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Native Intuition Nov 2019
But how do I tell you about the things I've seen?
From the most haunting and daunting
To the very fabric of dreams

I've experienced love beyond measure
Traveled the world to hold it in my hands
I lost myself seeking that foreign treasure
and returned home a different man

Moonlit dinners on Italian cobblestone streets
Ludovico Einaudi providing the symphony
I've climbed mountains in The Alps
Drank straight from the snow melt streams
I witnessed the Black Wolf of Val Duron
and kissed a Goddess on those mountain peaks

I've stood shoulder to shoulder
with ancient warriors carved in stone
I looked them directly in the eyes
and felt an honest worthiness in my bones

I've laid on the beaches of paradise
been cleansed by the waters of the Aegean Sea
Slovenia, Austria, Greece and Italy
I can no longer recall who I used to be

Synagogues, churches, temples and sacred places
but all I seem to remember is how beautiful her face is

Like a collision of galaxies
Moving far too fast to ever coexist
We changed each other's world
and kept moving through the eclipse

From the Earth that inward pulls
Like the song of the last wild wolves
For the optimal experience - Play Ludovico Einaudi's "Experience" while reading at a slower pace.
Native Intuition Jul 2016
The animals
we pretend not to be
Confiding in technology
Hiding in comforts
Spirits lying dormant

We ache to belong
Never knowing how wrong

Never understanding
that we're all composed
of the same universal song

From the Earth that inward pulls
Like the song of the last wild wolves.
Native Intuition Oct 2014
Like all great love stories
shadows riddled with sadness
lay in balance
pushing apart
Water freezes
in the cracks of a rock
and eventually
shatters it to pieces

Chaos to order to disorder
Mindful acceptance
unbreakable universal law
applying to
the entirety of existence-
and that does not exclude

So when stars
go supernova
Billions of years pass
Planets form
and the atoms
into two human beings
who are deeply
and madly
That is the pinnacle
the highest
state of
that can possibly exist
There can be nothing greater
Nothing of more substance

and so begins
It simply cannot last
That love
has taught you both
you will ever need to know
and it is time
to become
the next reincarnation
of ourselves

That love engrained
is now forever
a part of you
Through years
Through lifetimes
Through millennia
Native Intuition Oct 2014
I try to write
and nothing but words come out.

I hate those nights.
Native Intuition Oct 2014
There can be no growth carrying the perception that your life is a solid state of being. You are fluid. Time is fluid. Emotions are fluid. Respect the river. And dive in. The moments don't linger, though the hunger is real- and you cannot define yourself by the routines you currently tread. One different decision. One change of direction. With every step another decision is made. Who am I becoming? With every breath the nature of the experiences of our lives unfold. Exercise your inherited powers of evolution. Left foot, right foot. Work. Sleep. "But this is how I've always done it." Not anymore. It is time for me to go this way now. Because it is time for me to grow. Nothing is certain, nor will it ever be. Some things just feel right. Like a gravitational pull towards the light. Each potential path we could walk is promised to be overflowing with new experiences, new friendships, new hardships and new self discoveries. Wherever it may come to lead- new happiness, new sadness and new love that you never knew could exist- will be born. A new version of ourselves will emerge. Do not waste away lying dormant, like oceans drained bone-dry by emotionless routines. Become change. Gravitate towards love and towards passion. Like the rapids of a river evolving.
Native Intuition Sep 2014
Intentional directional frequency,
dancing in multidimensional secrecy.
I follow this ancient Red Road
because it calls to me ceaselessly.
It humbles me,
more than can conceivably be.
It empowers me,
primitively and peacefully.
Graciously, like the moon pulls the sea
Interconnected irrevocably
in this spiral galaxy of spirituality.
Native Intuition Sep 2014
Sprouting seedling
Deep rooted and day dreaming
Through the crow's eyes
I see through the disguise
as this day fades into evening.

Indigestible persistence
Stand up to make a difference
Enchanted by the blood
of my ancestors resistance.

I pay homage as I gain
thankful for the knowledge
flowing freely through my veins
I hold the deepest respect
for this land I will protect
I am Haudenosaunee
born wild and free
and this way I shall remain.
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