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6.2k · Nov 2012
Holly, Ivy & Mistletoe.
Holly, Ivy & Mistletoe.

Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe for Yule
Celebrate the return of the light
Deck your home with its greenery
And ribbons of red, green and gold shining bright

Ivy for the Lady, Holly for the Lord
Mistletoe for fertility, the Sun God reborn
Light up your home with candles soft, warm glow
Hail and welcome the new born babe this Yuletide Dawn

Blessed Be

Yule 2012                                           Nerwydd Dragonborne
5.6k · May 2012
Beltane Bride.
Beltane Bride

Harken to the drums of the Beltane fire
Pounding out its rhythm as the flames leap higher
Dancing around it, your senses overcome
Moving with abandon in time with the drum

The longing in your belly starts to rise
Along with the passion that shows in your eyes
Sweat soaks your body, your bloods on fire
You tremble with the force of your raging desire

You start to chant the ancient rhyme
Calling to your lover “come to me, be mine
Come lie with me in the wildwood tonight
In honour of the Ancients, let us unite”

Then through the smoke and dancing flames you see
The one that you yearn for, wild, proud and free
Wearing the antlers of the horned god on his brow
He watches you intently, then gives you a bow

You, are his chosen one, he’ll lie with you this night
Deep in the forest under the stars shinning bright
Like the Lady and her Lord, you two will be as one
As you make love to the rhythm of the distant Beltane drum

The drums are now silent with the dawn of the new day
Your loving now more gentle, for no drum beat now holds sway
Buried deep within you, his fertile seed pours forth
With each powerful ****** of his, you feel its potent warmth

A Blessing was bestowed on you virgins both that night
By the Lady and the Lord, the only witness to your rite
Today is our Hand Fasting, he whispers softly at your side
I will love you for eternity, my beloved Beltane Bride.

Blessed Be

9th April 2012                                                        Dragonborne Wolf
2.0k · Oct 2012
Samhain 2012
Welcome, Samhain, the Festival Of The Dead
The year draws to a close and we look to the New Year ahead
With the veil at its thinnest, spirits freely roam
Its time once more to welcome your Ancestors home

Listen to their messages and take note of their advice
For they know things we cannot, except at a price
Raise a glass in their honour, then bid them farewell
Though they never really leave us, and this we know well

Tomorrow brings a new day, though the Dark Lord slumbers on
The New Year has begun, let your voice raise in song
Set out your hopes and desires, for it’s a time to look ahead
Ask the Blessings of the Ancients as on your path you tread

May the coming year be fruitful, may you prosper and grow
For you’re a walker of the Old Ways and this is what we know
We are children of the Ancients and so we are doubly blessed
For we are the chosen ones, each on our own Sacred Quest.

Blessed Be.

Samhain 2012                                        
Nerwydd Dragonborne
I have seen a version, however, it is too 'Wiccan' for my tastes, so decided to write my own:


Oh come all ye Pagans
Gather we together
To celebrate the returning light
Waiting and watching
Our eyes on the horizon
We await the new born Sun Child
We await the new born Sun Child
We await the new born Sun Child
This Solstice morn.

Now you have returned
On this Sacred morning
Born of the Goddess your light will shine
The darkest night is over
The days will now grow longer
Hail and welcome new born Sun Child
Hail and welcome new born Sun Child
Hail and welcome New born Sun Child
This Blessed Yuletide dawn.

December 18th 2012  
Copy-write Dragonborne Wolf
1.6k · Feb 2013
Beware the traitor.
Beware the traitor that walks at your side under the guise of friendship
For she is an assassin, a viper, a liar, a ****** soul
Totally without honour
For she will plunge her dagger into your back with no remorse
Trust not the innocent looks, the timorous ways, or sweet words
For she is beneath contempt and is not worthy of your good opinion
Nor ever was.

Nerwydd Dragonborne
920 · Oct 2013
Our Dad
He was a wonderful man
He was funny and dear
A selfless man who went through life helping others
He was chivalrous and a true gentleman and we thank him for sharing his life with us
To put it simply
He was our DAD
Hospital waiting room lament

I sit here all alone
In a dingy little room
Not even a bunch of flowers
To brighten up its gloom

No one’s been to see me
I’ve no idea how he is
They won’t let me see him yet
I’m beginning to get in a tizz

So my mind is running riot
The tears are not far away
A happy birthday Nerwydd
You’re 55 today
I wrote this on April 25th 2011, following a telephone call to tell me Silver Fox had been involved in an accident on his motorcycle.

At one point he died at the scene, in fact, even now that he has had further surgery to repair him, I don't think the severity of his injuries and condition have sunk in, in fact, it was only last week the consultant told him this again and that he was very lucky to be alive.
547 · Apr 2015
Fallen Warriors
Fallen Warriors.
Like so many fallen warriors
They lay scattered all around
A heaviness hung within the air
The forest was devoid of all sound
Who would mourn their passing?
Would anyone actually care?
On seeing the devastation
Of a forest despoiled and laid bare
I mourned their passing
I cried and cried and cried
Quite unable to comprehend
Why so many trees had died
The guardians of the forest
Were beside themselves with woe
The Dryads lay down with their fallen trees
They had no place left to go
No care was taken over felling
They just hacked and sawed without thought
My forest would never be the same again, alas
And it was my very favourite haunt
I salute you, fallen warriors
Though several years have now past by
For the memory of that awful day
Will remain with me 'til I die.
© Dragonborne
21st April 2015

— The End —