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24.7k · Nov 2012
The Sun Can Hear Thunder
I have known that the sun can hear thunder
and how its brightness
can be unfathomable,
like my dreams.
Since the beginning of my pulse
I have been honored
with good days
that left me grateful
inside of the sweetness
never stifling.........
within all it means.

When midnight kisses the glass
that morning has already
Like a thirsty spider
crying out........
for the rain.
All of my senses are
swept through
knowing, my words don't fall
on deaf ears......
or stand there,
all wasted.

No, you cannot know how I'm feeling
but that doesn't mean
our world's stopped spinning.
The sun.......
can still hear thunder
in all the ways you love me.
You lift me up
in the midst of a storm.
All my senses are swept through
my words stand in stillness
a storm's ending......
is love's beginning.
Copyright 2012 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
18.8k · May 2010
Seducing With Your Mind
Just give me a minute
One small minute of your time
We need to talk about
This seducing with your mind

You’ve got women going crazy
Running after you
With everything you say to them
Not a thing you do

You’ve been seducing honey
You’ve been seducing
You’ve been seducing with your mind

Now I would not be jealous
Just because you look
A man without an eye for beauty
Can't read my book

You’ve been seducing honey
You’ve been seducing
You’ve been seducing with your mind

Come on home to me now
Run your fingers through my soul
My mind's the only one you need to teach
Leave those other mind's alone
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
13.5k · May 2010
Saddest Song of Old
Do you find yourself holding on to nothing
With absolutely everything you have
So afraid that you will lose
What you never had

Are you just letting go of everything
You’ve found so easy to obtain
While crying out for that
You wouldn’t want if gained

Take a look at what you have
Listen to its song
Perhaps you’ll find it’s the very thing
You’ve wanted all along

If you find you’re never satisfied
With anything you hold
Then your heart may be singing
The saddest song of old
© 2010 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
12.2k · Sep 2010
Your Sun Will Shine Again
Do you remember what you said that day
How terrible you felt inside
When all those clouds of disappointment
Blew into your lovely skies

Your life could not get any worse
To yourself you sadly said
Because your glorious sun no longer shone
While lightning crashed ahead

Your teardrops fell like rain that day
Unnoticed in the downpour
Torrential streams from the blackest skies
One had ever seen before

One day your sun returned to shine again
Winds of disappointment changed
Your flowing tears glowed into a radiant smile
As your life’s direction rearranged

Now here you stand, downcast once again
Black cloudy skies moving in
Never give up looking for that sun of yours
To shine through those clouds again
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
12.0k · Nov 2012
Accidental Poetry
Sometimes two hearts write the most beautiful poetry together, completely by accident.

It's one a.m. and one heart can't sleep...........sends a simple message ......I Love You My Heart, not even expecting a reply.  It's one a.m. and that other heart can't sleep either.........replies, I Love You..........

Ah!  one heart replies, I knew I felt you, where in turn the other replies you can feel me anytime, which of course for those of us with a sense of  humor can be taken lot's of ways, both hearts think with a smile.  

The first heart replies, oh yes, always, but sometimes it's as if I can feel your breath on my cheek..........
Neva Flores
11.6k · Oct 2010
I glimpse your eyes staring at the shadows in my soul
Seeking to calm the wildly rushing storm
Keeping my heart out of control
Unable to keep
The beat
Pulsating whole

I stare into eyes seeking to calm the storms
To make my heart their own
Leaving chambers once cold now warm
My heart begins to pulsate
To the beat
Of a song, it's always known

Buried longings softly rush, to be finally freed
From this heart out of control
Once a half now pulsates complete
Your eyes chase shadows
Calming storms,
My heart
Returns to whole
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Revised: 11/28/2011
11.3k · Aug 2010
Quiet Resilience
You can quickly transform with a quiet resilience
Remaining deeply grateful to be standing
As feeling sorry for yourself, is merely an excuse
To hold back and accomplish nothing

Educated by the spirit of meaningful experience
One can change and adapt in a flash
Merely seeking out pity for the sake of affirmation
Is buying an excuse to stand back

You can call up the strength deep inside of you
Overcome the struggles you face
Stand up proudly, knowing you survived the battle
Gladly take your rightful place

You may appear weary and worn to the masses
Yet deep within you have more fight
Silently standing up for what you believe in
Steadily on the edge of the right
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
9.6k · Apr 2010
Your Own Hell
You looked at me and your eyes fell
I saw the pain eating you alive
What exactly drove you to this state
I know well and recognize

You live and breathe in your own hell
That never seems to end
You seek and chase the very thing
That has caused your life to bend

Each day anew, you tell yourself
I am finished, I am through
But it calls to you, "Come numb yourself
And I'll take care of you"

There was a time not long ago
Your self-esteem was set so high
Now here you stand, in front of me,
So broken down
You can't look me in the eye

How I wish that I could take away
This power it has over you
And help you mend your broken life
But that responsibility lies with you

Until you admit you are powerless
And see that this insanity, you can't stop on your own
You'll continue living in your own hell
And it burns hotter than anything
You've ever known
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
9.4k · Jun 2010
There is a face in the mirror intently staring back at you
Attempting to recognize the one it views
You are spellbound for one quick moment, in such wonderment
As your eyes meet, and you both realize that it is you

Was it not just yesterday that you were young and naive
Without the wisdom you now hold in your eyes
Now a stranger is boldly looking back with an unflinching gaze
Brazenly daring you to try her on for size

You briefly pause in sheer amazement at these eyes you see
Beaming back at you with a strength unknown
You smile in appreciation and accept yourself as your own
Sit up proudly and put your makeup on
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
8.9k · Oct 2010
Sweet Fragrance
Scattering sweet fragrance throughout soft air
Perfection at heaven’s finest
Remembrance paints one soul a flare
Calmly soothing
My unrest

Despite all the changes time has made
Sweet fragrance sings to me
In all my dreams a pleasing promenade
Evokes a kiss of
Fragrant potpourri

A medley dances within my senses fine
Of sweet nights with you
Scattering fragrance throughout my mind
Painting my soul

This sweet fragrance has no beginning
Each kiss begins endlessly
Dances within my senses softly awakening
This fire inside
So heavenly
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
8.5k · Jun 2010
No Expectations
I rest upon the windowsill of life’s great expectations
Watching as the world spins by so fast
Not blinded by all the well established estimations
The world brings into our vision from the past

Curiosity and depth of soul have made me who I am
Proudly resting in my own individuality
Watching with no expectations from the windowsill of life
Freely existing in my own personality

Who you are and what you do is of great interest to my soul
Yet I have no expectations of you my friend
I am so very happy to watch you from the windowsill of life
Free to be the individual you hold within

If you will come and sit beside me and rest upon life’s windowsill
We will watch together as the world spins by so fast
Just accept me as I am and I will do the same for you
Such a splendid friendship we will have
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
8.3k · Jul 2010
Sea of Obsession
When did you become a stormy sea of obsession?
Confining in all of your ways
Renouncing all moves in any direction
When one does not yield to the calls, you play

Attempts to govern unclipped wings can be exhausting
The very thought is so gravely insane
Yet you still despondently try to cage in free spirits
With those borders you set and maintain

You reveal uncertainty in your own validation
In the faith you hold in your own
When you desperately try to close off the sky
From free spirits thirsting to roam

Did you know that your borders are guarded by insecurity?
They are useless and protected in vain
Take a look inside the cages you obsessively provide
Not a single free spirit remains
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
8.1k · Feb 2011
A Deep Breath
She told me to lie still
Let my thoughts take a deep breath
Until memories
were all that remained
She did not know that I carry treasures
drifting in and out of my mind
like the ocean’s tide
that can never be contained

She told me I could block out
the words I write
Even the ones I now know by heart
that wait
As if they were, only a habit
I had formed in time
But........ she did not know
those words
would only keep flowing
She had spoken
too little,
too late

I spoke to her of your embrace
of my first moment with you
How your eyes never drifted
from my own
Then I watched as she saw
your heart in my eyes
It was composing the words
that will never stop flowing
from me
She took a deep breath,
and moved on.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011 Revised 11/25/11
8.1k · Apr 2010
You Are My Rock
When the world comes in to close
And I wish to flee
I need your arms to run to
To be wrapped in tenderly

When I feel that no one is listening
To anything I say
I need your ears to listen
And to hear you tell me it's okay

When I feel lost
And overwhelmed
And I'm not sure which way to turn
You are the rock that I lean on
And the strength
From which I learn
Neva Flores *Copyright @2010
8.1k · Apr 2010
I trust in God and myself
To keep me safe and sound
Nothing else do I count on
To keep me unbound

In order to ensure
That something is done my way
I had best do it myself
Or nothing should I say

If it is at all important
And means everything to me
I’m the one responsible
To make sure that it’s achieved

So many of us expect
To get something for free
I believe everything should be worked for
And not just handed right to me
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
7.7k · Sep 2010
Burning Embers
A quiet affection pulses deeply within
Smoldering fire in your eyes
Burning embers of glowing persuasion
Lifting hope, I hold inside

Honesty I sense in boundless measure
So tenderly offered up to see
Each time you hold my gaze with your own
You melt the heart in me

You thrill my soul when you caress me
With your smoldering gaze
Persuading my heart to hold you near
Until my end of days

My hope is wholly lifted each time I see
Tender love and honesty
Blazing in the burning embers of your eyes
Gazing gently back at me
7.6k · Jan 2011
Face to Face
When you come face to face with your own mind
Is all you find, growing wild within
Are your eyes seeking to find
The Golden Fleece
Once again

Are you suddenly fleeing where clouds have gathered
With a burning candle raised on high
Wondering if you have mastered
This profound race of life
Not a tear, you cry

Do you continue walking within opposing views
Saving certain parts of all you find
Thinking surely it’s up to you
To tame the wildness
In your mind

When you come face to face with your own mind
Can you gaze upon the wildness and smile
Not give a care if the fleece you find
Yet enjoy the journey
All the while
Copyright *Neva Flores Varga@2011
7.6k · Oct 2010
Hand of Your Soul
True friends can help us seek inside our souls
For that which is true
Retrace our steps looking into burning coals
Of blazing fires, we left a smoldering
When life went all-askew

They help us see beyond our looking glass
Under places where we hide
Deep scars and wounds of days gone past
From all those bitter tears
That never dried

A true friend can help us see a side of us
We may not wish to see
While holding our hand in gentle trust
Even when
We don’t agree

The truest friend is the one who appears
To help put those fires out cold
Binds your wounds and dries your tears
While holding the hand
Of your soul
*Dedicated to Lorilynn

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
7.3k · Apr 2010
As You Are
Looking through these eyes of love
I see you as you are
Imperfect but so wonderful
Shining from afar

I see a heart of immense beauty
Created by the One above
Overflowing with such tenderness
Made for me to love

I love you despite your imperfections
The same as you love me
My love for you will never change
No matter what I see

Sometimes we may get angry
Part with hurting words
My love for you will stay the same
No matter what I heard

Looking through these eyes of love
No matter what you do
Where you go or what you say
I will still love you
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
You are my "Anam Cara".
The eternal friend of my soul.
This we share together
is ancient and is whole.

We have no secrets,
each others light we share.
No time or distance can sever
this bond we have declared.

Our friendship is open.
Our trust is complete.
Our souls radiate together
as we accept one another
with no tarnish of deceit.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Dedicated to Retrit - My Rena - Friend of my soul
6.1k · Oct 2010
In My Dreams
In my dreams, I hold you close
Kiss your lips, forevermore
You are mine, for eternity
In my dreams
You, never leave

In my dreams, the world is light
The sun comes up
There is no night

We dance until
We can no more
Holding on

In my dreams, I hold you close
Never looking at the door
You are mine, for eternity
‘Cause, in my dreams
You, never leave

Now I could dream forevermore
Never walking out my door
Hold you close
To me once more
But I don’t believe
That is what love’s for

I think I’ll sleep and dream of you
Hold you there
When I want to
When I’m awake, I will think of you
Until I can hold you
With you knowing too
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
6.1k · Dec 2010
Calming Silence
A calming silence can hold its own beauty as a guide
When nothing at all, seems quite right
With barely a look at those storms outside
Turning quickly into dust
In your sight

Winds may blow within your hair, startling your spirit
Until calming silence’s beauty you behold
Sprinkling you with a peace defined and delicate
Streaming wisps of serenity
Into your soul

Quite a message a calming silence brings to me
When nothing seems quite right
I barely look at those storms, you see
With all this peace streaming
Into my sight

Such beauty is found in the serenity of silence
Regardless of the winds that blow
My spirit is calmed in a definite balance
When silence streams into
My soul
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.9k · Sep 2010
Little Things Make Me Smile
It is the little things in life, which mean so much
They are very quietly innocent
Like the wondrous feel of a clean bed sheets touch
Infused with an April Fresh Downy scent

Waking up startled at a quarter past eight
Jumping up straight from bed
Thinking worriedly that I am going to be terribly late
Remembering, it’s my day off instead

Coming to terms, that to my name, I’ve not a dime
Accepting my usual penniless lot
Then there in the pocket of my faded jeans I find
A crumpled up, forgotten five spot

Sitting down now with my paper and pen
Searching for words to write
Thinking to myself, my mind has gone blank again
Then finding the ones, perfectly right

To win the lottery or an all expense paid vacation
Would be so incredibly nice
However, I will settle, for these small sensations
Any ole day of my life
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.9k · Oct 2010
To Impress
Delicate nets collect on sailing clouds of violet mist
While red leaves twist and spin in turn
Gleaming sparks of dawn cannot be dismissed
As the scattered night sky
Is adjourned

Sweet water gathers in a dream’s own reflection
On a whirling spider’s silvery thread
Morning has broken needing no authentication
See her truth glowing there
In an intricate web

Tiny stones are surrounding sharp blades of grass
Worshiping the presence, they behold
Looking up from the shadows of a looking glass
With their own stories
Still untold

A leaping bass, splashes proudly in a silent pond
Each drop of water expressing its distress
Thinking that the sun was waiting to respond
To his shimmering silence
Used to impress

A single drop of water, a red leaf twisting in the wind
A spider weaving her web to be blessed
Even the tiny stones worshiping their friends
Leap with the bass, distressing the pond
To impress
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.9k · Apr 2010
I am who you see when you look in the mirror
What you hold inside your heart
I am the same as you are
I am your other part

Our hearts are one and the same
I look inside and see you
You look back and see yourself
In everything I do

We are two hearts that beat as one
Separately together
My heart has found a home in yours
Where it will stay forever
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.8k · Sep 2010
A lonesome figure stood upon the crashing waves
Extended arms to the darkest skies
Screaming out her fury at the heavens above
For the bitter storms she had survived

Tears streamed from weary eyes so tired of battle
Small shoulders shook in agony
Cursing the very things that made her stronger
As this, she could not see

Why me? She moaned and wailed in a mournful tone
Hot fear still gripping her heart
While forgetting that she was alive and well to cry
The most incredibly, important part

Those bitter storms will come and they will pass
They will never stay too long
Remember when you are screaming out in fury
It is The Storms that make you strong
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.5k · Oct 2010
Splash of Liquid Silver
I see you shining there a translucent water drop
Suspended in animation
From the garden where I lay
I watch your silver glow, in total fascination
Moving to and fro
As within my heart, you play

I hear your tinkling laughter, rise above the trees
Softly lilting in my mind
Find myself within a soulful breeze
Your joyous laughter brings
As your joy and mine
Are combined

A quiet calm is set in motion, as you begin to fall
Enchantment ending in a silver splash
Yet, such joy you have brought into this thrall
Into the garden where I lay
Even though you fell
In a flash

Now I see you shining there upon my yearning soil
Suspended in animation
In the garden where I toil
I watch your silver glow, in total fascination
Moving to and fro
Quenching thirst, in adoration
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.5k · May 2010
Seduced by words of philosophy
From your nimble mind
My heart hangs on to every word
That you teach to mine

Held captivated by your knowledge
Your passion and your charm
You had touched the very soul in me
Before you held me in your arms

The very fact that you’re a vision
For my eyes to see
Only makes me want you more
Forever yours I will be

You’ve seduced my mind
And captured every part of me
Forever you will find
You are in the heart of me
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.5k · Sep 2010
Stop the Spinning
She placed the spinning world gently at her feet
Reached inside the burning core
Said aloud to herself not caring who was listening
I cannot take this spinning anymore

This old world is changing a bit too fast for me
Perhaps I can slow her down a bit
She held on tightly with her little hands
Yet round and round it went

Despairing not and vehemently determined
She quickly tightened up her grip
But that old world kept spinning round and round
While her little hands began to slip

Realization slowly dawned on her as she lost her grip
Felt that old world slipping away
We can control some things in our lives
However, we cannot always have our way
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.4k · Aug 2010
Kiss of A Crimson Poppy
Last night I sweetly dreamt of fragrant flowers
In a changing kaleidoscope awhirl
Twirling as I yielded to their stunning presence
Thrilling as they gently swirled

I twirled and twirled inhaling the freshest heaven
I never knew could possibly exist
Lost inside an unforgettable aromatic world
My senses will never forget

A touch of satin rose petals brushed my cheek
As purple violets tickled my nose
Crimson poppies slipped though my fingers
Gently kissing the tips of my toes

I believe I found heaven in my dream last night
Twirling in an aromatic silken bliss
When I felt the touch on the tips of my toes
Of a crimson poppies kiss
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
5.3k · Oct 2011
Melody of A Perfect Smile
Flowers are hung over the voices
where hope is not denied.
A story of unimaginable innocence
has been embraced
and now sings a melody
of a perfect smile
that has become one
with the skies.

Life laughs and takes flight
while violins play
for the stars,
chasing storms of fear
until our mouths speak its words
no more.
We wait with doves
we feed by hand
as we rejoice
on golden shores.

The depth of forever
that no sadness
shall make waves or leave symbols
in our minds
that cannot fly away.
Together we will celebrate innocence
through our days.
5.3k · Feb 2011
Touch my heart in the shadows of the night
Let silence reign in your seduction
Call to my eyes until I can remember
Words of love you once spoke
Dear to me

Let there be no shame in what we see here
In this warmth you bring to me
Call to my eyes that I am not alone
Words of love you once spoke
So willingly

I am standing still with the print of your heart
Here listening to the beat of my own
Call to my eyes the words of love known
So that I can remember
My way home
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
5.1k · May 2013
The Staircase of Stillness
We have created a time
where our air smiles
like a precious gem
found within a storm.  
Each spoken sentence
we find to be filled
with purpose,.....
sound and warm.

Regret does not glisten
nor is it placed in this time
dressed up as hurt
impossible to understand.  
This is a place
where one can find
the staircase of stillness,
silence at hand.

Showers of love
fall as stars in this time
along the places where we sail
on a subtle breeze.  
We can see their reflections
turned inside out......
like a smile
Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
5.0k · Aug 2010
Precious Time
You earnestly plea with precious time to slow down just a bit
So you can accomplish more in your day
Holding tightly to his swinging hands in desperation
To place another second into play

Your attempts to slow him down he finds quite endearing
Smiling at you from his spinning face
Wondering if you even recall your pleas of yesterday
Crying that his hands were stuck in place

Precious time seems to always swiftly fly right past you
When you find you are running late
His hands are spinning round, faster and faster
   Accelerating more, if you hesitate

Precious time slows for no one, nor does he accelerate
He passes by us constantly, the same
Laughing at all the fickle faces there, staring at his hands
Which not a one of them, is able, to tame
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.9k · Apr 2010
The Dream I Can't Forget
A stranger walked into our door
That I already knew
How could he be a stranger
If that man was you

He had eyes so much like your own
They were such a brilliant blue
But when he stared right back at me
My eyes he looked right through

This distant gaze that I saw
Could not be your own
My reflection there was not the same
As the one I’ve known

In such despair my heart cried out
Afraid that it was you
As I no longer could see love
In those eyes of blue

My mind raced on, so confused
Prayed I was asleep
That this was all just a dream
And that your love I’d keep

My eyes flew open in the night
Body soaked in sweat
And I saw you sleeping by my side
It’s the dream I can’t forget
© 2010 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
4.8k · Oct 2010
Flawless Imperfection
Unchangeable is the love within our souls
Dreaming of soft timelessness
Perceived in fadeless hues of red and gold
Transmuted from molded clay
Imperfect, yet still beheld
As flawless

White shadows of a misted lace attention holds
An honesty in its purest form
Washed in fadeless hues of red and gold
Unchangeable is the love within
Completed souls
As timelessness transforms

Until now, our feet have trod a different path
Yet seeking still the same
Imperfection, with an honest aftermath
Time has taken wing in fadeless hues of red and gold
Imperfection beheld as flawless
Is the element it became
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.6k · Apr 2010
Stolen Without Intention
I did not mean to steal your heart
Please take it back from me
I only meant to share with you
My heart, that is wild and free

I did not mean to cause you pain
Or break the heart I stole in two
My intent was just to make you smile
Deep down inside of you

I did not mean to place false hope
Where none could ever be
I never meant to make you cry
This only saddens me

I give you back this heart of yours
I did not take it willingly
Please give it to the one
Who will love it best
As it was never meant for me
Copyright *Neva Flores @2009
4.5k · Jul 2010
Your Heart's Violin
You softly whisper to yourself, love’s music ends right here
As you put away your tender heart’s violin
So utterly sincere in your resignation to quietly exist
To never play your heart’s violin again

You hear the sweetest music played around you every day
With no desire to join in with your own sound
So quietly existing in this world of your resignation
Such a sense of peace, you have found

Then one day when you awaken, the worlds a bit too still
You sit and wistfully stare at your heart’s violin
Think about your resignation and the peace you found within
And ever so quickly, you turn away again

The world keeps on a moving, not only quiet but so dark
No longer do you hear any music played
Makes you begin to wonder if this peace you’ve found within
Is also, what made the music fade

The solitude and peace found in this bittersweet release
Has now become your heart’s only friend
You resign to the fact that your violin you must play
If you want to hear the music once again
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.4k · Oct 2010
A certain wildness can still be found within a heart
When a new scent fills the air
A distinctive flicker of flame to restart
A smoldering ash
Lying there

A rising mist ascends from a pool thought run dry
Floating and flying in the air
Weaving intricate patterns to erase the shy
From within the heart
Beating there

A vanished voice is heard once again throughout
Now softly ringing crystal clear
Reigniting a certain wildness in a scented shout
Erasing all shyness
Waiting here

Tender footsteps dance into these waiting hollows
Sweetly kissing fire anew
Promising joy in all my tomorrows
Filled with the wonderful
Scent, of you
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.3k · Nov 2010
Even as you leave my presence, I must collect my heart
And softly weave my memories one by one
On the edges, they quietly sit apart
Until I say to myself
I am done

If the ocean could overhear, the memories I recall
I could throw a net reaching out for miles
Capture every bit of love as it falls
To join the lines of our hearts
In my smile

All along the blue skies, in the shadows of the sun
Inside of these memories, I could spend days
Traveling through my heart’s caverns
Inhaling a touch left trailing
Of the things you say

Even as you leave my presence, I must collect my heart
Draw back time enough to sweetly examine
The joy all these memories will impart
Until I say to myself
I am done
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.2k · May 2010
Words aplenty I always have
To express the way I feel
Yet looking in your eyes right now
Word's can’t even begin to tell

I feel no hate towards anyone
Though perhaps I should for you
But I know any hate I hold inside of me
Would destroy me too

I am saddened by the reasons
I now look at you
For you and myself but most of all
For our families too

My heart cries for your children
As it cries for my own
Left alone without both their parents
To love there in their home

Such a senseless act of desperation
For a small nominal gain
That ended the life of a beautiful man
Bringing all of us such pain
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
Written to the young couple that murdered my husband.  A senseless ****** that hurt everyone including them.
In memory of Vicente Antonio Morales Flores 09/21/54 - 09/25/08
My Beloved Husband
4.2k · Oct 2010
I chase the blazing sun on the wings of a gentle breeze
With my soul, freely open and unconfined
Listening to the rhythm of the harmony of trees
Singing songs of release
To all mankind

I am never fazed by rain that pours in torrents
When my skies are black as coal
No fear does flashes of lightening warrant
With this song I hear
Kept in my soul

I carry wisdom within my *****,  found as I chase
The blazing sun, on these gentle wings
Holding inside the rhythm of a trees embrace
In this melody
To you, I softly sing

No secrets do I hold inside of me, yet I cannot be held
I am yours and still I am my own
Chasing the blazing sun as I am so compelled
Returning always
To sing to you my song
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.2k · Oct 2010
Take Your Pain
Lay me down and show me how
To feel the pain in you
Wrap me in the way you feel
So I can
Feel it too

I can look into your eyes and tell
See no light aglow
But I cannot know the way you feel
‘til you lay me down
And show

Lay me down and show me how
To feel the pain in you
Wrap me in the way you feel
So I can
Feel it too

Those pieces of your emptiness
Drift in with the rain
I can see those holes in you
Filled with
Only pain

Look into these eyes of mine
Love is all aglow
A light to fill your emptiness
Enough to flood
Your soul

Lay me down, I will show you how
I can take the pain from you
Wrap you in the way I feel
So you
Can feel it too

Lay me down
I will show you how
I can take your pain from you………..
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I hear my fate
surrounding your every touch
and my heart bleeds
in every shade of you.
Because of you,
the colors of my life
have become
a golden sea of happiness,
your sweet love........
breathes into.

You fulfill every dream
that has ever exhaled
into the deepest parts
of my heart.
my soul runs to you whispering,
“I have arrived
with no end to my trust,
from your side..........
I will not part”.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
4.1k · Oct 2010
No Small Kindness
Kindness is an essence painless for us to reach
The smallest one makes our journey light
A memory of a kindness seldom ever leaves
Brings a smile to our faces
When it is recalled
In our sight

Such a powerful virtue is contained in kindness
Though often considered insignificant
It is a choice each one of us carries within us
To nourish a seed of hope in a soul
In dire need
Of replenishment

Kindness is a gentle element, smoothing tension
Throughout energy flowing in us all
Abundantly, in supply, to each and everyone
A choice, perhaps considered insignificant
With an effect, one could never
Consider small
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
4.0k · May 2010
Your fingerprints are embossed on my heart
Forever to be known to my soul
Your insignia, your mark,  is placed in art
Never to tarnish or grow old

A slightly raised indention of your spirit
Your mark upon my heart
Emblazoned by the hand of love
A masterpiece of art

My heart will always bear your prints
As a reminder of what’s true
The place you’ve left your mark of love
Belongs only to you
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
I brushed my hand across what you said
then remembered
the exact moment I discovered
my favorite hiding place
where my heart could take deep breaths
and move away from the shadows
speaking as echoes across my mind.  
I could feel them move far, far away
from my beating heart
taking me to heights
where I could escape to a better place,
I thought I'd never find.

The deepest pain.....all the hurt I feel,
becomes trivial in this journey
where I define myself
and rises above my existence
here in the solitude
I find
within this hiding place.
Here, my heart becomes softly addicted
to leaving behind
the complications which cling
to the railings
of all my inspiration
when I attempt to write
the song of a nightingale
and every bad memory.........
Copyright ©2012 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
3.9k · Sep 2010
Your Kiss
Acceptance called out, evoking astonishing silence
Ringing in a whispered new kiss
Of velvety sensations murmuring sweet promises
Such delicate pure visions of bliss

Unforgettable missives powerfully pulsated within
Profoundly affecting all feeling
Shimmering on the edges of what has to be
Treasured without any ceilings

No confines, shorn of imaginary bounds to present
Nestled in shining perfect peace
Acceptance called out, evoking remarkable silence
Ringing in a spectacular release

When our eyes meet tenderly, with arms open wide
No imaginary bounds or ceilings exist
Just the velvety sensations murmuring promises
In the sweetest taste of your kiss
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
3.8k · Apr 2010
Two Faced
A selection of faces to choose from
Each day you pick out one
As you decide who you will be
What you will show everyone

Out into the world you go
With whichever one you choose
Thinking that no one will notice
Only yourself do you fool

You exhibit one way to some
Turn around and show something else
Forgetting that others are watching
Seeing the faces you shelf

Before you know what has happened
Your faces get all out of place
Soon you'll find you're wearing more than one
You have become two faced
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
3.8k · Apr 2010
Attempts to read between the  lines
Can be painful and it’s true
That one must first ensure
What they interpret
Is what is meant by you

The next time you get your feelings hurt
By what you thought you read
Make sure you read the lines themselves
And understand what is said

So many misunderstandings
And arguments that ensue
Are caused by not understanding
What is said to you

Listen closely truth is silent
Let the silence speak to you
But remember to listen carefully
To what is being said too
Copyright *Neva Flores @2010
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