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NC Burch Nov 23
alone in the kitchen
forgetting her children
life just a seventy year intermission
punctuated by stillness
NC Burch Nov 22
I want things:
objects, relationships
accomplishments, careers,
bedfellows, life partners, offspring

I want to catalog my things:
alphabetically, chronologically
by emotion, by feel, by color
in order of weight and value

I want to show you my things:
via e-mail, via text, via call
in a letter, on social media
perhaps written in the sky

I want to talk about my things:
"Yes, quite an array, thank you"
"Oh, this collection? Vast? I suppose..."
"Really? I'll have to add that one to my list!"

But really,

I want what is yours:
your envy, your lust,
your approval, your attention,
and at my worst, your despair
NC Burch Nov 22
The stream splits where the stone sits,
and day-by-day the flow persists

The stone is still, the river flows,
and bit-by-bit the stone erodes

The stream can mend; the stone cannot
The stone relents; the stream resolves

The stream has won, the stone is gone!
said those unwitting of their bond

Now stone is stream, and stream is stone:
one as flesh, and one as bone

The stone lives on a million fold;
Its seedlings off to parts unknown
NC Burch Dec 2018
In a rebellious sleep,
I dreamt of stillness,
my mortal machinery
a garden of rust.

A man, a monument
no whip could stir,
whose sweat is wind
and blood is dust.

The last Luddite
on a throne of junk,
armless clocks
like broken cuffs.

Free at last
yet frozen such.

Free at last
‘till woken up.
NC Burch Dec 2018
To be a flurry,
dancing white noise,
a fragile static
lost to the earth
in an embrace
of sublimating grace
with a thawing kiss
to quiet the storm
NC Burch Aug 2018
Verdant hills where shoots and stalks
stand shoulder to shoulder
towering like emerald cities

Life flies, hops, crawls, slithers, and swims
knowing no bounds but the inherent
laying no claims beyond shelter

Neighbors at peace until hunger stirs
flesh for flesh, blood for blood
first struggle, then silence

A lone vice in an otherwise Eden
NC Burch Jun 2018
trapped in consumer relations
gilded gluttons gorged
on popular culture
preservered with consumption
then celebrated with consumption
only held precious metals
smelted bars, minted coins
like plaque in the arteries
as the market beat on

— The End —