Ned Carter Jun 16
Oh say can you see, through the darkening night
What so meekly we failed to arrest in it's scheming
Whose orange tan and fat thighs, what a depressing sight
On the TV we watched, the lies built up and teeming
And the Foxes dull glares, the twitler's fake hair
Gave proof to the dumbs, that fake news was still there
Oh say does that gop still grovel and sway
Under the guise of the free and the lies of the day

On the border to the south, children taken discreetly
Blame another for our sins, divert and deny
What book of scripture can we use to weakly
Justify our actions, and absolve our blind eyes
Stand up and speak out your minds, all of the crossed lines
History is watching as we sit idly by
Allowing atrocities and helping America die.
Ned Carter May 2014
You'll fix me?
You'll stitch the pieces back
Arrange the scattered parts
Glue the slivered fragments
Into a whole.

You'll fix me!
Repair the ravages of time
Extinguish the hurts of old
Balance the teetering mess
That is my Soul.

You'll fix me.
Just being there daily
Lending an over-sized ear
Reverberating my dissonance
Paying my toll.

You'll fix me,
One step at a time,
Patching the leaks
Padding the walls
Digging the hole.

You will fix me
Over the course of our lives.
Through kindness and wisdom
Through struggle and change
As we grow old.
Ned Carter Dec 2013
The children adore it
and wait all year
for the cold winter comfort
and the saturating cheer

They fidget and pace
all through December
making lists of the gifts
That they did not remember.

They climb upon Santa
eyes shining brightly
fingers clutching their lists
ever so tightly.

They stutter and stammer
forget what to say
resigned to waiting
for that magical day.

Xmas eve evening
so full of excitement
they dream of the morning
wondrous delightment.

The parents abhor it
and wait with dread
the upcoming gathering
the breaking of bread.

The family you avoid
the rest of the year
the drinking, the gossip
the pains in your rear.

The endless instruction
batteries galore
the wrapping and hiding
the locked closet door.

The last minute shopping
Black Friday stampede
to grant their wishes
to satiate their need.

Its finally over
the end is nigh
the morning of Christmas
the end of the lie.

The atheist ignores it
as best he can
it is pretty invasive
and he is only a man.

A fat man, a baby
flying moose in the skies
horrible, endless music
but at least there are pies.

It begins in October
the feast for the dead
the next day there's Jesus
in his tiny, wooden bed

A story of divinity
passed through the ages
bastardized and broken
parchment thin pages

Roman gift giving
European "Christmas" trees
A Greek gift giving saint
Shepherds on their knees

Supernova signals
Norseman's Mistletoe
A donkey, a sleigh
Coca Cola's Ho Ho Ho!

Saturnarian or Pagan
Christian or Jew
Happy Holidays to everyone
From: Atheist, To: You
Ned Carter Nov 2013
To be immortal, eternal
To last throughout the ages
To stand above all others
Written of by the Sages

To battle through adversity
Overcome all of the odds
Lay low all of your enemies
Ascend to the realm of Gods

Hear the melody of your tale
Pour from the mouths of Bards
Your cunning and your trickery
Your proclivity for dice and cards

Your saving of maiden
Your taking of the same
Your duplicitous nature
The building of your name

So many disguises, outfits, faces
A new person for every event
so many skills to learn and master
All or your time is used now, spent

You have stretched far, a longish span
A passing storm heard in the distance
A raging power, destroyer of worlds
A torrent of change at your insistence

You step into the glow of life’s evening
Looking back on this long trip
A small smile brightens, tired eyes
As into past dreams you slowly slip

Eternal? Immortal?
throughout the ages?
Who cares of these things?
What matter the Sages?

Fully lived lives are the answer
Moments grasped firm, held tightly
As the end must come for us all
Go to your end Proudly, not lightly
Ned Carter Mar 2013
We post, tweet, google and skype
We re, fwd, edit and code
We have so much access, to so much tripe.
We log in, connect, update, download

Instant information,
endless exploration
constant zombification
Our wireless Nation

Pale electric shadows,
cast on the walls.
Unable to break from
the gripping siren's call

Camping the bodies
pwning the noobs
sniping their medic
just for the luls

Mining down deeply, into the nether
Waiting for spawns that follow the weather
Collecting the pets, weapons, mounts
Getting achievements that cross all accounts

So much to amaze, mesmerize, and entertain
All the things to look up, argue about, explain
A race with access to knowledge galore
and still we demand faster, better, MORE!
no form, just bored.
Ned Carter Mar 2013
I have always been
And will always be.
Nothing created or
destroyed, You see.

inside us all.
Star stuff makes up
this tiny blue ball.

directing the course
energy and matter's
chaotic discourse.

Never dissipating.
Always in flux.
I'm still here,
and that is the crux.

Do not be sad,
nor shed a tear.
I simply changed states,
I will always be near.

So say your goodbyes
to this one incarnation,
And know it isn't over,
temporary emancipation

Particles spinning
here, but not.
Quantum reality
more than one shot.

It never ends,
we will always be
in different forms
that's our reality.

— The End —