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nesrine ben Jan 2016
Close ur eyes
feel the darkness of the nights
forget all the fights
start new dream
i know its not easy .. let it out .. scream
what cause you pain
will teach u somthing .. a lesson to gain
that voice in ur head . **** **** ****
free your mind don't drink that pill
pain will fade away
Bruises ... for life will stay
Don"t make the wrong move
you'll regret it night and day
advice sister , Brother
start new dream
Live .. forget .. Love .. Feel .. believe
nesrine ben Dec 2014
Do you know what it feels like when you cry alone
remembering the worst and you suffer on your own
Do you know what it feels like when you love and no one cares
stupid words comes out and never forget what he says
Do you know what it feels like when  you are the best friend for everyone
but you can't find just one friend beside you in a need
Do you know what it feels like when  you remember them all
and your soul is always forgotten
Do you know what it feels like when  you forgive every mistaken
but you are the one to blame for a misunderstand
Do you know what it feels like when  you give the best
and you always get the worst
Do you know what it feels like when  you wish to die for something is not even worth it
Do you know what it feels like when  you are born just  for they make fun of you
and can't back it and Accept everything Against my will
No , No , no one knows those feelings .........
Life is so beautiful
but people are so awful
  Nov 2014 nesrine ben
Mary Ab
As I sat in the library waiting for my lecture to start,
A beautiful girl came along  and stood near to my heart

As she sent me peace with a smile full of delight,
Revealed such a beauty of hidden appealing light

Her eyes somehow met mine in a sudden peep
Took me somewhere over the rainbow leap

her eyes were iridescent with every shades of hope,
kindling sparks of spiritual faith and defeated mope

As I was wondering among her beautiful face ,
I heard her voice ,tingling my heart to race

She asked how to improve her langage to fulfill a dream,
To call for Islam and invite people to know this perfect Deen

She loves Allah more than you could ardently imagine ,
Her eyes glowing with the radiant of this noble message

I was fascinated by her alluring faith and love ,
by her appealing beauty and optimism shining above

Her heart was a precious peace of sincerity and faith
Studded with the most redolent shimmering gems

A full blossming hour spent without a doubt ,
Bringing faint hint of smiling sunshine ,

Pure love of Allah mingled our spirits ,
refreshingly flourished my heart and lissomed my soul

Islam is our biggest bounty so let's be grateful,
Let's relax our hearts and spread this bliss all over ...

The tips I gave she kept with an excited determination ,
To realise her dream and be among the callers
For this native religion and truthful decision,

With a glorious gratitude we ended our meeting ,
Promised our souls to get to strengthen our faith,
To noble our path and find our truthful basement

Speechless expressions are all we were able to keep,
In  front of Allah's super mercy and grateful deeds

she was  a pretty faithful soul that entered my heart,
Took me higher , and sowed love in every single part ...

Thank you Allah for all your bounties and fascination
Blissful we are to belong to your super fetching creation ...

I've been inspired by her faithful soul , embedded between her radiant light and fascinated by her pure love for Allah ...
Masha'Allah ♡

I met a precious jewel this morning who stole my heart and melted my soul ...
nesrine ben Oct 2014
I made a mistake that I told a friend what is wrong with me !!
I made a mistake that I told a friend what I'm suffering from !!
I made a mistake that I listened to a friend
I made a mistake that I showed how I live
I feel pathetic for myself
I was blind and I shared my secret
stupid things happened in stupid period of life
nesrine ben Oct 2014
In middle of the night
Wake up scared from a nightmare
The body shake and feel cold and afraid
A monster under that little bed
Is happy to make you feel unsafe
Laughing at loud and the heartbeat is getting faster and faster
Save me , get me out of this darkness
No , no one is there for you , no one is listening to you
You are alone ;
The silence and the calm is covering the house but that little room no one can know what's inside it
The monster comes out just to say .. your life is  full of many little monsters
Now they are friends but someday time will show you the truth
The sun has risen and beast is gone and my eyes and my body relaxed
nesrine ben Oct 2014
fake friends
empty world full of empty people
who to talk to ?
who to listen to ?
who to trust in ?
I can say I'm alone
I'm totally sick and tired of it all
scream , shout , or keep yourself silent
believe me it's all the same
if I say keep on smiling !! how to keep that smile on your face while a huge struggle is inside your little mind
Im sick and tired of all of this
maybe I'm just a teenager
and that is creepy
nesrine ben Jul 2014
Heart like a paper ;  turned to burned flames,
Arrived to a point of no go back ; this is the end ,
Smile or a tear it's one ; to me is the same ,
Black flower , dark mind , lives in shadow,
Afraid of people , hidden monster , sea of tears ,
What words can tell ?  what  tone can make you listen and  feel ?
To speak , no one is a listener!
To scream , no one is safer!
Bruises everywhere , empty letters ,
When to change ? when to live ? when to laugh ?
An unanswered questions!!
What destiny hide is the Answer,
Sad , is what I am now, I'm misunderstood,
When will it be good and better?!
To Erase the emptiness, it's so bitter!!
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