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Dec 2019 · 663
Sometimes I Need Space
I have a garden full of time as a beautiful display when twilight goes to sleep and my true self finds balance. Here I find the brightest side of myself and fear cannot tear me down with its dark silence.

I can see a crescent moon connected to my life story as an illusion within a reality where I can feel the roaming of my soul.  And my  head never bends low when I seek the solution to finally be whole.

Yes, sometimes I need a bit more space where no other presence walks upon my solitude, where my mind can rest. This is the place where I can pick up my pen and let my heart bleed how I am blessed.
Copyright @2019 - Neva Smith Varga
Before showers of a shipwreck aged the cobwebs within the expansion of time to become a new day, I felt the breeze of you.  Your laughter kept me awake and wrapped my sleep, in hours. There, I walked in places, where all your gardens grew.

I whirled in the comprehension of your candle’s light encased in a thousand thoughts of last year’s stars, their immortality.  Yes, I’m still here upon this throne held captive by your smile.  The very image keeps darkness frozen, far away from me.

The fragrance of your mind is the mirror my soul admires in a silence that winds the threads that trace your lips.  Here is the place where I hear music that says, “I love you”, inside of memories.  My words fill up this page and your heart tastes each sip.
Copyright @2019 - Neva Flores Smith Changefulstorm Poetry 04/15/j19
Apr 2019 · 475
Sunset of Words and Phrases
A wild new wind northeasterly blew across all you needed to slow your pulse, send you on a quest deep enough for years. There you looked into the keyhole once again and found yourself distracted by the very heart of all your fears.

Streams of it’s your own **** fault entered both your ears in faint beams of weathered destinations where you danced on frozen lakes. It’s there you realized you had been introduced to the roots which seal a kiss with all of your heartaches.

You ask yourself if it’s harder to abandon the clouds of experience, walk away and rise to see what you can see. While I watch you leave a legacy of tilting windmills on a sunset of phrases and words that breathe in a ceremony only heard by me.
Copyright @2019 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm Poetry
Nov 2018 · 635
An Echo Finds Contentment
A pulse could hush the feel of skin
as it runs peaceful, always on the move.
There is an inside outside
need to breathe,
frequent release,
from all that’s smooth.

There is one in every shade,
wafting through dreams of joy and fear, not taken.
In a playground where you can’t see,
how the eyes of truth
exhale a sacredness,

Serenity weeps
as it looks upon the waves
that pull you in without chains.
While an echo finds contentment
on the lips of imagination,
gone insane.

On the beaches of your mind
you have wings,
playing the lead role of a play.
Would I known the wars-a-waging there,
I wouldn’t have fed passion,
a single day.
Neva Varga -Copyright @2018 Changefulstorm Poetry - 11/05/18
Oct 2018 · 922
Your Word Strings
Show me home in your eyes of fire
while still setting me free
to cross those bridges
I may burn.
Allow what we have to rest
in quiet happiness
of all the unknown ways
we can learn.

Exhale above me with lips
with no selfishness
and an intimacy I can see
without searching.  
Exhaust my inner urges
with your ink and paper
while I soar within
my yearning.

Pen me poetry that cries out
to be the lyrics,
all the pieces of my heart
learn how to sing.
Turn the key to the lock
of beautiful phrases,
draw me a fine portrait with
your word strings.
Copyright Neva Varga @ 10/15/18 - Changefulstorm Poetry
Oct 2018 · 997
Open Book of Glass
Is it even possible to contemplate a sea of promises unfolding petal by petal like an open book made of glass?  If I saw my world as a heartbeat would tonight be different than the flight of my past?

Why should everything dwell among a skin of silent beauty while the fire waits for meaning from a grain of sand?  Is it because our eyes lack hearts that sing to the butterflies as they arrive and land?

Should I hide behind the universe of whispering trees and brush my hands across the doors that keep me wishing? Until, I wonder if I’ll run out of rhymes if I part myself from my inner beauty misting.

I have secrets I hear laughing full of words that speak to me as a lion knocks down the door of breaking all the rules.  Still, I want to touch the glory of solitude’s lovely face and dance with mischief’s fool.
Copyright @2018 Neva Varga 10/01/18 - Changefulstorm Poetry
Sep 2018 · 822
One Storm Caught a Kiss
A touch we took, because each breath we wore, whispered yes, inside the searching.  So, we circled all our pride with warmth of reason, so we could keep from hurting.

We both smiled at those clouds of divine truth, spinning backwards as they dispensed.  Since an appetite for silence, fueled the moon and stars in this world, as our defense.

One storm caught a kiss we thought had touched the ground of breathtaking rivers to the sea. Yet, neither of us cried out in fear or yearned to fill the empty space, left for free.
Neva Flores Varga Copyright@09/17/18 - Changefulstorm Poetry
Sep 2018 · 492
Shades of Red the Same
Drifting in the folds of a spark you come
as a splash of cold water
in my face. Appears, I underestimated,
how hot those feelings race.

Have I been walking on a path without alarm,
while the forest descends on me?
Do my toes point me to a smile,
peace can never see?

What is this that springs from every breath I take,
as a spark ignites a flame?
    Why do I see it shaking hands,
in shades of red the same?
Copyright @09/15/18 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm Poetry
Dec 2015 · 2.1k
Encased Castles
Encased castles wouldn’t hear
what might have been
or a promise of immediate loss.  
When thank you becomes like raindrops
falling from the cost.

So I will say
the sun forever rises
because it was torn away
from the bones of an amber moon.
Until the day my face is woven
into what is mine, just not too soon.

Just think about what you do
when you want to be alone,
of course not because
you are broken.  
Let it go and become framed
with the tears of a family unspoken.

Reflect what is understood
and let it go
like a language of chills
contained in every second of surprise.
Then thunder from those encased castles
can be seen in my eyes.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores Varga-Changefulstorm
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
A Shade of Secrets
When we look at what is already spoken,
the words cannot live
if contained.
Hope becomes all we want
as our souls become awake
in air unstained.  

If we stop and count the words
they become elusive
and still hours later
we remain unconscious.  As if we are asleep
exhaling each fragment

Can we wear our heart on the sleeve
of our emotions
to keep our body warm and moving?  
When do we realize
where the point of here
is beyond that which is soothing?

If we talk about that which we love
giving our full attention
to each dream as it exists.
Would our laughter
become a shade of secrets
or a storm of words wrapped as a gift?
Copyright @2015 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm
We need not count on fate
on the battlefield
where windows reflect our dreams
when we find ourselves crawling
as we laugh.  
It is merely an invasion
from which I will not flee
no matter how hot
I find the essence
stained by my other half.  

Life’s best moments
will not make you famous
so don’t be anxious
or make empty promises
to a world
which remains the same.
Stay weightless
within your spirit
and keep the salted seas
from turning you bitter,
left behind….
in shame.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm - 09/28/15
Steady streams of reflections
kiss my weaknesses
and speak to all my struggles
dancing like leaves in the back of my mind.  
While the scent of happiness
breaks my heart
on unseen mountains
I attempt to climb.

Empty time of the whitest sand
keeps me awake
and runs with arrogance
across the stones of all my questions.
Still….I won’t say
what calls to my world,
or breathe a word, when you delight
in your burning suggestions.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Varga - Changefulstorm
Who paints the world with sunshine
and whispers louder
that which matters,
with whirling streaks of hope?  
When I am spinning round
with speaking eyes
for unexpected hours.  
Feeling alone………..
as an unspeaking ghost.

I wait with a passion
and a fire inside.
Lit by a precious brilliance
with a smile of wonder
on my face.  
Until your light paints my hands
which ache……
my heart beats to claim
your ever saving grace.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
Our hearts skip a beat
when fed with the delusion
that we have time in this world
to possess.  
Like a child
we think we own the burning flame
of the candle
standing with no attention
to arrest.  
We are content to be lured in every season
And still yet,
the skies of ourselves
never rests.

We keep our eyes closed,
looking for some other way
to find
everything there is.
of how the sun holds our hands.  
Still,  gently we leave in place
an ache
that prepares us
for the broken windows in our lives
to be like feathers  
with a present
of living free
without demands.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores-Smith - Changefulstorm
In the warmth of my emotions
written words are weighed
for someone new.  
They listen for something more
than this poet ever found
in that intricate box of you.

Nothing keeps me from smiling
at a single breath
of that which I love more.
When I feel those morning winds
brush across my words
of unknown shores.

I’m a moment
carrying a brilliant idea
with a voice soft as petals falling.
Listen to my poetry come alive inside
the empty space
of your heart’s calling.

Your eyes sing the words
I wrote for you
each time a tear rolls down your face.  
Your poet sifted the sands of time,
written words
have been erased.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
I once thought the sky was empty,
didn't notice my love for life deep inside myself.  
At the mercy of the sleep I found inside footsteps
of someone else.

I did not know if I should grace the ground
with all I believe my thoughts complete.
Or build walls around today
so as not to feel the loss of my defeat.

I saw forever in the past speaking to my soul
with a grip of the darkest hesitance.  
It broke my heart when I was born
like a man avoids his dying dance.

I once thought of your fingerprints as the deeper story
I carried with me at night.  
But I was simply masking all my feelings,
unknown, out of sight.

So, don’t try to read my mind
from your chariot full of problems, or be my puppet master.  
I can see you drowning in a storm of yesterday,
sinking ever faster.
Copyright @2015 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
You in Yourself
You in yourself,
treasure your secrets
inside a trance,
as your greatest work of art.
You lay them down  
as your reality
among the colorful leaves
then let them lie….
to your heart.

I simply wait
as your diamond
for you to turn the pages
of my body
while you sing.
I’m left dreaming of your smile
within a roaring tide
believing your time….
is everything.
Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
When Like You Failed to Find
I heard your fingers point at metaphors
that confused your mind.
I saw your comfort become woven
around the mask you wear,
when like you failed to find.

What if I told you of those hidden scars
those words could simply free?
Would you become a reflection
of the sun, or pretend
you don't hear me?
Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
Apr 2014 · 1.7k
As Dawn Kisses Me
I love the way he looks at me
every time his heart feels
the night's embrace.
And my body desires to dance for him
until morning falls
upon his face

I watch him drink each hour
from a cup of moonlight ecstasy.
While my hands touch his skin
as a breeze...........
that whispers me.

The morning finds me holding on
to a cup
of memories.
My heart drinks them in
as Dawn.....
kisses me.

Copyright @2014  - Neva Flores Smith
I found it very hard to write a poem like this when I am not in love and it is not about anyone.....but I tried.
Apr 2014 · 1.6k
You Smiled as I Wept
My fingers have learned
how it feels
to get burned.
When your every
“I’m Sorry”, left a scar,
deep and unearned.

The words on your lips
whispered the truth
while you slept.
Leaving me no longer wondering
why you smiled
as I wept.

My heart finds itself smiling
into the numbness
of your vacancy.
Your memory’s grown silent
and is now dead
to me.
**Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm**
Mar 2014 · 1.5k
Sea of Unsmiling Glass
Since a sea of unsmiling glass
was caught by my lover,
his sky has shifted
oh so dark
and I watch him
taking cover.

He takes the rose of winter,
wonders why
it doesn't bloom
and it’s too bad
he doesn't know
he never gave it room

Now all hope he has
of home and hearth
and my consolation
drifts across the land
as the wind……….
of all of his frustration.
Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm
My heart loves the eyes of time
and inside I feel that I know I hold the soul
which looks into the life of each and every word
holding the light of my life each day.  
The world hears my mind and sees my eyes
when night places a smile on my face.

My heart sees the sweet dreams of the sun
when my tears hand my spirit
to the song of the air
and my thoughts hand my pain to truth
and the winds of the moon.  
Still,  I wonder,
what right do my wings have
to silence the beauty of my breath so soon.  

Your voice walks softly
as it sings to the shadows of the sea
and I wonder
if I will sleep with the thought of your lies
touching my skies
and if I will feel your kiss speaking to me.  
While I watch the places
where your memories rain on the peace
your lips deceived so free.

I thought I heard you dancing to the left of the winds
and I thought hope would listen
and be filled with the music of change
wishing I'd known I could forget the sound.
Because  I saw the sight of darkness
and still remembered the light
I had found.

I now rest in the coldness of what I write
and stop your arms from burning the sweetness
of the end of my years
with your clouds and your flowers that are broken so gently.  
the waves of your flames
seek the silent softness
within the paths of me.
Copyright @2014- Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Feb 2014 · 1.5k
Hours Have Forgotten the Sky
A few hours have forgotten the sky
as they tremble in their sleep.
Truly they are delicate,
you can hear them softly weep.

Water becomes unwanted
as it's blown across and battered.
Yet, the water keeps on  praying,
as if it really matters.

We drown in the reality
that every day brings us in the night.  
regret sees you and I,  
and our skin forgets to fight.

Now, fire drips from all we hear
and the wind begins to howl.
We ask if this is heaven or hell,
and to the music
we all bow.
Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Nov 2013 · 1.5k
Trapped.......As It Forgets
On the inside
I am  like words
that find my hopes embraced by wounds
which cut me constantly.  
When I neglect the walk of now
my pride forgets to see.

Although I smile into each day,
silence screams and laughs
like lightning erases humanity
as it exists.
My sight of the outside world
becomes the flame.....
trapped as it forgets
Oct 2013 · 1.2k
In My Insanity
Free what is drawn in a few moments from your speech
and our two  forces.
Come find the lover you leave behind
in the ancient black and white.
Are you scared of heights
or would you rather be turned
into a man
as black as light?

No guilt
when you look at your dreams
and they spark
and mirror the poison apple you sense.
They bleed when they can't be seen
no matter their essence.
Shattered windows and broken doors,
cast shadows across a tear-stained floor.
Broken dishes speak to silent walls
while unheard words cry out
that should be understood by all.

Nothing's left to see in these eyes of mine,
because life has frozen
all I ever hoped to find.
I write and search for a stream of memories,
but find no words that won't scar me.

My hands reach out with a shaking pen
composing a message in the dark once again.
Tonight I scratch on my skin
words of love
that should have never been.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Does one become more beautiful
after being broken?  
Could they be repaired with gold
until their heart and mind
are no longer numb?
Will the harsh voices
that caused each crack
into a billion pieces
as if never spoken?
If so,
please paint each crack in my heart
and stop.......
where this pain flows from.

Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Please see this link
I hear my fate
surrounding your every touch
and my heart bleeds
in every shade of you.
Because of you,
the colors of my life
have become
a golden sea of happiness,
your sweet love........
breathes into.

You fulfill every dream
that has ever exhaled
into the deepest parts
of my heart.
my soul runs to you whispering,
“I have arrived
with no end to my trust,
from your side..........
I will not part”.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Towering boxes full of days
are hidden
by the lies you hold inside
your feelings.  
They whisper louder
with each year that passes
sending your happiness
a reeling.

Alone, becomes the key
to your sanity,
yet burns a hole
in the palm of your heart.  
You find yourself angry
at everything,
as you linger
while your world
falls apart.

You have fallen asleep
inside the shadow
of loneliness
those towering boxes
Tip them over with the truth
resting inside you
and wake
where happiness hides.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
May 2013 · 5.4k
The Staircase of Stillness
We have created a time
where our air smiles
like a precious gem
found within a storm.  
Each spoken sentence
we find to be filled
with purpose,.....
sound and warm.

Regret does not glisten
nor is it placed in this time
dressed up as hurt
impossible to understand.  
This is a place
where one can find
the staircase of stillness,
silence at hand.

Showers of love
fall as stars in this time
along the places where we sail
on a subtle breeze.  
We can see their reflections
turned inside out......
like a smile
Copyright © 2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Apr 2013 · 2.4k
Spinning 'Round Here Insane
No matter which notes are played on still waters
they weigh heavy on my pain
when they fall.  
There are days when I realize
I am spinning 'round
and murmuring,
feeling forced and raw.

It seems that time dwindles down
into its own sea
then wakes the night
asking to be filled with hours.
Everything I do
seems to make time kiss the places
where I spin,
as it devours.

I can feel a searing look
from eyes on the sidelines
when I attempt to  hold the jewels of darkness
next to me.  
Their footsteps
are like the million curses of tears,

Before the door closes on my life's journey
I know the moon will rise
in all its angelic innocence
once again.
Until then, I will dream
of polishing those jewels,
spinning round
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Exhale your emotions
onto all of our memories
waxing as poetic candles,
rub your feelings all over me.
While vague unexpected hours
root deeply
and mingle inside all they see.

I can hear our laughter lingering
when night stands on the waters
of our love,
never growing tired or flickering.  
Following close behind
the heels of my heart
never leaving..........
or wandering.

We have been given a life
that comes after midnight,
guiding us,
letting no poison command our faith.  
I smile,
in knowing our love
will grow stronger,
as each day passes away.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Apr 2013 · 2.1k
Harmony Breathes In
I see your heartbeat in every man
and I can hear your mind
even though you hide
behind the sun.
You disappear
into places of mystery    
where you survive
inside your fun.

You see yourself
as the lost make believe
and leave no room for reality
to ever be the same.
All those bridges you are burning
have you drowning
inside of your
own shame.

You want to vanish
into a spiraling truth
and be heard
by your feelings
while reaching out.  
There is no such thing as honor
when sitting on a velvet seat
where you only shout.

Your tears will soon pass
when you think
of the anticipation
of the dreams you had
in your cradle.  
Harmony breathes in a quiet breath
lasts forever
if it is able.
Copyright *2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
A beautiful dream rests
where it chooses to.
Far apart from stormy bodies
of gray clouds.
It becomes the comforter
resting, inside
every part of you.
As betrayal
is a word
never whispered
by a heart
that doesn't know how.
Copyright @2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm

For M.A.S.
Mar 2013 · 3.2k
A Tear I'll Never Weep
When the last memory says
I have to remember
all the layers that whisper in these rooms.  
My fingers become blind
to the passing warmth of years
my lips have forgotten
way too soon.

I always knew
the rambling name
of the nights when I smiled
at the voices of the stars.  
This is when I felt the air lingering
inside of a time
when I knew I could stand
where you are.

Faded hours fall
from my childhood scars
like solemn words set fire in streams
to all I speak.  
Still, I accept your arms
and give you all my love,
no breath of mine will sleep.

A knowing is left
like a sound subdued in my ear,  
and I savor the notion
that your words lie underneath.  
I read each line
one more time....until,
the end of us
is a tear
I'll never weep.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Mar 2013 · 1.9k
Tears Cry Tears of Their Own
Suddenly my thoughts run deeper
and become folded
inside the scent of the air
until they pull on my heart-strings
and watch
my tears cry tears of their  own.  
And I laugh and smile,
pretend to be happy
as if I don't remember
you're gone.

However, sorrow brings truth
as it closes in
to unravel the seconds
of each sleepless night
I have held for years unknown.  
And I realize,
it's time to move forward,
stop letting my tears
cry tears
of their own.
Copyright *Neva Flores @2013
Because I know what you do
when the tide is yours to honor
and how my heart cries for that
which is not my own.
I breathe in your existence
while a noose squeezes harder
around all your touch has ever held
and gently known.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Feb 2013 · 1.9k
Dust Gathering on My Rhymes
I am suspended in a time that is lost
in the laughter
flowing from my lips.
And no one ever told me,
there is no way out of this.

I am past recognizing solid ground
and burning
from the memories I keep.  
Still, my Muse sings a lullaby
while my destiny weeps.

Paper flowers litter the floorboard
of my heart
and go up in smoke inside my head.
I can't control
a single breath ahead.

My thoughts choose to stay inside the ink
where there's no risk
of living outside this time.  
I can feel dust gathering...
on my rhymes.
Copyright @2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Feb 2013 · 1.8k
The Broken Wing of a Friend
There is  a winding road that passes  by my lips
and runs across my skin.  
When I cry it crosses  the music  of my face
‘til my heart sings again.

A long time ago, I could not understand,
how to have the will  
to let things go.
Now I’ve learned to let that winding road
display what I did not know.

Sometimes I yearned to growl  and taste  the pain
of  the  tear’s of  another heart.
I forgot  to take a place  inside their skin ,
feel the truth of their hurt.

There is a winding road that passes by my lips  
and runs across my skin.
It  reminds me  to see  what lies underneath ,
the broken wing of a friend.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Feb 2013 · 2.0k
Ink Burned Upon My Name
An unfading melody fills my life
with a beauty
that covers my scars with ink
of a rhyme's desire
I can’t dismiss.  
And  I remember,
some things, move smooth as silk
like  laughter filled words
of a lover’s kiss.

The ink
which is burned upon my name
sleeps with my every hope
searching only…….
for happiness.  
It looks at me with an expectant face
in those moments
when my mind can’t rest.

The slightest touch of this  melody
leaves me waiting to shine  
with outstretched hands.  
My heart overflows with the beauty
of a thousand lights
changing color
at my command.

I can feel
the ink of my soul
on each and every breath
this melody breathes.  
While the ink burned upon my name
finds the happiness
it needs.
Copyright @2013 Neva Flores-Changefulstorm
Jan 2013 · 2.3k
Dressed in Sadness
My secret thoughts reside
in the backyard of my existence
where darkness cries out in shivers
clear to my bones.  
I wake up to find them
packed neatly on shelves in my mind
and wish I could just crawl away,
be left alone.

They come from my emotions,
dressed in sadness
with no intention of ever  comforting
what they transform.
There are days
when they make a decision
to rearrange the places I stand
until I am left without hope,

My secret thoughts are the lyrics of my being
which bid my heart
to walk on a white canvas
of the purest snow.
Oh the damage
that could be done
if I spoke them aloud,
my true feelings revealed
with these eyes full of woe.

I cannot bend or I'll break
so I hide on these shelves
in my mind,
packed neatly away
from all that challenges
my tree of life,
such as falling leaves.
My secret thoughts control
how my tongue refrains
from speech,
So my true feelings,
you will.....
never see.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Jan 2013 · 3.3k
My Constant
You are My Constant, touching my skies
and surrounding me with the pleasure
of your existence.  
This is an ancient truth
held by the hand of time
and cannot be concealed
or brought down,
futile is resistance.

I will never exhibit thorns
in between my words
or to your feelings
when walking  alone
on the shores of my sea.
You are My Constant,
sailing always in the back of my mind,
a ship flying your colors
to the port of me.

You are My Constant.  
The one I can never forget.
Without words you have spoken
to my heart
all these years.  
You are my sun,
the light of all my hope.
My Constant,
the one I hold inside my heart,
most dear.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Jan 2013 · 2.1k
Raining Silent Moisture
I wander through your thoughts
with eyes full of silent moisture
falling down on those walls
you blindly live behind.  
I listen to the loneliest heartbeat
convincing your other half,
inner peace.........
has been found.
Planting seeds in your mind.

I wonder should I leave this place
never return to visit
your future full of pain,
or continue raining silent moisture every day.  
These walls you live behind are a fortress
that drain my soul,
no matter how hard I try,
I cannot make them dissipate.
Copyright @Neva Flores-Changefulstorm 01/12/2013
Jan 2013 · 1.7k
Seconds Within Your Light
Coming through the night I feel strange seconds
within a familiar light.  
Here is where my imagination led me to think
no one heard my plight.

Still I smiled in wonder, though the darkness
seemed stronger every second.
Because I yearned to hear your words,
know my life was in your presence.

I bade farewell to the night , closed my eyes
let those seconds pass right by.
As that familiar light that came inside,
kept your face within my sight.
Copyright @2013 - Neva Flores-Changefulstorm
Jan 2013 · 2.9k
Skating to the Stars
When one skates to the stars
with feet called to wait on the sunrise,
it is said their hearts are hungry
for the dreams full of love
to return again.  
The taste of this hunger
travels with them
into the darkness full of stars
and stirs every sunset
they see
in their domain.

Sometimes this makes one feel
like running away
to erase the past and all pleasures
which made them feel complete
each and every morning.
Still, they know,
love will continue as part of those dreams.
So they skate
to the stars,
to see
what a new sunset
Copyright @2013 Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Deep within the ways I love you
lies a valley,
where my wandering footsteps
find no boundaries.

Hands held in hands
Drift amongst the pearls
Silent in emotion
I know you are mine

You are not my world,
Am I yours?
Speechless be our hearts
same sun, different moons.

The air we breathe
Tasting of honeysuckle
Embedded on a memory
On a lifetime of love

"A collaboration by Neva Flores and Aidz Giannini"
I sit among the winds of human souls
where darkness dares not speak
of storms that rock deep anguish
until it becomes
a fire inside you.  
These winds are more complete
when they rest upon my tongue
and get lost inside a dance
crying “let me go”
without use
of a cold attitude.

No fear do I have
of the years gone by,
I barely knew
of their passing.  
It seems as if their value
has been exiled to a corner,
left there
to dream.
So I can sit among the winds
without a single care
crashing in and demanding
I have remorse
for holding back
the years

Where there is sinister intent
and darkness clouds the sky,
there are moments
when the secrets of the wind
chase the substance
known as peace.
I feel the heat against my body
as I sit among the winds
accepting kisses
on my lips
from years gone by,
begging for release.
Copyright @2012 - Neva Flores-Changefulstorm
Some try to convince themselves,
this is the rarest of sensations
as they walk along the edges of a place
where their name is whispered by a spring
that flows love to all.
Still, we wonder
if it takes a truly perfect heart
beating softly
inside of a self-built cocoon
to be inspired,
hear the call.  

Does nightfall build the pressure felt
of those who fall
until they lower their expectations
find they are climbing mountains
hoping to catch
the silvery moon?
Is it not obvious that these hearts
will travel fearlessly
always bowing their heads
and closing their eyes,
in hope true love
will blossom soon.

I wonder if they have folded their hearts'
around an ache
no one is able to see.
Or if this is only the beginning
of recognizing myself
in their mirror.  
This rare sensation I feel
walking along the same edge
is merely erasing each step
fearlessly taken.
The silvery moon
has not....
grown any nearer.
Copyright @2012 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
Dec 2012 · 1.9k
Unravel the Night
Unravel the night as it nods off
to become a wall of darkness
until the sun looks into your eyes
once again
and you feel the pain of truth.  
Then tell me what is real
among the promises we have made
and why the blood running through our veins
speaks of us,
as our hearts are seduced.

How can we continue to live on the edge
where each breath we take
challenges our bodies to become
victoriously in control?  
When our hearts' wish to speak
of the need to see each other's face
and how love's flame  burns
within our eyes then moves
inward to the depth
of our souls.
Copyright @2012 - Neva Flores-Changefulstorm
Dec 2012 · 1.6k
Two-Same View, Same Beat-One
The fire of love clings to hidden winds
and flourishes as it turns
without thought
to envelop the music
of your imagination.
It then peeks at the silence
created by its own tug of war
come one, come all,
feel this sensation.

The fire of love removes all distance,
chants your name
until our bodies  blur space and time
and you and I find
we are viewing the world
through the same pair of eyes.
Between our hearts
we both know
desire feeds the flame,
listen to them beat,
the rhythm.........
is now
the same.
Copyright @2012 - Neva Flores - Changefulstorm
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