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Nellie Manning Jun 2015
I see you my dear,
My dear little cat you were
Never a pet, you were more then a Freind
You wer like a second sister to me
And I watch you be lowered into the earth to forever
Buried beneath the flower and grass
Of the earth.
I wish I had had longer
I wish that you could have stayed and I wish
That you were never ill,
I'll remember you forever.
This is about my pet cat Orion who died of a kidney die siege at the ripe old age of 15
Nellie Manning Sep 2014
Boom boom bam! Went the bombs,
and I shreiked with fear,
we were safe in a bomb
saftey place, but that did not
stop the fear creeping,
creeping in, and frightining our
frightend world of fear.

"Boom bam bam!" My little sister
shreiked, and even with our fear
and fright we all giggled just a bit,
but then we heard the bang just
outside our walls, and were once again
consumed by the fear of the frightend
world outside - fighting for our world.

"Be quiet now dear Jennifer,
hold onto marney now!"
cried my dear brother peter over the
noise of bombs falling, falling, the sound
of bombs falling, the sound
of fear death and dying,
"Dye!" they seemed to screech,
outside in the world of fear outside.

The army was fighting people were
dyeing, it was all to much for me,
and the last thing I heard before
I fainted away, was dear little
Rosemary crying "Boom bam bam!
Boom boom bam!"
hi all, this is my first post on this site, and it's based on my nanas experiance in world war 2 (she is marney) and yes I know I said "bomb saftey place instead of a bomb shelter, but that is only to make it rhyme.
Thanks for reading!

— The End —