my life
I am barely alive apart from the love of you and me
A sameness slides over everything we are and wish to be
Tracing patterns around your flowers growing
Here in my concrete free
*Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
Where is this place I find myself
What is this I try to do
Erasing images burned in my heart
That I have of you

The pictures of a scene of bliss
The smile upon your face
A look there in the eyes I love
Has to have a place

The very thought that I could just
Remove you from my mind
Much less this heart that loves you
Is insanity defined

So I will keep you where you are
Forever and a day
Hold you close inside my heart
You I can't erase
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
The human heart’s capacity to continuously love and believe
Captivates the gifted mind of every poet
Evokes words from their fingertips delightful to the soul
Embraces you in pleasure, before you know it

Such a deep fascination lies in a poet’s flowing imagination
To explore the exquisite treasures of the heart
To not weave those very pleasures would be a tragedy
Oh, what beauty would be missing from the art

The human heart’s capacity to burn with hate and resentment
Captivates the gifted mind of every poet
This too, evokes the many words from their fingertips
Recognized by every soul as they know it

The remarkable emotion revealed by the human heart  
Captivates the gifted mind of every poet
It becomes our destiny, to set these feelings free
Expressing them, so everyone will know it
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Wake me from this mask of opaque dreams
Cryptic in their defective cause
Suspend the flutter of my pointless adoration
For all these defensive walls

Eliminate delusions and impetuous desires
Which provoke my spirit negatively
Induce exhilarating fervor in my waking dreams
Softly apportion the one inside of me

Deliver patience as you listen for my nearness
Impart no distresses here
Reconsider any mendacious notions
Do not claim me in your fears

Show compassion as my eyes are open wide
Not suspicious and yet so knowing
Take heed in your watch as sometimes I stumble
In my attempts to get where I am going
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I love the way he looks at me
every time his heart feels
the night's embrace.
And my body desires to dance for him
until morning falls
upon his face

I watch him drink each hour
from a cup of moonlight ecstasy.
While my hands touch his skin
as a breeze...........
that whispers me.

The morning finds me holding on
to a cup
of memories.
My heart drinks them in
as Dawn.....
kisses me.

Copyright @2014  - Neva Flores Smith
I found it very hard to write a poem like this when I am not in love and it is not about anyone.....but I tried.
There so like beautiful feelings shaken
An immortal hand cries in ink
Should not what time has forsaken
Be a shade above, that which one thinks

While water is not on the flowers whom
Bless the names or years
White burning sand hears those cries so blue
From the hands own, ink stained tears

What would it take for a living thing
To be caught within this hand
Feel what beautiful feelings shaken brings
Yet lose his hand to its command

My verse is a mystery, even now to me
As my mortal hand cries in ink
Yet should not what is returned always be
A shade above, what one thinks
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
When we look at what is already spoken,
the words cannot live
if contained.
Hope becomes all we want
as our souls become awake
in air unstained.  

If we stop and count the words
they become elusive
and still hours later
we remain unconscious.  As if we are asleep
exhaling each fragment

Can we wear our heart on the sleeve
of our emotions
to keep our body warm and moving?  
When do we realize
where the point of here
is beyond that which is soothing?

If we talk about that which we love
giving our full attention
to each dream as it exists.
Would our laughter
become a shade of secrets
or a storm of words wrapped as a gift?
Copyright @2015 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm
If you stood under skies without eyes that looked in the mirror
Could you be absent from the feelings in your heart
Would you never feel alone, even standing in the shadows
As everything would look the same
No shades apart

If everything you disliked became all you ever searched for
Would you find your steps had nowhere to go
As hours advanced into days and nights that collided
Into a downhill stream of nothingness
You already know

There is a difference between just knowing and searching
Doing absolutely nothing and having a dream
What you may find when your eyes look in that mirror
Could color your world outside of shadows
A shade upstream
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
The soul that knows the air he breathes
Already loves himself
On wings of possibility he flies
Outside of his own pain
With belief

The way he feels, he gently expresses
With a peaceful hand
Keeping his fires burning low
And manner of speech
In command

Where he hangs his hat, he calls home
A place where he is pleased
He listens to his morning ringing in
With a joyful heart
Just to be

The soul that knows the air he breathes
Holds his heart in his hands
Touching the world with the peace
He feels inside himself
As he can
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
Who else could possibly understand me the way you do?  You read me as if you wrote the book of who I am. Despite the fact, sometimes I travel where darkness presses against the sun, laying down nothing when morning warms the sweetness of life.  

On those days, when time casually says I am crazy and wraps around in streams that haunt me with a quaint imprisonment, your smile moves through me in a delightful pleasure, caressing my face with your ways.

Sometimes I sit with my heart resting on the winds of pain and sorrow, lighting up fear and anger in never ending skies.  You wait, because you know just what to do, standing silent, by my side.

Who else could possibly understand me the way you do?  When it rains, you never try to change the air I breathe.  When my sun is eclipsed by clouds of time and space, you never deny me the chance to stand with my eyes closed, until I am brave enough to open them and see.

You read me as if you wrote the book of who I am.  As time passes, I see that what is unsaid, stares back with a message that arrives on golden wings. No one else understands me the way you do.  Your fingers turn the pages of my soul, as if you wrote the book of me.
© 07/10/2011 Neva Flores
When I talk to you late at night
When we both should be fast asleep
These are the sweetest conversations
I have ever known

This is when I feel the closest to you
And I can feel your love
More than any other time

It doesn't matter what we talk about
Or how many times we change the subject
And go right back again
We just flow.

It seems you almost read my mind
And I feel sometimes I almost read yours too
When we say the same things at the same time
I realize how much I am in tune with you

Even though I may be so tired the next day
That I can hardly stay awake
I wouldn't give up this time we spend together
For anything in the world.

I just wanted you to know how special
This time spent with you is to me
And I can only hope that it means
As much to you
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
My heart pretended
you were a sound
I could drink
when I went searching
for golden lines full of surprise.
When I walked towards you,
my ears tasted the beat of the earth
and it began to turn
in reverse.

Ringing clear were hundreds of memories
I had kissed freely,
known as all the things you did.
Then in came the rushing sea
crashing into my mind
with waves of everything
you have ever said.

Therefore, I waited by a tree
that had shown its shadow
as being all that I could ever need.
when I looked inside myself,
I found my heart
cold and bare.

A sight I have now become
but there is one thing I surely know.
I could never push aside
the sound of you I drink
from all these golden lines.
My ears will walk
towards you and taste
this beat
until I make you mine.
I turned the pages where I wrote down your name
Reading every line as the first time
Although each letter did not spell out the same
Your heart was in each word
In every rhyme

I read the depths of my own heart in verses
Reading every line as the first time
Although not a single word was rehearsed
Each letter spelled out your name
In my mind

I turned the pages where I wrote down your name
Reading every one as the first time
I wondered to myself if I still felt the same
If my heart still held each word close
To every rhyme

Then I turned the pages over and I took out my pen
Began writing every line as the first time
My heart began to sing as I read once again
That your heart was in each word
Of every rhyme
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
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