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Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your scriptures
Repository of knowledge
There is no need
Of school and college
No modern universities
No modern research institutes
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Gurukul, guru-shishya
Ancient tradition
It's the best
Modern teachers
Be given rest
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your scriptures
Contain everything
Knowledge of health
Knowledge of wealth
Knowledge of foods, nutrition
Knowledge of all kinds
Of science
Of technology
You just
Need to interpret
Germans are experts
Who learnt
The language
Of scriptures
From your
Great goodselves
Don't do it yourself
Just sit and criticize
Modern teachers
Modern scientists
Who have given
To the society
So much
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Just sit and sitshit
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your culture
It's the best
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your ancestors
Gave you lessons
Spiritually rich
Lofty standards
Imbibing made
Best culture
But you reduced
To so many Jai Chands
Remained slaves
Just for 800 years
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your culture
It's the best
Your ancestors
Gave you lessons
Spiritual evolution
Free from greed
Free from lust
But you made
Women to remain
Mostly indoors
Play home
Maker's role
They aren't safe
For outside
High character
Men roam
Keep beating
Your chest
Your culture
It's the best
A few saints
A few great men
In a society
Their excellent practices
Their excellent knowledge
Their excellent preachings
Their excellent guidance
Don't make
Best culture society
How people
Behave and act
What moral values
They respect
What character
They show
What emotions, feelings
They manifest
Women and children
How safely
They can grow
A few indicators
What culture
You belong
You possess
You manifest
Keep beating
Your chest
Holding high
Your head
Your culture
It's the best
But don't improve
Even a bit!
Jai Chands represent traitors.
Culture is an umbrella concept. You may have great arts, crafts, literature, music, life styles, costumes, customs, foods and cuisines, architecture, great seers and scholars but no ethics, no character, no security. Will it be the best culture? Culture is dynamic. There can be a sea of difference in what was and what is.
In nature things move slow
Things happen slow
In slow is serenity
In slow is clarity
In slow is durability
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I understand
Slowly slowly I think
Slowly slowly I write
Slowly slowly I work
Slowly slowly l couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Deeper roots, broader  spread
Little recognition
I could get
They planted me
Where there was erosion
Stopping landslides and further damage
Many grew so fast like a vine
To great heights they could twine
They bore fruits for their growers
Who protected them
From hail and storm
I couldn't fulfill their norms
Slow and steady doesn't win
Just remains free from sin
Faster the speed of throw
The higher it goes
I am slow at everything
Slowly slowly I couldn't grow much
I could grow only to be a shrub
Pruning often they did
Making the shrub
Pleasing to their eyes
Fit and fine in public eyes
I am slow at everything
I care a hang for them
Slowly slowly I understand, think, work or write
I feel quite satisfied!
Shrubs prevent erosion and landslides. In a corrupt system, competent honest people do exist. They face resistance. They think, act and move carefully and take the time required unlike corrupt ones who want to make fast buck and climb the ladder fast by pleasing the powers that be by adopting shortcuts. Competent honest people grow into shrubs only as they're slow by the standards of the corrupt. But they prevent erosion and landslides in the system.
I write poetry
On HelloPoetry it's free
Masterpiece I don't write
I belong to an ordinary tribe
I write in my spare time
It's a hobby of all time
I express my feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
I lighten my heart
I am not a professional writer or a poet
Of the calibre it's required
To earn handsomely
Lead a descent life
Blessed one can full time read and write
Flourish or survive
Rest find it difficult
To meet both ends meet
People least interested to read
Audios, videos, Instagram, memes
They're interested indeed
Most write in their leisure time
It's a hobby of a kind
Expressing feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
To lighten their hearts
With their talent
Maybe they impact the society
At large
Divine masculine
Divine faminine
Both traits in one
One dominant
One recessive
Male figure, divine masculine
Male father
Male figure, divine faminine
Male mother
Single parent I am
Today I am father
On this father's day
I shall be male mother
On mother's day!
Both masculine and feminine traits are present in an individual. Your gender is decided not by your genitalia but the traits which are dominant. Balancing both the traits makes you a good parent, a good human.
Dearest mine
I love you
It's no crime
My love is divine
Small things
Make you whine
You're a slave of wine
Everything with you isn't fine
I am concerned
I love you
Wine doesn't
You must discern
You drink the nectar
Of my love
You would find it
A better stuff
More and more
I would love
It would protect you
Against misiles scud
All your sorrows
Fall with a thud
For my love is divine
One day you too
Would rhyme
Love, love
It's fine to love
For it's divine
Now I end this note
On an optimistic note
I am yours lovingly
In order to spend leisure time
Something I need to write
One thing I google search
It offers me so much
That I never heard
Take case of astral body or dress
It showed me 'Astral ***' in result
Bizarre beliefs, bizarre concepts
Your astral body floats off physical body
Mates with your partner's astral body
There's no physical contact
It's just mating of soulmates floating in the air
They say it's more satisfying
Free from STD and ***
Population remains in control
There being no procreation of course
Tremendous are the benefits
They tell you the techniques
Mysticism of mystiques!
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