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bella nena Oct 3
what a unique word

as it means "beautiful"-

i can only imagine a world of hope

for those who have been called

B e l l a.

as this name lays with utopian dreams

where there is no harm- no worries.

in the end, we are all "bellas"

we all deserve happiness

even if we think otherwise.
you are beautiful- tu eres un bella
bella nena Sep 1
oh, how much hope i had
entering a world that is mad
hoping there's time to fix this,
created by human existence.
i am an alien
not claiming to be one of them
the stars aren't aligning,
the smoke is rapidly rising
oh, how much hope i had
The world isn't as utopian as we imagine. So many problems we are facing, as our life is ticking. We got to make a change now, or else the future generations would react as aliens to our "home".
bella nena Sep 1
beauty is said to be on the exterior

but i wonder why many miss the beauty in the interior-

i sit staring at myself looking at the mirror

wondering if I'm considered any "prettier"

in the end, it's all on me

to understand that beauty lies underneath.
real beauty is beyond the skin.

— The End —