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Are you feeling sad are you depressed and lonely
Do you know you are not the only one alone
as your blood flows down the drain

You live your life the only life you are given
I understand this aching pain you are feeling
You are not alone as you face the darkening day
I am here to stay

Look in the mirror at the blade you are holding
and what you chose as your goodbye clothing
Does the throbbing make the pain go away
as you float away

Down the drain you will bleed
I will chase down your memories

Are you feeling sad are you depressed and lonely
Do you know you are not the only one alone
as your blood flows down the drain
© JDMaraccini 2020

Song lyrics I wrote for a friend.
JDMaraccini May 12
Composed society a system complex rotten and deformed
Unfettered anger frustration and anguish festering the storm
Putrid blisters of vile memories sobriety castrates the scorn
Impostor hypocrites who pose as friends devour each victims form
Again, again I plunge my pen this cauldron of memories mourned
Unspoken I vent forthright enigmatic in dreams I am reborn
Unbroken, unbent, unwavering, dramatic
I drag along the garden thorn
© JDMaraccini 2020


(side note)

I sat in a room inside my mind then felt this wave of frustration, pent-up emotions, and dark thoughts flood over me. Sort of like an over flowing inkwell of melancholy and rage; stemming from most likely a collection of pain and oppressed memories.

I stared at a pen at the edge of the table then watched it roll to the ground. It was there; in my mind I saw myself plunging that pen into my hand. Like fabric getting caught on the thorn of a rose bush I dragged it across my arm, then turning it like a key; I am released from this reality.

5 hours later the sun was rising and the poem was complete. Each word precisely placed to satisfy my creative angst.

JDMaraccini Mar 23
Incremental institution embedded brain damage
Pulsating vibrations bare feet underground
Plant trees under sky cover dirt with bandage
Rain falls interlocking read loop play twice
Incidental retribution invested gain vantage
Human binary freedom inconclusive denied
Structure belief genome disadvantage
Artificial omnisentient intelligent life

The truth you seek is out there
But first you all must die
© JDMaraccini 2020
JDMaraccini Mar 4
Observe a masterpiece the lonely relic
foreshadowing judgement eclipsed despair
Hanging disappointed art held ransom
childish tantrum freely shared
Refrain restrain what some condemn
Reluctance alleviates anxiety gained
A musical symphony poetic warfare
So let me gently remind you friend
Even at last gasping breath
I am fiercely lethal with my creative pen
© JDMaraccini 2020
JDMaraccini Feb 23
There is wonder in this world
there is absolute pain
To walk without feet beneath us unheard
To float through winds and treacherous rain
Individual identity in a broken frame

Who claims to astral project each word
Deny then defend egotistical blame
In a frequency sacred geometry game
Want not for this life in death we gain

Imprint with each breath
our genetic strain
© JDMaraccini 2020
JDMaraccini Feb 2
Fiddle with your mind so brittle
must I bathe inside the doom
Blah, blah, blah despite my riddle
We are alone inside the womb
All good things we see in dreams
a treasure found in a secret trove
Let us toast the memories
and finally let each other go
© JDMaraccini 2020
JDMaraccini Aug 2016
Stretched out arms in front of me
I raise my pen of indignation
Insults driven by pain and fury
I shutter over a wounded friend

Locked inside a broken candle
my temper burns the threaded key
Symbols light a fragile mantel
a place to share my poetry

Underneath the starry night
I take flight with no mistake
Bouncing off these walls of darkness
I hope this dream never ends

I hope I never wake
© JDMaraccini 2016
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