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neko Apr 2014
one time mary lambert told me that i am a ******* tree stump so i went outside to absorb the earth

always take time out of every day to go out without shoes on
feel the grass beneath your feet and between your toes
go out in public without shoes as well
do not be self-conscious
do not blush and curl in your toes when people stare
always remember that feet are weird anyway
always be proud of your weird parts

one time i did dxm and almost puked
laying in the cool dewy grass made me feel better though
i couldn't fathom how beautiful everything was in that moment
(i do not condone the use of drugs)

one time there was a time when i didn't need nicotine or drugs to feel better about myself
i miss that, that time in my life

i'm getting better though
i hope you are too
i hope you get completely naked before a shower and while the water's heating up i hope you look at yourself and touch all of you and i hope you slide your hands down your ribs and hips and think "******* i am one ****, fuckable *******"
because that's exactly what you are
i don't want this to be a cliche "u r beautiful" thing but i think that's what it's turning into

a cool thing about life is that when you cry your cheeks get stained with black but it always goes back to normal
your skin, that is
a cool thing about you is that you are like your skin
a cool thing about your skin is that it's always changing, always shedding, always growing
what i'm trying to say is that nothing is permanent
that you aren't always gonna be stuck in this **** hole
that you'll always find a way to resurface
that you aren't just a crack in the cement, you're the whole ******* city
haha, i love you you stupid head
a lot of people do
be kind to others because we're all just dumb beautiful walking flesh things
smile at every stranger and love like plants do
i don't care what you say, you are someone's sun
so shut up with all that "i'm worthless no one will ever love me" crap
be a conceded *******
love yourself
disregard rude remarks
basically be like kanye
u do u booboo

keep all of this in mind the next time you're afraid to go out in a certain outfit or to change your hair or to wear lots of makeup or no makeup or eat or any ******* nonsense you wanna do. please just do it. dont be a *****
neko Apr 2016
captain's log, #1
2/26/16, 4:06 a.m.

my heart is growing, but has turned into an anchor. i guess a bigger heart means a heavier one, too. i remember what lightning bolts feel like. the elephant's feet are back. 

captain's log, #2

3/3/16, 5:05 a.m.

i think i know why night is the enemy. without light, there's no colour. i look out my window now, i can see a sun peeking over the horizon, and i know that the world does not spin for me. so why doesn't my brain work the same? i don't remember how or when this infinite night crept up, but i feel like someone took the saturation bar behind my eyes and slid it all the way left. i miss outlook. i miss the sun. 

captain's log, #3 

3/3/16, 9:52 p.m.

your bones get so weary and cold that all you're able to do is sit in the shower with the hot water all the way up, and it makes you feel less disgusting for a bit but we all know that letting water run over your body doesn't clean it, or your mind, of this filth. the greatest romantic couldn't make what you did to me sound remotely beautiful. many nights i have stood desperately scrubbing and washing my skin until it's raw but your touch still lingers.

captain's log, #4 

3/5/16, 3:14 a.m.

there are too many things in this world that i crave. i long for a different body, a different place, a different me. the rational parts of my brain know that this is what i've had, what i have, what i will always have and that i should just make the most of it, but depression creeps from somewhere dark, far below where my feet stand, and moves its way up my spine like a fiery slug. i am now realizing that the devil on my shoulder never left, only lied dormant. 

captain's log, #5

3/7/16, 2:10 a.m.

been driving too fast with my eyes closed. been smoking again. been forgetting to eat. been thinking a lot about the fine line between, "i want to die," and, "i don't want to live."
journal entries of mine. i will share more as time goes on and i become more accepting of myself and my feelings.
neko Jun 2014
neko Mar 2015
leave a mark wherever you go. plant a tiny piece of you and it will grow and grow and you will be infinitely remembered. don't be afraid, share yourself because you are constantly evolving. constantly bettering. you are a small creature crawling the face of the earth just like everyone else, but sometimes our footprints are bigger than we could ever be in this moment. you are a humongous soul contained in a tiny vessel of a body, who you are and what you've done will live on. make an impact. live, create, share. you can do so much more than just exist.
neko Apr 2016
captain's log, #6

3/7/16, 9:17 a.m.

i woke up to the sound of rain and birds, it's almost spring and i'm nostalgic for something that i'm not sure has happened yet. 

captain's log, #7

3/11/16, 2:35 a.m.

at this point i don't even know why i still grieve over you. i've taken back what was once mine, to the best of my ability, but i think that you still have a tight grip on the parts of me that i'm not able to grow back. or maybe it's because i can't remember a time before i was either madly in love with you, or mourning the loss of your interest. me being "over it" means nothing when those words are still etched with traces of you. i can tell myself to get over it, that you have, that you're in the past, that none of this was ever real, but it was. it still is, somewhere. and in that somewhere, it grows. you will never be just, gone. 

captain's log, #8

3/11/16, 4:00 a.m.

let's go somewhere. somewhere far away, just for a while, where everyone else looks like ants. i wanna hold your hand there. i wanna go somewhere with you. 

captain's log, #9

3/16/16, 6:00 a.m.

it's only the beginning of a creation, but i already have that feeling in my gut, the one that can only accurately be described as nostalgia for the future. i feel things that don't make any sense, but here are some things i know; the weather's getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the flowers are tearing themselves open, and when i close my eyes i see your hand in mine. often times i'm not sure that i remember how to not be afraid, but i still find myself diving in head first. i can't stop thinking about two days ago when my therapist told me that it seems as though i like torturing myself. 

(EDIT ON 3/30/16: stop forcing yourself to like girls, stop falling in love with love.)

captain's log, #10

3/28/16, 7:04 p.m.

keep forgetting to write when i remember how to be happy. when she left, she didn't close the door, and he walked right in and turned on the lights that have been off for too long. his teeth are a little crooked, and he's only got one dimple, he hates these things but they make my chest flutter like it'll burst into a thousand flowers any second. i've waited months for this. i wish on every 11:11 that he won't be as fleeting.
2.4k · Sep 2014
sun hickeys
neko Sep 2014
your freckles come & go

when its warm out you get so many of those cute little spots on your face & wait hang on a second i think that freckles are basically sun hickeys
whoa i wish i was the sun
2.2k · Oct 2015
i lost my path
neko Oct 2015
my love is as valuable as gold. it takes every fiber of my being to create and produce, and once it's soaked up by another human being, it takes a long time for me to get it back. even long after they name me a ghost, all i see is them. this is lingering. this is dwelling. this is the sidewalk fading away while wandering around wonderland. i don't remember how to get over it.
neko May 2014
hey buddy did u know that under a powerful microscope a wood chip resembles our universe just let that sink in

we are so small we are so fricking small ok u hav to make yrself known or else u'll forever be nothing but a tiny floating speck

is that what u want to be for the rest of yr life??? a **** fricking speck no i dont think so

thats some horton hears a who type **** ok thats not ok

u know what else

no matter how known u make yrself u will always be just a tiny little speck but hey u know what

some specks can be bigger than other specks and this is not always physical

sometimes the traces u leave behind are bigger than u will ever be

so make a **** impact

voice yr stupid dumb beautiful opinions and voice them loud

be the tiniest speck and climb up as high as u can get and fricking shout at the top of ur little speck lungs

we are here were r here we r here and all that good jazz u kno

did i just write a poem about horton hears a who *******

shoutout to dr. suess for being a radass motherhecker thats some deep crap right there ****
2.0k · Apr 2015
broken cameras
neko Apr 2015
i like to think of my eyes as broken cameras that can't focus properly on their own
i love my glasses honestly
i love to take them off when i'm in the passengers seat of a car at night because the city's fuzzy lights look so pretty
you don't get that with 20/20 vision
neko Sep 2013
"i am very particular about who i expose myself to,"
we say to 3 million strangers every day

i shut off everything and everyone
just to listen for a while
then i start talking and do not stop ever

imagine yourself vividly

darkness goes like this

tell me one war since wwii that the united states has "won"
tell me one war where we have not been the aggressor

he told me that
burning down the house was the only logical thing to do next
unknowing how much of a literal person i am

start the car and leave this nowhere behind
things i used to admire from afar seem so much closer now

oh dear
i think i've lost myself
could you call it
(i left it on silent)

i don't have any data to back up my opinions
i think gravity and love are that of the same force

i don't like associating with people who complain about the length of songs

i wish i was strong enough to lift both of our souls simultaneously

you are constantly defining beauty with the way
you bite your lip and flutter your eyelashes and grasp your left arm and stare at the ground
while speaking to me

you are drunk and you are sad and i am broken and lets kiss

wow here we are

1.9k · Aug 2015
september 17th, 2012
neko Aug 2015
let me take a break from all of this for awhile
ii’m much too sad to read you a story from my diary
i miss kissing you
i want to kiss you under the sun
i want to kiss you on the sun
i want to handcuff you and kiss you
i want to know how to kiss you
i want to write a book about kissing you
kissing you is a full time job
let me kiss you agian
i am so sorry
i died kissing you
and i don’t regret it
i am losing my mind and i don’t want to find it
i"m reall sorry i will pay for the damages
wow can we stop loving each other so much already
i am so inlove with you right now i could make all the spelliung mistokos in the
world and you would still understand me and i you could close our eyes and still
see how much love we have for each other anad i don’t even mind if it seems like
i’m not payinga ateetion because maybe this is the way things are supposed to
be and i can’t make anything perfect for you because i am not but if you know
then i bet you can we ever
maybe this is right
everything is amazing and it will all be destroyed
this is the most memorable moment i’ve had today
let’s walk through the water with our shoes on
i want to feel the mud between my toes
i’m trying to catch all the mosquitos i can find
people say i’m not saying anything but i am actually saying everything and if you
paid close attention you would notice that i am actually made of different flowers
i’m so cute when i kiss you because you make
me feel reall cute u are so cute and kissing you should be an olympic sport
because i would win a gold medal in kissing you for sure!
how about we talk for a minute
neko Jan 2014
i sexually identify as the 28 degree january breeze sneaking through your cracked window at 5am

one time a school of fish said to me, "everything will be fine. we promise. just hang around longer."

it was mid-june, i believed them

one time i tweeted, "you have so much undiscovered depth. you are an ocean,"
referring to my gay friend who is known for being sassy and, well, gay
and not for what he really is
or what he's worth

anyway, someone replied to it
"you're a cork in the ocean"
and to this day i still think about what the **** that even means
but its poetic sounding and i like it
i guess

we are all the **** of a great cosmic joke
and i am not me anymore
i'm a hurricane aftermath
it swept away all the worth i had left
and here i am,
incompletely resolute

my favourite shade of orange is the one leaves turn before they commit suicide and if that doesn't say something about my personality then i don't know what does

all i'm trying to say is that
the grass is green for a reason and it turns brown and ugly sometimes but it always goes back to how it was before and i need you to promise me that you'll hold on
1.8k · Aug 2013
depths of me
neko Aug 2013
most of the time thinking about you is a perpetual sun burn spreading down through my arms and leaking out from my fingertips

whether that is a good or bad thing, i am still yet to figure out

my love for you is endless
i tend to fear the fearless
worry is relentless
and i am

i hear your voice whispering somewhere from the depths of me

these people here don’t understand
shoving verses and false faith down my throat
until i choke
until i die

we create our own fears
so why do we fear them?

i hear your voice whispering somewhere from the depths of me
i hear your voice whispering somewhere within the depths of me

so many things are happening
and all we do is stop
and stare
and wait
and hope for more
what arrogant pieces of **** humans are

now i am on a train
full of dead people
some sleeping
some looking out the window, thinking thoughts without points or angles or boundaries
lost souls searching for someone to sail across their hearts
(instead of just dipping their toes in and deciding for themselves that it’s too cold for a swim)

i am here to tell you
that i knew everything
i know everything

i hear your
whispering somewhere

within the depths of


i love the moment when i put on my glasses
i can see the world in so much vivid, beautiful clarity beyond what
i can

i am afraid to move because i might cough up a novel

i hear
i hear
i hear your voice whispering
from somewhere
not yet

i am afraid to speak because what if i speak too loudly


i’m sorry i can’t hear you over the sidewalk talking
i have 6 dollars in my wallet and legs made for walking

if you can’t face reality then teeth it

it is twilight
1am birds are chirping
there is a lightning storm across the sky
awaiting the first rainfall
if these morse code messages aren’t enough to live for then i don’t know what is

i am alive
under the sun
it kisses my skin
like your lips on mine
a burn so good
something to remember

and i hear your voice whispering
old familiar tunes
humming to the beat
this poem we have created

somewhere within
the depths
of me
neko Oct 2013
and yes, i smoke every ****** cigarette to the filter
yet my sadness never fades
i have bent and creased my sorrows into tiny origami butterflies
and sometimes when it rains i am the happiest  i've ever been
and when the sun runs away
i am the only one here on earth
everyone is teeter-tottering on the moon  
i truly feel alive

and no,
i cannot take away what others have given
and no,
i cannot find solace in my own words

we are all together in this cosmic game

when your favourite pen runs out of ink,
i hope you think
of me.
1.7k · Aug 2013
moon eyes
neko Aug 2013
as i’m lying down in the dewy midnight grass
i can’t help but notice
that the moon tonight makes me unbearably homesick for your eyes—

i see you in the way it glows
how it radiates with pureness and beauty
1.6k · Jan 2014
old rust
neko Jan 2014
i'm sick of being yelled at for the amount of (or lack of) food i eat. shut up and leave me alone.

and i'm sorry i got blood stains on your precious bathroom sink. maybe you can convince the guests it's only old rust.
maybe you can hide away your sick daughter. maybe you can convince them i'm only just a bit shy. maybe i'm old rust on the bathroom sink.
1.5k · Dec 2014
neko Dec 2014
sometimes music plays from my walls at night and that's okay

sometimes at 3am i hear a man's voice coming from the living room and then my dog starts barking but i don't question it

that's okay too

i've watched so many horror movies & read so many stories that when i'm scared i just think "if i'm meant to die, i will"

don't be scared because whatever's supposed to happen will happen whether you like it or not
1.5k · Nov 2014
writers block
neko Nov 2014
i want to write out what this feeling is like but i’m so ******* sick of my own metaphors
i don’t want to write about how deep the ocean is or how i can feel this and that in my bones
i don’t want to be that kind of writer, i don’t want to be cliché
i just want to say that i’ve felt so detached lately, like i’m made of different parts taken from different junk yards and i have a feeling in my gut that i’m either going to be a really big nothing or a really small something
i want to be good at something
writing and being poetic is too easy
why are we so easily fascinated by someone who can compare two unlikely things and talk about how the sky bends and how your fingers tremble at the thought of being destructive
this is too easy
neko Dec 2014
sometimes i sit here when i am sad and i think about how easily i could turn to a blade but then i realize that it’s too much effort anymore and that you shouldn’t waste your energy doing destructive things over temporary emotions
1.4k · Feb 2015
i am not myself
neko Feb 2015
it was almost like he threw his soul and everything that bounded him as a human being just went away.
neko Feb 2014
i am laying outside on crunchy leaves and all i can think about is you you you

it's pretty nice out for winter

like 40-something degrees

people in my house have the stomach flu and i am deathly afraid of vomiting

so instead i'm out here getting lung cancer

isn't it funny how things play out

i joke about getting lung cancer a lot but i probably shouldn't because i'm probably going to end up with it

anyway now i hear something in the distance

it sounds like children playing

laughing and jumping and running

or maybe it's geese

but something inside me hopes that it's kids
1.4k · Nov 2014
an apology
neko Nov 2014
i’m afraid. i’m absolutely terrified of losing you. i assume things. these ******* scenarios replay in my head like a broken record every second of every ******* day and sometimes i convince myself that they’re real. they broke me, everyone in my past. they completely shattered me. i try so hard to find the courage to trust people but every time i have it just gets torn down again. why am i so stuck in the past? i visit the past so frequently that sometimes days, even weeks will pass and i won’t realize it because i’m trapped in this nightmare of a mind. this is a new form of self-mutilation, and it’s killing me quicker than when my skin was opened, quicker than when my wrists were slammed against the table corner, and hell, even quicker than when i swallowed a fist full of pills every day to give me the numbing high so i could bear the real world. i am weak. i may have “recovered” from physically injuring myself but i’ve got this new method and it seems to be staying for good. you know, the sick part is, that somewhere deep inside of me, i must like it. it acts as a shield. constantly having your guard up is a lovely way to live until you take a peek into reality and see that you’re slowly killing off the people who truly care about you. i am selfish. i am weak. and i am so, so sorry.
1.4k · Mar 2015
killed by DEATH!
neko Mar 2015
i'm going to die one day isn't that weird

the world existed long before me and it will continue to exist long after me and that's just it

and then i will come back as whatever i will be in the next life and bless the world with my undying soul

this body is a vessel and really you can't get rid of me 

take that, haters
1.4k · Aug 2013
false ownership
neko Aug 2013
we say OUR universe and OUR earth because we see something very beautiful and as humans we instinctively want ownership; the same kind of scenario as when a young kid wants the cutest puppy or the prettiest dandelion
but reality of it all is the exact opposite: we are the universe’s children, it owns us
treat it that way
1.3k · Sep 2013
neko Sep 2013
i do not like associating with people who complain about the length of songs

people who listen to music but do not hear it

people who look at beauty but do not see it

i do not like associating with people who complain about the slow parts in books

people who admire the surface but do not try to break it

people who understand the flaw but do not accept it

i do not like associating with people who complain about boredom

people who know exactly what to say but do not say it

people who mourn regression but do not rejoice it

i do not like associating with people who complain about the length of songs,

break down the walls of your mind
take advantage of your depth
appreciate your width always
1.3k · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
speak to me as though the sweetest fruit is laced within your tongue.
1.3k · Mar 2017
captain's log, #42
neko Mar 2017
when i was in 5th grade, i was always determined to swing the highest. one day, when i was so high up that the back of my head was level with the top pole, i decided to lean all the way back as i swung backwards. with my face inches away from the ground, and the entire world upside down for a few fleeting moments, i then discovered what adrenaline was. that’s what loving you is like.
1.3k · Jun 2014
neko Jun 2014
driving back home from being in the city, one hand on the wheel, yours in the other, the explosions in the sky song with the title to match the exact moment floating from my speakers, your head resting on my arm, and a sleepy look on your face. 

and *******, i have never felt so at home. i have never felt such solace in watching the dark highway lines. as long as you're by my side and your hand is in mine, i could drive forever, i could do anything, i am unabridged. i have never understood a wordless song so completely. every breath you take is a melody in and of itself. we are a symphony.
neko Aug 2013
so this is what it's like
every day i slip on my best mourning boots
to go to the cemetery and collect my thoughts
that are just fields of stones
this is not the life i wanted you to see

i can hear you thinking from here

you tried to tell yourself but you refused to listen
sit back
watch as i make sure that everything spirals out of control
how long can you hold your breath?

my fingers barely brush yours
the transcendency of certain skin
no one else can touch me

humanity is the one disease that you will never be cured of
or something like it

at the edges burning
energy converting into matter
drifting off to wherever you are

and i can assure you it will come.
1.2k · Jul 2014
building my own dictionary
neko Jul 2014
strength (n):** the fact that i have full bottles of alcohol in my closet and i leave them untouched
1.1k · Aug 2013
labyrinth of suffering
neko Aug 2013
always appreciate the small things that have happened in your life
because one day when everything’s great you’re going to look back and see that those times were just pieces of the puzzle; the path guiding you out of the labyrinth
1.1k · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
i ache for the trees.
i ache for their gentle whispering of secrets and the endless conversations like the ones i had with the trees and their spirits when i was a young child.

i ache for the soft mumble of a lover— the half-conscious, unfiltered, 3 a.m. confessions that are often either disregarded or forgotten after awaking the next day.
1.1k · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
take a moment to lie out in the dewy summer grass tonight
look up and out into the sea of stars

someone once told me that a wood chip
looks exactly like our outer space
if you put it under a microscope

the universe is so big
and i am so small
woe is me,
woe is me
1.1k · Jun 2014
a small reminder
neko Jun 2014
hey you are the ******* sun and whoever is making you sad is nothing but a stupid ******* lamp
neko Dec 2013
your mind fills up your whole room and leaks into the hallway through the cracks of your door, use it wisely
neko Nov 2014
there's a lot of "don't"s that i've been doing lately and a lot of habits from the past are starting to show their faces again

i guess something in me thinks a drug addiction will help me write like i used to

probably will
it used to
1.1k · Dec 2013
neko Dec 2013
i should be asleep but i miss you so much that it hurts my bones

do strawberries fall in love

do you think trees fall in love and they get very sad and lonely when the tree they're with gets cut down

or like do you think a tree on one side of the world is in love with another tree on the other side of the world & even though they can't see each other, their roots are somehow connected & they just


i think i'm a tree
1.0k · Aug 2013
stupid dumb girl
neko Aug 2013
i am so mad at myself
i want to smack my brain across its face
the thoughts i think are so absurd
my hopes are higher than the stars
this must be why
i often find myself
crashing down
with such
994 · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
i ask myself that all the time
did i find you?

the sun is at your back
and the sky matches your eyes
and off in the great distance
storm clouds rid themselves of their contents
onto cracked, parched earth
unclear light toward the horizon

i step on the gas
i grip the wheel tight in my hands
i let visions of her play in my mind
every time i hear her voice a kind of silence washes over me
and for the first time in my life i knew who i was destined to be and
who i was meant to be with
and no other thing has ever felt quite like belonging to her does

this is how i was made
and here i am
none of this can be undone
and i will never be the same

the sun stooped to kiss the night
the sun burned holes into the sky
the sun spoke to the earth in language of the universe
rays and waves and secret forms of communication
and underneath the ground a curtain parted
to show all of the things that had been lying dormant in that place

a new thing began to bloom
they were flowers born on the same day
under the same rain falling and
into the same overwhelming light

the flowers tore themselves wide open
to show each other what was hidden inside

your eyes flashed fire
your eyes flashed nebula
and my heart would have died otherwise
986 · Jan 2014
neko Jan 2014
today is the first page of a blank 365 page book. you hold the pen-- it's yours. make it good.
980 · Oct 2013
a new beginning
neko Oct 2013
and we are back to that wonderfully familiar, piercing joy. i can feel it in the depths of my long-lost thoughts and i can feel it in my teeth. i can feel it in every crevice and corner of my body and i feel it under my fingernails. i feel it in the part of my mind that only glows when there is a spark. i can feel it, i am illuminating. it has begun
951 · Oct 2013
neko Oct 2013
my girlfriend is hard liquor and i'm drowning in her love
neko Aug 2013
there is a hell, believe me, i've seen it. but it is not here. open your eyes & start walking--
the earth is not a cold dead place.
902 · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
my moods are heavily predicated upon my perception of my physical appearance and after much internal debate i have come to a conclusion that i am not ashamed of this

a lot of anxiety arises in the conflict between the desire to separate one’s thoughts from the influence of the physical world and reality

most of the time i think people’s desires for death are simply desires to escape the flow of time— the chain of events, and just think for a while
neko Sep 2013
walk away from the cage of everything you have known and seen
for beyond lies true beauty and the reality that hides from us as long as we are alive.
862 · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
(& i'm talking about the ones you place on yourself)
824 · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
of all the possible combinations of events that could have happened in my lifetime thus-far, what if i am living in the best possible outcome

i'm not sure if this makes me happy or sad
790 · Aug 2013
the atomic weight of love
neko Aug 2013
the space in between

attempting to hold all that exists in that place

we are almost touching

our mouths hover very close

this thing that we are creating

it is forever on our tongues

there is something within you that causes me to just sigh my breath and wonder

my eyelids fall

the air that passes between us is electric and alive even though we believe we are not

fluid and graceful

the universe and all it’s particles are aflame

we are surrounded

the first atoms to spring hot from this small void

whispered us their secret

no one else knows this

only you and i

the big bang in reverse:
illuminating as we grow younger and warmer
lights flipping on
going dark
blinking in and out

cast your rays upon me and help me hold on

the binary stars
orbiting bodies
burning and immense
the first light occurs across the service of your faint complexion,
your golden hair glowing

this is happening now and i swear to you i will not turn away

when the rest of our physical being is washed and withered away this light that once shone upon us will still illuminate

time is here
this has happened

the atomic weight of love
788 · Aug 2013
millennium's worth of stars
neko Aug 2013
a stranger once told me that someone told them that it is a fact that all the stars in space outnumber every sound and word produced by every human that has ever lived, ever.
i know that might make you feel pretty small, and as much as i hope you feel as lovely as you really are, you are probably lying alone tonight, curled in a soggy mess of tissues and blankets, wishing that your breathing will slow to a peaceful stop.
i would give anything to let you know that you are the reason the millennium’s worth of stars shine so bright. you are the beauty of wind and the rustling of leaves, and when a rainstorm is raging through the night, i hope you think of me when you awake to the chimes in your open window making the soothing melody that cradles you back to the contentment of sleep.
763 · Aug 2013
neko Aug 2013
how odd is it that
if we weave the right words together
we can either
cause someone to fall in love
or shatter them to pieces
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