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Nathalie Sep 15
You said that after all these times, it’s always been me
But yet, I know that if you were placed in a room with all of us
I would not be the one you run to
Would not be the one you glace at first
Would not be the one who catches your eye

You'd look at her
in the blink of an eye
Nathalie Jul 27
The best thing that's ever happened to me,
cannot and will not
be the thing that tears me down
Nathalie Jun 24
I hope you never forget how much I love you
never forget how much you mean to me
never forget that I would cut any distance between us if I could
you will always be my everything
i hope it doesn't hurt you when i'm no longer around. I'll love you from beyond, forever
  Jun 24 Nathalie
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
Nathalie Jun 24
No one warns you about how bad it feels
how bad it feels to fall back into your worst habits
how bad it feels to wake up hurting
how bad it feels to witness yourself become the person you swore you'd never be again
how bad it feels to watch the one thing you love slip right through your fingertips
No one told me it would hurt this bad
I want to stop hurting
please make it stop
Nathalie May 8
For nights on end,
I thought about the questions you failed to answer
questions you failed to know about
but i took everything within me to ask them now
i wish i never opened that window of conversations
i would not be hurting right now
Nathalie Apr 14
Because of you, the words "i love you" mean nothing
the three words i cherished the most
now hurt the most to hear

Because of you, it hurts to wear my black ring
because all i see when i close my eyes
is your smile from the day it was given to you

Because of you, i am scared of love
scared to give up on us
because i grew to love you
and ended up falling in love with you

But you don't fall out of love
and this is how i know you never fell in love in the first place
this wouldn't be easy for you
if you had fallen with me
i wanted us to be forever
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