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13h · 25
He cried and cried
She didn't deny
Swords pierced his heart
As three swords in a tarot card
Surgeons weren't of any help
Hermit mode came to rescue
Spiritual healing did the magic
He is now happy and wise
She isn't in his life
He smiles and smiles
1d · 23
No body knows me
More than me
Wherefrom I come
Whereto I go
Shrouded in mystery
The Vehicle in which I live
Came from my mother's womb
Shall be condemned and cremated
When I leave it
For an unknown destination
Shrouded in mystery
All that would remain here
Would be history
Might be of some value
For the posterity
No body knows me
More than me
1d · 35
Temperatures rose high
Fire wasn't dying
2d · 22
Everyone so to say
Has a choice
Dictate their life or
Allow others to dictate their life
Most allow someone
To dictate their lives
A few refuse others to dictate their lives
They are men of fortitude
They make their fortune
They make the majority work for them
They make the majority earn for them
They become kings
They have kingdoms
Not kingdoms as of the yore
Of businesses, enterprises, industries
Of people famously known
Dictating their lives
Dictating other's lives
Inspired by Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Ambanis etc.
3d · 28
Punctuation may break
Rhythm of writing
For a writer of poetry
Unavoidable under
Some circumstances
To convey correct meaning
Meanings change drastically
When l say:
A woman, without her, man is nothing or
A woman, without her man, is nothing
Punctuation sometimes
Does matter
If not in letter
But in spirit!
3d · 35
Most men are badly raised
They are their mom's craze
Dad's copycats
In household no role
Mom serves them all
Open their mouths
Order so well
Smiles and carries it all
It's her responsibility
Since childhood
She was told
Men never to learn
Basic skills
Self dependent to live
They aren't at fault
Women prefer men over women
In most households
Raise them as if lords
Without horses and swords
Daughters to play
Second fiddle
Serve men as if religion
4d · 104
Open to criticism
Open to praise
Open to reason
Open to faith
Open to knowledge
Open to acknowledge
Open to differentiate
Open to integrate
Open to love
Open to ...
Not open to hate
Not open to fate
Not open to ...
5d · 36
Shakespeare, I wonder, you're often quoted to have said is the truth:
"I always feel happy
Because I don't expect anything from anyone
Expectations always hurt"
I doubt and doubt
It's hopes on which we live
Tomorrow would be better
We always think
Without expectations
There is no hope
In dejection you live
Great man like you
Couldn't have lived in dejection
I believe
Minimum expectations
We all have
From God and the world
You would have certainly
Expected sky to rain
Fields to grow vegetables and grains
People to live in harmony and peace
Your body to be fit and fine
Mind alert and sound
Peaceful death
You must have expected
We are social animals
Dependent on each other
We can't do everything for us
Expect others to do many things
For our survival and welfare
Expectations always do not hurt
Some expectations in life do get fulfilled
Sometimes bringing enormous joy
No expectations attitude can't keep us always happy
For happiness essential expectations must be fulfilled
We must act to enforce such expectations
I believe, in expectations
We must live
What we expect from others
We must always make explicit
Without this, it's my experience
People dutifully and responsibly fail to act
Our expectations shouldn't be in arrogation
People must not act in derogation of duties, responsibilities
Shakespeare, I am a small fry
Your greatness worldwide recognised
It's just akin showing candle to the Sun
People may have you misunderstood
For any presumptuousness, please forgive
I do believe
Expectations are inherent in us
In hope we live
Shakespeare and for that matter many great men are often misquoted misleading generations.
6d · 40
99.9% we all are same
It's 0.1% that makes me me and you you
97% we are chimpanzees
It's 3% that makes us different from chimpanzees
50% we are bananas
It's 50% that makes us different from bananas
It's all in the genomes
Mitochondrial DNA
You carry more genes from your mom
Than from your Dad
Mom is powerful
She beat your Dad
Who's superior
Your mom or your dad?
Nov 17 · 55
Love is on the horizon
Waiting for the Sun to rise
For it to rise
The Sun rises daily
For it doesn't rise
For being blinded
By pseudo-lights outside
Love married love in 5D
Coming from past lives
In 3D to materialize
Love is prescient of its love
Ordained by the Divine
Divinity of love lost
For the time being
For the Divine to guide
Love is on the horizon
Waiting for the Sun to rise
Past lives love is guided by the Divine and materialises in 3D World in divine time.
Nov 17 · 48
Experiment is supreme judge
Theories not in keeping with
Words junk
Experiments prove
Use positive words
'Feel good' hormones flow
Make us feel good
Postive self-talk
Endorphins and Serotonin 
Released in our brains
Flowing through our bodies
Make us feel good
So my dear friends
Let's use positive words
Indulge in positive self-talk
Make us feel good
Making others feel good
Brain waves tests have proved, using positive words and positive self-talk release hormones in brain making us 'feel good'
Nov 16 · 64
Love was on the horizon
Rose with the Sun rising
She drove, he was driving
Life was dancing in rhythm
Her voice sounded music
Elaborate breakfast and lunch
Every moment was a fun
The Sun was descending to the horizon
Partying was coming to an end
Now some moves were being calculated
He was being ignored
Things were turning boring
The Sun drowned into the horizon
She disappeared forever
Nov 15 · 36
Husband and wife
They loved each other
Nine children were born
The couple often fought with each other
One accusing the other
For producing so many children
Things became bad to worse
Case filed for divorce
Honb'le Court with all the compassion and wisdom
At its command
Tried to bring rapproachment in couple's life
But failed in its efforts
Now  perforce divorce it had to decide
All other things were settled
Custody of children remained a ticklish issue
Neither of the parents
Was ready for custody of all nine children
Nor children could decide
Who to be with whom
Both the parents were adamant for equal division
The odd figure of nine was a big hindrance
Cutting a child into two pieces wasn't feasible
For it would have died
The couple prayed
The Honb'le Court
Defer the divorce petition for a year
They would produce one more
To make the number even
It would solve the problem
Make equal division of children possible
They made love
Everyday dreamt of happy divorce
Lo and behold
The day of new arrival arrived
Twins born to the noble guys
Nine plus two again an odd figure
Making equal division impossible
The couple realised
Whole excercise was futile
They decided to stay together for life
Inspired by a joke, this piece written in a lighter vein.
Nov 15 · 67
Altruistic motives
Spring from the desire
To gain happiness
Happiness desires to come
In many ways
Drinking, dancing, eating, making love and what not
Circuit breakers each have
Short-lived they are
The moment limit exceeds
Tripping occurs fast
Circuits keep making and breaking
In vicious circle you are
Altruistic motives spring for some
Lucky they are
Durable happiness
Heading towards
Nov 14 · 41
I often pick up
Best flowers
From my garden
For my vase
In my bedroom
I do this
With pride
I excercise
Considering me
The owner
Of my garden
Here I commit
An error
Signs of
Some terror
For me
To realise
Lease holder
Became owner
He leased
For life
The realisation
Didn't end here
A consoling logic
Emerged from within
Why nice people
Die so early
He is the Owner
Of His vast garden
All nice things
Are His flowers
He picks up
The best ones
For His Vase
After all
He is the King!
Nov 14 · 104
Heart's beating
Pulse pulsating
Breath in 'n' out
Eyes red 'n' white
Face wrinkly 'n' pinky
Memories vivid
In high spirits
Blood boiling
At low temperature
Low blood pressure
I am alive to say
Happy Diwali!
Nov 13 · 49
Type 1 civilization
Humanity approaches
Distancing from Nature
Energy from all sources
On Earth it would harness
Type 0 to Type 1
Enormous energy consumption
The only parameter
Determining type of civilization
Natural disasters
Earthquakes, tsunamies  
To be sources of energy
Technological advances
Life artificially distancing
Flora and fauna
Only on smartphones and computers
Living in virtual reality
A reality
Living in Nature's lap
A dream
Current civilization
Somewhere Type 0 and Type 1 in between
Type 0 civilization
Minimal energy consumption
Pollution free environment
Imagine roaming about
In a jungle
Riding a horse
Bow and arrows on shoulder
Sword in one hand
The other holding bridle reins
Horse galloping the trail
Then meeting princess
Of your dream
In type 1 civilization
Man would be an intelligent mass
Overwhelmed by technology
To and fro
Moon and Mars
Enter next type civilization
Dyson sphere
Around the Sun
To materialise
Channelize and harness
Solar energy Earth towards
Farther from Nature
Artificiality upwards!
Nov 12 · 56
They give
Beautiful sermons
Neither mind
Nor matter
It's consciousness
That matters
People of
Highest order
They don't
Need fodder
For ordinary
If life
in tatters
It's money
That matters
What's primary
Or matter
How does
It matter
If nothing
In plenty
Not even
A shanty
Nov 10 · 40
Speed matters
If you wish to meet
Your goal in time
Slightest error
In the direction
You miss the goal
Choose right direction
Before gaining right speed
To reach your goal
In desired time
Nov 10 · 74
Bridges bridge gaps
Across rivers, ravines
Make life easy in space-time
What kind bridges
For gaps of human enstrangements
Cable-stayed or prestressed
Failed understand
Deep in thoughts
Wisdom prevails
Bridges of healing
Sentiments and thoughts
No need for budgetary provision
Just a decision away
Bridges you construct
Bridges bridge gaps
Across human enstrangements
Nov 9 · 51
At astronomical distances
Stars and planets
Appear cool and shining
Closer, barren mass or dreadful ***** of fire
Similarly, from far
Comparing yours
Theirs lives appear cool and shining
Your problems appear astronomical
Theirs minor
Nearer you go, you see
Wounds greater than yours
At astronomical distances
stars and planets
Appear cool and shining
Closer, barren mass or  dreadful ***** of fire
Nov 7 · 79
I am not wordly wise
I often pay a price
World values wordly wise
Rest are cut down to size
I am not worldly wise
I often pay a price
My conscience does analyse
Tells me only be wise
Even if you pay a price
O Lord make me wise
With capacity to pay every price
Till I die to rise
Nov 6 · 119
A deep sound comes from a hinterland
The voice is of an unknown origin
Neither from up
Nor from down
Neither from left
Nor from right
Neither from front
Nor from rear
It just comes from a hinterland
Ethereal existence I could say
Of someone
Instantaneously known
Indefinitely known
Infinitely known
Subtly known
An elixir of love
It says
Be an agent and convey
I obey, in deference, I obey
Language of silence I speak
I convey what is to be conveyed at this midnight
I be out of mind and sight
Good night!
Nov 5 · 43
Your contention has no leg to stand
Your deals are underhand
Very well I understand
Years of brooding yielded no results
To write a thesis on you is quite difficult
I shall change the research topic
I shall not allow you backdoor entry
Your contention has no leg to stand
It will now do headstand
Everything will be transparent
Nov 5 · 80
Born to a mother's holy womb
Living body romps and romps
With spirit dead
At night sleeping in a tomb
Thinking someone would come
Worshipping Tom, **** and Harry
Of mother's holy womb
Nov 4 · 252
I am not arrogant
So I regret
All my actions
I deserve to regret
Arrogance is writ large
On every face
That thinks
Never did any wrong
They are perfect
Collateral to God
Deserving nothing to regret
Nov 4 · 92
Strange and funny
It may sound
Two Austrian scientists
After long drawn research
Have found
Swallowing sperms
Effects are profound
Spermidine in sperms
Makes you look young
Aging process is slowed down
Amazing spermidine
Restoring damaged cells
Story doesn't end here
May cure Alzheimer's
And Parkinson's diseases
Would be a boon
If it proves to be true
Gurus and Sadhgurus
Now please tell
Is there any precedent
On the subject
In your scriptures
You often boast so well
Telling us of knowledge written in scriptures
Thousands of years back
Scientific discoveries and research have now brought
Convincing the common man of what you tell
Validation by science
You often quote and sell
As far as I know
You all preach celibacy
*** only for procreation
What would you say
If men *******
Swallow their gel?
Nov 3 · 210
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Eat, drink and dance
Have some romance
Be an interesting person
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Embrace and kiss partners
Who are free from Corona virus
Maintain social distance
Two yards with face
Covered with mask
Dine and dance with
Spirit enhanced
Be an interesting person
Maintaining social distance
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Nov 2 · 66
Fickle mindedness
A moment here
Another moment there
Lands you nowhere
Unable to decide
What's black
What's white
What's to do
What's not to do
Where's to go
Where's not to go
Frustration fastening
Emancipation a day dream
Fickle mindedness
An impulse in the mind
Make arrow shot
In the dark
Not bother
The consequences
Cis-river, trans-river
Another impulse
In the mind
Don't decide
For the time
In not deciding
You decide
A decision
Better than
Arrow shot
In the dark
Fickle mindedness
Lands you nowhere
This far nor that far
Take deep breath
In and out
Make resolute mind
Dispel fickle mindedness
Decide with confidence
Landing this far
Or that far
In best interest
As you are
If on the horns
Of a dilemma
Or a multi-lemma
Be content to decide
Fickle mindedness
You avoid
Nov 1 · 99
She appeared innocent
She crooked one
She had a good heart
She had totally a black
She was always eulogised
She was often criticized
She appeared of sound mind and stable
She was arrogant, considered herself intelligent
She lacked courage and lived in silence
She was cruel and lived with arrogance
She preferred she
Lost grace and innocence
She got grinded with she
Like mite gets grinded with wheat
Admittedly, a truth!
Nov 1 · 296
SHE includes HE
She is the guiding principle
HE is included in SHE
He is the abiding principle
Oct 31 · 42
Flowers wonderful creations
Nature's beautification
Pleasing to the eyes
Minds fly high
Flowers flower hearts
Make surroundings smart
Fragrances intoxicating
Varieties overwhelming
Who to praise, who not to praise
Fail to understand
Rose, penrose, chrysanthemum, dahlia, gladiolus to name a few
Marigold most common
Names A to Z
No letter of alphabet left
Enough on varieties
Structure deserves mention
Flower comprises four whorls
Outermost whorl of calyx
Comprises a number of green sepals
Next whorl of colourful petal
Designated corolla
Then comes whorl of male reproductive organs
Androecium of stamens
The innermost whorl of female reproductive organs
Gynoecium of carpels
Some flowers have both male and female components
Some either male or female
Are flowers homosexual
Matter of least concern
Enough description of blooming flowers
The writer a withering flower!
Oct 31 · 57
Rasputin's ***** is unique
Preserved in Russian
Museum of Erotica
Thirty centimetres long
One wonders
To a human it belonged
Mad Monk he was known
1869 he was born
At 42 he was in close
Proximity to the Queen
Historians believed
He seduced noble women
His influence had grown
Offence Aristocrats had shown
They planned his ******
Poision, cake and wine were offered
Frozen river his body thrown
Preserved his ****
For posterity to come
Not only for its size
Horrible consequence
Of its misuse to be precise
Warning writ large on the ****
Men never misuse your stick
Russians take pride over
Having the biggest one
Americans' presevation
Of Napoleon Bonaparte's
Just a 'pod'
Some living ones
Claiming as long as
Forty five centimetres
Turned out to be fake
Do they consider themselves 'Donkeys'?
One wonders
Blue whale is the real king
With **** as long as
Eight feet
Rasputin immortalized
For his misdeeds
With a **** of one foot
Leaving clear message
To the posterity
Never misuse theirs'
Or meet Rasputin's fate
To know about the Russian Museum of Erotica and see the photo, google.
Oct 29 · 147
There would
Always be a reason
Why they came
In my life
Either I needed
Them to change me
Or they needed
Me to change them
Or both needed
Each other
To change
Each other
There would
Always be a reason
Why they came
In my life
At this hour
I remember
The past life
Of this life
Every link
In the chain
Of agency
Linked to other links
For a reason
Some for cohesion
Some for adhesion
Some for attrition
Some for abrasion
Some for erosion
Some for corrosion
Some for fracture
Some for rupture
Some for deception
Some for conception
For all such reasons
There would
Always be a reason
Why they came
In my life
Either I needed
Them to change me
Or they needed
Me to change them
Or both needed
Each other
To change
Each other
Why people come in our life. Reason to change.
Oct 28 · 136
Science measures
Assumes one more
Bella Hadid
Most beautiful
94.35% perfect face
Perfection measurement
So accurate
Didn't adhere to
Rounded figure
Don't know
The yardstick
God isn't
Why should He
Create perfect things?
He isn't mad
Denigrate His status
He cast man, woman
In His own Image
Distorted, imperfect though
There's nothing
Equivalence it's
We consider
Potential always there
You can be like Him
Testicles, ovaries
Have strength?
You be Him!
Oct 27 · 149
My inspiration
Is my desire
My desire
Is my need
My need
Is my deed
My deed
Is my feed
My feed
Is my treat
My treat
My inspiration
Oct 27 · 49
In Japan
Broken articles
Repaired with gold
History written
In symbols unknown
Articles of ehanced value
More than gold
Consider repairing
Broken souls
With gold of love
Consider it
Assets of enhanced value
With extraordinary
Experience of breaking and making
Joints stronger than original metal
People with extraordinary experience of hardship and pain to the limit of breaking, once healed, may prove to be assets.
Oct 27 · 63
An undefinable
A primitive
Not breakable
Into simpler
Why attempt
Defining love
He who
Of love
Who defines
There is only
One kind
It's love
Foolish labling
Sugar is added to tea. Sugar is added to cake. Sugar is added to chocolate. It's the same sugar. Not tea sugar, cake sugar or chocolate sugar. So with love. You may love animals. You love friends. You love children. You love a lover. It's the same love. Only relations are different and intensities may be different.
Oct 26 · 130
They sell God
In festive season
To feed their children
They buy God
To win favours
The poor artists
Couldn't win favours
Sell Him
For them to win
His favours
Poor artists find it difficult to survive.
Oct 26 · 42
Mind is fickle
Difficult to control
Once into its fold
Stories roll
Characters evolve
Disputes crawl
Relations dissolve
Mind is fickle
Difficult to control
Once into its fold
Peace is sold
Matters unresolved
CPC involved
Judges engrossed
Cases on hold
Witnesses sold
Advocates freehold
Litigants in heavenly abode
Oct 25 · 78
It's said
Knowledge is the best wealth amongst all
Nice to know!
But how?
Oh, I see
MBAs, PhDs selling vegetables
During Corona period
Not found fit for the post of Patwari
It's said
No one can steal knowledge
But how?
Oh, I see
Most knowledge openly available to everyone on Google
Secret knowledge under multiple layers of tight hi-tech security
Hardly any knowledge is stored in brains
Kidnapping and third degree methods unable to extract any knowledge
Inspired by ancient words of wisdom.
Oct 24 · 212
Standing before
A bonfire
I see faces
In the fire
Looking at
The clouds
I see faces
In the clouds
Staring at
A historic wall
I see faces
In the wall
Focusing on
A ***** floor
I see faces
In the floor
Mountain rocks
I see faces
In the rocks
Depth of
A painting
I see faces
In the painting
Gazing the sky
At night
I see a face
In the Moon
All these
Pareidolia faces
Not known
Harm anybody
Turning around
I see faces
Different from
Pareidolia faces
Some unreally
Real faces
Under heavy duty
Sorry, makeup
Every fortnight
Ready for
A break up
Some real
Beautiful faces
Some real
Ugly faces
Not Judged
By the eyes
But by the
Heart's cry
Pareidolia is a normal phenomenon in human psychology.
I lived in my own world
For a while
Cutting off myself
From the world outside
Lost in my fleeting thoughts
Writing at random
Whatever mind crossed
Non-sensical, senseless
May be it was
Just to incomprehend comprehensible thoughts
Under the law of tort
Couldn't be brought
Court to dispense justice
Grateful to some people
So sensible
Making sense of my nonsense
Dealing with tragedy and trauma
Oct 24 · 46
He was dangerous
He lived in his lair
He pounced upon
Who dared
He made lives miserable
Factious, fractious
Animal of concrete jungle
He was dangerous
He thought
No one could dare
Enter his lair
One day my dog
Fetched him out
He was brought
On the ledge
From a height
He was dropped
Like a hat on the head
Fractured his two legs
He forgot the lair he lived
Once for all
He disappeared
Beware of dogs!
Oct 24 · 111
He who finds no one understands him
He who thus keeps his feelings to himself
He be not disappointed
Empathy a scarce commodity
Apostates of humanity in abundance
Words it's you transfer
Fail to create appropriate thoughts and feelings in them
Thoughts and feelings stay back at home
Remain safe under your
elliptical dome
Meditate to give your thoughts and feelings
Spiritual frequency
Transmit them with telepathy
One day there would be someone
Who would say welcome welcome
I understand you
I love you!
Oct 22 · 128
It's a scary night
Yet I say goodnight
I make it a good night
Bravado is my forte
I don't believe in hearsay
I decree what I say
I get up in the morning
I would say good morning
Making the day good day
Oct 22 · 90
I did
My happiness
I gave
He was
Ran away fast
Leaving me
Oct 22 · 159
In smiles
World is won
You love
It's not enough
Appear to love
It's the crux
Oct 22 · 49
Criminal acquitted
Type two error
Encouraged as he
Criminals' king
Public's terror
Politicians' friend
Time washes memories
Leader he turns
Constitution doesn't hold him
He upholds it
At his will
The public lines up
Folding their hands
Seek blessings, favours
Meeting their ends
The error creeped in
Corruption, lack evidence
Witness hostile
Or incompetence
Type two error
It turns!
Criminals hand-in- glove with politicians, with time become politicians.
Oct 21 · 203
I have seen
Incongruity win
When people love
Parallelism disappears
Meeting point to come
I live in love anger
In parallelism
I dwell
I wish parallelism exists
Euclid to fail
Meeting point to come
Lobachevsky to win
This poem is drawn on analogy of geometry.
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