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nautiluspoetry Oct 2018
You stumbled upon me
Or I stumbled upon you
Least expected.

You left me
Or I was being left by you
I thought everything was fine.

You said the words
We lay in your bed, two bodies
As one.

You stroked my hair
You said, you won’t do that

// when I thought everything was fine
nautiluspoetry Oct 2018
Crisp bread and lazy mornings,
Red wood and yellow fields,
Those are all the things
I want to share
With you.

Sitting by the fire,
Coming home in the evening,
Walking on the wooden floor,
That’s what I want to share
With you.

While being on a bus ride
Into the unknown,
I’m fantasizing
Of how beautiful life were
With you.

And as strange as it should
Seem to me,
I think,
I really could be domestic
With you.

// those are all the things or Swedish daydream – nautilus poetry
nautiluspoetry Oct 2018
I’ve always felt insecure
About my body,
That if I’d start talking
About how I feel towards
The bones you could see,
The curves you could not,
You’d call me crazy.

I’ve learnt not to be frightened
I’ve learned to say,
“Look, being skinny isn’t always
So much fun either.”
I’ve learnt to be proud and
I am on my way
To love myself.

I’d like to think of
My body
As delicate.

As a form of beauty,

Like the leaves on trees,
Like the water running down in riverbanks,
Like the sunlight cracking through stormy clouds.

// a form of beauty – nautilus poetry

— The End —