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naudia Jul 9
"i'm glad that at the times that i wasn't okay you took your own time to reinvent your own version of forever. i think at some point you started to be holding me down. i was always supposed to be there for __, and when i wasn't i get lectured but when something was holding me down you blamed me for drowning you. it was always you needing support and i was the one being drained."
naudia Jul 9
it's sad that those who care the least hold the most power.
naudia May 25
from the bottom of my heart.
i wish you nothing but the worst :)
naudia May 25
the world is tortured by those who lie upon it
those who call it home but treat it as though its a stranger
but yet we get so quick to blame it when it retaliates
and we are the ones feeling the pain of being treated like a stranger. left to rot in the dark
naudia May 12
i would use my last 1% to hear you
but you hardly waste any of your 99% on me.
naudia May 12
that some days you wake up and could make a list of all the things that make you happy, only to go to bed at night digging to find some light beyond the darkness of your burdens
naudia May 8
i hope my face burns off in front of you.
just to prove that as tears streak down my face and evaporate into steam i would only want to die with your face etched into my brain.
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